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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Iodine Deficiency and Depression

First of all let me clarify that I am in no way a doctor or professional. I am just going to share my own experience so that it may help those of you who suffer the same thing.
By nature I am a very happy, goofy, all around upbeat kind of gal. About a year ago I noticed that I was feeling very sad and unhappy(which I guess would be considered sad lol). I lacked motivation and drive to do just the everyday things, like laundry, cook supper, etc. I have the most amazing family yet I didn't want to be around them or associate with them. This is when the red flag went up! Almost a year went by like this and by the end of that year I was ready to pull my hair out (along with the rest of my family). We have this Chiropractor that we've gone to for different things with our kids and what not. He does CRA (Contact Reflexology Analysis) as well as chiropractic. But I didn't think he would be able to pick up this emotional thing that was happening to me but I was desperate (and by now so was my husband) so I went. He did his analysis and said that my body was so low on iodine that my hormones where all out of whack. Iodine helps your thyroid which in turn helps many other things including your hormones. I didn't think that the fix could be that easy but went home with my iodine and took my first dose. Within an hour I was a new person. I was my old self again. I couldn't believe it. One little mineral was missing and when I replaced it, I was back to normal. I call it my holy water and feel like sprinkling it on every irritating woman I run into( but that would cost me a fortune lol). You can do your own research on it but my suggestion to you is if you have any symptoms of depression, lack of energy, forgetfulness, weight gain etc that you go to a Doctor that isn't going to just write you a prescription to mask these things. Find a doctor that wants to get to the root of the problem and fix it, not mask it. I share this with you because like so many women I thought that my problem was based on my circumstances in life but my life was great, I have great kids and an awesome husband, how could I be depressed about that! So I knew it was something deeper. Check it out for yourself. If you want to feel better today do something about it. It will be so worth it.
I hope that you found this helpful. If you have any questions about it you can email me or leave me a comment.
Disclaimer: Don't buy the iodine that you get from Walmart or drug stores. That could kill you! Get it from a health food store but better yet a professional.


  1. this is so weird, a friend was feeling this way the other day and now I stumble onto your blog. I have passed your link to her. thanks for sharing.

  2. hummmm, may have to look into this a little more closely. thanks for sharing this info. Have a great and safe holiday weekend.

  3. Thanks for pointing me this way. I will certainly check out my iodine levels. I just went to our Chiropractor yesterday...

    I have a blood test next week and when the doctor calls I'll ask him about it. He's not one to push pills and when he did my initial thyroid test he said it was really bad. So we started at 25mg of replacement thyroid hormone and we're still tweaking things. I'm at 75mg now (and I understand that the "normal" dose is between 15 and 60mg) and I'm still not totally better.

    Soon. Soon I will be functional again. I didn't have depression, which is what alerted me to start connecting the symptoms, I was lazy, tired, getting fat, but not depressed, my mind was foggy, but not sad.

  4. I'm late on this but it sounds like it is something I really need. Can I just go to the health food store and get it? If so how many milligrams and such?


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