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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

What I'm Loving Wednesday!


This Wednesday loving idea came to mind yesterday as I was checking out at Walmart.com

I have Walmart+ and I absolutely love it. If you hate going in store as much as I do and order online often, this could benefit you as much as it does me. It saves me gas, time and money. And it comes with Paramount+ if you're into streaming stuff. 

I have a link that you can use and not only will you get $20.00 but I'll get $20.00. It's a win win. For me it's been money well spent and this is from someone who hates to spend money. LOL! 

So if you click the link it should take you to the Walmart+ page and you can sign up and read all about the advantages of it.  

Let me know if you sign up or if you already have it and love it as much as I do. 

Have a great day!


Wednesday, June 14, 2023

What I'm Loving Wednesday


What's up everyone? Hope you're doing well.

 Back in the day there was a Meme called "Works for me Wednesday" I was looking back and realized I joined in a lot of Wednesdays and shared a lot of stuff. Be warned though. If you do happen to go back and look at some of those posts, it was a long time ago and the picture quality isn't what it is now. That's if there's even a picture still there because for whatever reason I've lost a lot of pictures in passed posts. But it is what it is I guess. 

Anyways my last post for that was in 2011 so I'm pretty sure I've got 12 years of stuff I've been loving so I thought I'd just revamp that with what I'm currently loving and pass that on to you, cause I know you wanna know. Right? ๐Ÿ˜

Thus " What I'm loving Wednesday" is born. 

There was a lot of stuff to choose from but I chose to highlight something that's been around for a long time but hopefully I'm going to give you a couple of new ways to use it. 

I give you, the humble microfiber cloth.


I'm going to assume that most of you probably have these in your home and I'm sure you use them for the typical uses like dusting, cleaning windows, detailing your car etc.

But I currently found 2 more ways of using them that I am absolutely loving. The first way is as a dish drying towel. These things are SUPER absorbent and dry dishes so well. Other dish towels just smear the water around and don't really dry it. At least that's what the majority of my dish towels do. I'm serious give these a try, you'll be amazed. They also dry quickly which is a bonus.  That's what I use the bigger white ones for. 

The yellow ones actually come as a roll that you tear off and my hubby bought them at BJ's. Sadly I looked online and couldn't find them but here's a link to Amazon of similar ones that I'm sure would work just as well. The use for these came as a bit of an accident. I was out in my hubby's shop and if you wear glasses all the time like I do sometimes you realize you're looking through what looks like a dirty window. ๐Ÿ˜•Well I grabbed one of these yellow microfiber cloths and used it to clean my glasses and they came out the cleanest they've ever been. One beef I have with those "lens cleaner cloths" that they give you at the eye doctor is they don't actually clean your glasses. They've always just smudged them worse than before. But these do the trick. Now I keep one handy at all times. 

So tell me, if you do use microfiber cloths do you use them for purposes other than what's expected?  Do tell!



Friday, June 9, 2023

My Summer Bucket List!

 First of all my "What I'm Loving Wednesday" post got postponed due to technical difficulties. In other words my computer needed an overhaul and it didn't get done in time so that will be up next week. 

For now I want to share my Summer Bucket List. 

I like being intentional about doing things because things seem to get done more so than if I just wing it and let each day just go by. Also by blogging my progress it kind of holds me accountable to try my best to accomplish the list. And by list I mean all the "fun" things I want to try and do this Summer. This is the first official summer that I won't have a child in school. My youngest just turned 18 and is graduated! Woot! Woot! I feel so free! ๐Ÿ˜

So without further ado, my list. 

And just because I no longer have young kids doesn't mean I don't have you covered. My Summer Board on Pinterest is full of fun ideas. Not to mention I have a ton of links to cute bucket list checklists like the one I'm using. So go check it out. 

Tell me, do you make a Summer bucket list? I'd love to see yours. 



Monday, June 5, 2023

The End of an Era!

 I never thought this day would come. The journey seemed sooooo long and tiresome but I'm here to tell you we made it. Our youngest has finally graduated. NO MORE HOMESCHOOLING!!!Woo! Hoo! I know some of you Momma's are like, awe...aren't you going to miss it? Nope. No. Nadda. Not one bit. (here comes an honesty bomb) It's no secret that I did not enjoy homeschooling my children. We did it to protect them from the garbage that is in our schools and I do love my children but other than that, yuck! It's not my gift. Am I glad we did it? Yes. Would I do it again? *insert crickets chirping*. Ha! Ha! 

So now you might ask, what will you do with all your extra time? I'm so glad you asked.  Oh I got plans and I'm kinda excited about the new found freedom. In fact I'm starting out with a bang by making myself a Summer Bucket list that I'll be sharing Thursday. I used to do summer fun with the  kids when they were younger but now that they don't need me like they used to I can be a little more selfish and plan some fun things for me to do this summer. I still believe in being intentional because I don't know if you've noticed but time goes by so much faster as you age. 

One of those goals is to blog more again. I feel like I can devote a bit more time to it and I always enjoyed it as a kind of diary of my life. Not to mention the wonderful people I've met throughout the years. I know it's not as popular as it once was but I know that those that need to find me will find me and I'm not looking to go viral or be popular or even make money. I'm just going to do it for the pure enjoyment of it. :-)

I'm also trying to be more active on my Homesteaders Heart Instagram account. So if you are on Instagram, you can also find me there. 

One of the fun things I want to start doing is What's Working for me Wednesday. I don't know about you but I learn a lot of new things on the internet. Some of them are actually handy and I want to start sharing some of the things that I really love or enjoy or things that I've learned that are actually useful. I know when I go to buy something, I like to read reviews and comments about said thing. So this is kinda my way of reviewing things I've been using for a while and genuinely like. 

So there you have it. I've come out of hiding and I'm excited to see what's next. 

Let me know you're still around and I'll make sure I come by and say hello!



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