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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thankful Thursday- Friendship

Coming up to each Thursday I often wonder what will my Thankful post be about this time. I knew right from the get go this Thursday's would be about my best friend Kathy.
Kathy and I met about 12 years ago and we've been best friends ever since. It was one of those friendships that just clicked. I have never in my life had a friendship like ours.
She thinks I'm funny, so that means she gets my sense of humor, and that's always nice. And she is very capable of making me laugh as well.

We laugh A LOT! I usually end up in tears and she ends up grabbing the video camera lol.

It's to the point now that I consider her more like family then just a friend.

She's my Tower of Terror riding buddy. I think our record is 11 times now.

She is a most excellent "Aunt" to my kids and she loves them like they are her own. To prove that go check out the little party she threw for my daughter's birthday here. She is always willing to kid sit so my hubby and I can go out on a date every now and again.
She has inspired me to do things that I probably never would have done. She taught me how to sew and crochet and since then I've sewn 4 quilts, 2 dresses, and about 5 purses and crocheted one afghan and 2 scarves. Something I probably never would have done had I not met her.

We are both health conscious, we both LOVE chocolate, we both adore our husbands, we both love the Lord, we both love roller coasters, we both don't know what we'd do without each other. I don't think I could ever find a better best friend then Kathy.

She bought me this Willow Tree figurine for Christmas one year and the name of it is
"Sisters at heart". And that is so true.

I could go on and on about funny stories we have but I figured I'd better keep it short.
So on this Thursday I am ever so thankful for my most excellent best friend in all the world.
I love you my sister!
Blessings my friends.

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  1. Such a beautiful tribute to your precious friend. Friends are true blessings of the heart.

  2. very sweet. I know she is blessed to have you as well. What a treasure to really have a friend that "gets" you.

  3. I enjoyed reading about your sweet friendship today. I'm sure she says the same things about you.

  4. What a beautiful tribute to your friend. And a very nice thankful Thursday post!

    Thank you for sharing!

  5. That is so very sweet, and I can tell you truly appreciate each other. I lost my best friend one year ago Saturday to cancer. This has been a rough week.

  6. A friendship like that is such a precious gift from God. How sweet! And it is fun knowing you are good friends and reading both of your blogs.

  7. What a friendship! I'd imagine you're thankful! I'm sorry to say, I could fit right in with you two until it comes to the Tower of Terror. That's when I'd have to go find the parade. ;)

  8. You are truly blessed.


  9. It's so great to have a friend like that!
    We all need them!
    Happy Thankful Thursday!

  10. Great tribute to your friend. I have a friend like that, and I, too, am thankful for her! I love it when God puts sister-friends in our paths. Happy Thankful Thursday.

  11. You are definitely blessed to have a friend like her...Oh! That's me!!! :) :) :)
    I had to be silly because I am typing this through tears. You know you are my bestest friend in the whole world and I would be a complete mess without you. How could I go to the gym without my laughing exercises? How could I have Christmas dinner without you there to compliment my cooking? How could I make cookies without you to share them with? I love you my friend - YOU are a blessing to me. :)

  12. You are truly blessed for a dear friend like that!

  13. Best friends ~ they are a Godly blessing.

  14. Wow... what a great friend God has given to you!

    Happy Thankful Thursday!

  15. What a beautiful tribute to your friend that sticks closer than 'a brother'. You are indeed blessed.

    Have a blessed weekend.


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