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Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Funnies

Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of Friday Funnies. It's time for you to go post your funny video, joke, story or picture and then come back and link up to it with Mr. Linky down below. Help spread some funny!

Okay my funny today was something that hits a bit close to home. I was sitting here thinking of what I was going to post when this kind of just popped into my head. If you can relate to 5 or more you are an addict and probably in denial LOL!

10 Ways to Know if You're a Blog Addict

1. Your kid falls out of a tree and you say, “Hold on, let me go get my camera!”

2. You go to bed thinking about what you are going to blog about tomorrow.

3. You’ve taken a picture of the messiest area of your house and have proudly displayed it as a before picture for your Tackle it Tuesday post.

4. You do a Meme for every day of the week.

5. You know what a Meme is.

6. Your second language is HTML.

7. Your blog is at the top of your quick links.

8. You’ve lost all your links changing your blog look.

9. You actually start trying to make words out of the “word verification” letters when you comment.

10. You can’t get on the computer without checking your blog.

I had to add this one from Speaking from the Heart.

11. You turn your computer on before your coffee maker.

Now I know I'm not any where near as bad as that.*cough*

Be honest how did you do? How many could you relate to?

Blessings my friends.


  1. Kim,

    Some of those hit close, but I can say not all.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. Sorry for the double name!

    These are cute...and I remember seeing the word, "meme"..and thought what????? lol

    Now look at me! Happy Friday!

  3. Umm, if I get 10 out of 10, that means I get an A+ and it's a good thing, right? Right?

    Sigh, it might be scary that I completely understood every single thing that you said and most are true.

  4. I think I got a straight-A on that test. Sigh...

  5. Kim,

    Thanks for linking me, my friend. We are off to Vero this morning for Jay's follow up appt.

    I loved this ... I was like oy vay..that is so me!

    Love ya!

  6. I am laughing so hard, because I can relate to all ten. You know you are a blog addict if turn on the computer before making coffee in the morning.

  7. I admit to being an addict even though I could honestly say no on a few of them.

    Happy Friday to you!!

  8. I love it!!! Im at work and lol. everyone is wondering what is so fun. (they have no clue) :-)

  9. Six at least. Have a wonderful weekend. You make blogging so much fun!

  10. Ouch!!! Hello, my name is Marsha. I'm a blogoholic.

  11. I too feel we need to start a support group for our addiction. It is a serious problem facing our nation. Many of us are being controlled by the computer and might even be neglecting our families, our lives. This is serious people! Could we do it in a blog thoug? I am really too busy reading everyone to attend meetings!

  12. Lets just say that I can't choose one! I am apparently more addicted than even I thought....Happy Friday!

  13. If there is a 12 step program for my addiction, I do not want to know about it, okay? LOL! Good one, Kim! Thanks for sharing and for hosting this meme each week. I love Friday Funnies!

  14. um, gulity? lol
    My BFF sometimes gets annoyed at me bc I always have my camera.
    She tells me, "Why do you have to take pictures every time we do something? "
    Because i answer. (shrug)
    Her: "You just want them for your blog, don't you?"
    Me: so what.
    Im pretty sure all of these apply to me even the coffee one and for sure I LOVE MY COFFEE! - ask anyone.

  15. Kept telling myself I would not become an addict. But oh dear, hit way too many of your list.
    Not sure how thankful I am you posted that. ;)
    The last two made me laugh out loud.

  16. Sister Kim, you ALWAYS make me smile and completely crack me up! I LOVE coming here to visit you!

    Okay, well, I know what a meme is and belong to three (including my Bible Study on Biblical Submission), My blog IS on my quick link list AND is my homepage (so how warped and redundant am I?)

    And yes, I'd have to say that my second language IS HTML!

    BTW, LOVED your comment on the giveaway! I can't wait to read your post on it! :-)

    Love you sister!

  17. I FAILED. I am officially addicted my blogging thank you very much. Now I am going to go play with my kids or clean my bathroom or something other than this! ;)

    God bless-

  18. Yes, blogging can be addictive, as evidenced by how many of those fit me. Uh oh, better watch myself.

    Blessings on your day,

  19. Well Kim, to join the 5 AM club you will have to pay hefty dues, then, of course, learn the secret handshake...after that, you MUST be willing to send me many treats and goodies on (at least) a weekly basis. Are you in? :)

    (We'll let you slide with 5:30...remember, it's not about the time, but rather time with the savior).

  20. "Hi, my name is LauraLee, and I am a blog addict."

  21. Guilty on all counts. I even asked myself "Why else would you turn the computer on if I wasn't checking my blog". I need a 12-Step program:-)

  22. That is so funny! I just lived out #1...check out my post!

  23. The sad part is.. I could probably say yes to SOO many of these. LOL.

    Loved it!

  24. I am guilty of several of these! Oh my, I have it BAD!

    I had a funny word verification this evening. It was "troll"! LOL!

  25. Oh No! I got it all. hahahahha

  26. 2, 8 and 9 for sure! Very good list!!

  27. Oh my goodness! I got 6! (and you didn't have "You have more than one blog", which I DO!) Ack!!!!!

    Yes, I agree with another commenter wayyy up the list: Why else would I turn the computer on but to check my blog? ROFLOL!!!

  28. LOL! I put on my computer before making breakfast, too. One of the first windows I bring up is one of my email accounts (yes, I have more than one!) so that I can email myself the links to blog posts I want to read later. :D


  29. Hi Kim! This was great! So doesn't everybody make words out of the word verification?? Definitely saw myself here--the camera thing...my kids are threatening to change their identities and move to another state. LOL
    This is my first time to your blog (I found you through Faithful Bloggers). Is it too late to comment on this?
    So good to meet you! (I can't believe I'm down to 68 wpm!)
    Oh! Come see me at faithfultojesus.blogspot.com

  30. I actually live and thrive by a river named D E NI AL

  31. Number one made me laugh out loud. Pretty funny. I just said to my husband how much I love blogging but I have one problem. I run out of ideas. That's why I like your blog so much. You blog about anything and everything. Send some of your creativity my way.

  32. Ha ha, could some of these describe me? LOL


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