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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Show and Tell Saturdays - Antiques

Welcome everyone to the first edition of Show and Tell Saturdays. Here's how it works. Each week will be a different theme for you to take a picture of something within that theme and tell the story behind it or maybe just why you like it. This is your chance to play grown up show and tell. If you are participating in this Meme then link to your post with Mr. Linky below. I will then pick one of you to pick a theme for the next week and will post what that is at the top of my blog the next day and leave it up for a few days.This weeks theme is antiques.

I don't have a lot of antiques because I haven't really inherited anything, being one of 50 or so grand kids and great grand kids and great great grand kids and I haven't been married long enough to have anything that long but I somehow managed to get this piece from my grandmother. I had vaguely remembered it as a child in my grandmother's house in Maine, so I went and asked my Mom about it last night. (Oh the convenience of having them in the backyard. In a cottage that is.) She said that she remembered it always being there in the house and in the middle of it would be a stack of National Geographic Magazines and the side holders would be filled with The Saturday Evening Post. It sat at the end of the couch near the piano and housed a little lamp. My Mom is guessing that this is over 75 years old and I am so tickled to have this piece in my house. It now houses Better Homes and Garden Magazines, my game board, an ugly lamp, old memories and now many new ones. I don't know anything about the maker or brand of furniture that it is, but it is a treasure to me. I love this piece of furniture.
So here is a picture of my Grandmother's magazine holder. I say that like she's going to be coming back for it. LOL. I guess I can start calling it mine now huh? Nah! It'll always be Mamie's. I'm just the new caretaker.
I truly believe that a picture can be worth a thousand words so I can't wait to hear about yours.



  1. Kimmy,

    It is beautiful! I love the doily on top. Did you make it? I have a bunch that my grandmother made and left to me and I have them spread all over my home. I cherish them!

    Happy Saturday my friend. Last night Uncle Tony told one of the neighbors he felt like he was in Heaven and he was never leaving! So...we are just going to have to work on a weekend and work around him! lol

    The next few weekends are all filled with familial stuff but hopefully before February is gone, we can get you here. I would so love that!

    Hugs to you, my friend!

  2. Kim, that is beautiful and so special! I'm blessed with several things that belonged to my Granny and my Aunt Faye. I'll always call the china, "My Granny's china," and the dolls will forever be, "My Aunt Faye's Dolls."

  3. I'm glad your first one was antiques, I had lots to choose from and it was easy. Cant wait to see what it is next week. Thanks for the fun! Have a great weekend.

  4. The first day of your new meme. How fun!! Did you think I wouldn't be stopping by? I would show a picture of my piano, which belonged to my great-grandmother and then my grandmother and then me and eventually Gabrielle---but since I don't know how to upload pictures or put them on my blog (and no one is available to help me), I won't be participating.

    Anyhow, the table is beautiful. It's so precious to have furniture from other generations. Links us to the past, doesn't it?

    MUCH of the furniture in my home is from my grandparents, although only the piano is what I would call antique. The other stuff is things they accumulated in their retirement years.

    Blessings on your Saturday, sweet friend.


  5. I think that's a beautiful table! It's so nice to have something with a little story and some memories attached to it, isn't it?

    Thanks for doing this fun new meme and have a fabulous weekend, my friend!

  6. That is a lovely table and to know stories behind it is wonderful! I love the side 'pockets' so functional too! I can't think of a single antique I have, I might have to ponder that! I've got to side tables of my Grandma's that are in desperate need of refinshing, but they are not that old. I'll have to ponder what I've got!

  7. Love this idea. I had not considered doing a post on this and I won't this week. Maybe sometime you will have a post on dolls and I can get the knowledge of taking a picture of my mother's doll she received on her first Christmas. Made by my grandmother. My mother's first Christmas was in 1909.

  8. What a gorgeous table! We don't have many antiques in our house but it is nice to live vicariously through people who do:-)

  9. Beautiful table! :D I wish I had something to take a picture of that is antique. :( I have a clock that is 30 years old - cuckoo but I wouldn't consider it antique though.

  10. How pretty! I love how you described yourself as the new caretaker. How sweet!

  11. I have a table that is the same exact configuration as that one. It was made by my uncle in his highschool shop class back in the mid 1930's. His was made to hold a record player on top and records in the side pockets. I don't know if that was the purpose for those type of tables or if that is just what he made his for. Mine is a cherry or mahogany stain, not sure. Anyway just wanted to share.

  12. Oh I'm just back to leave another comment (and not on the giveaway post so I don't mess you up) - now that I know I'm the top commentator, I must keep that status! Oh the pressure - LOL!!! :)

    Have a fabulous evening, my friend!

  13. I'm sorry that I am late...don't know how I missed this one. I love antiques and decided to play along even if I was late.

    BTW...I'll make the 10 things really easy for you, if you play along! "S"...please :-(


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