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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tea for Two and Two for Tea

Well in this case it's tea for one but that just didn't sound right! Were you singing the post title in your head? I don't think I can actually just say it. Those words always come out in their appropriate little tune.
In retrospect I am a coffee drinker but in the last couple of years I have really come to enjoy "tea time". There is just something calming about sitting down to a cup of tea. It causes you to relax. 

Until just recently I did not own a tea cup and saucer of my own. I had been drinking tea out of my Garfield cup. My husband did make his very sweet attempt at a very pretty cup but it wasn't your typical tea cup and saucer that you would expect to see sitting on a nicely decorated table, set for tea. But that all changed a couple of weeks ago. To my complete surprise, I received this beautiful tea cup in the mail from a most treasured friend, who wants to remain anonymous. (Love you sister friend!) But what makes this tea cup so special is that it's my very first one. I haven't told this to anyone ,but probably my family,but I have this silly thing that I don't want to buy my own tea cups. Not because I'm cheap but because I am sentimental and for some reason I like to put stories behind "things" if I can. And since tea time is such a special little treat for me, I thought it would be more enjoyable to think about the special cup you might choose to drink out of and the person who gave it to you.( no this is not a plug to get you all to send me tea cups, LOL) I just love my new tea cup and as I was having my cup of tea in it yesterday I thought I would show it to you and encourage you to just take 15 mins. each day to just relax. Make tea time your excuse to just sit and do nothing.

Eventually I'd like to host a small woman's tea. My mom has beautiful tea cups from my grandmother and she said that she will bring them down next year when she comes, right MOM? So I am very excited about that. For now I could have a BYOTC party. LOL. I'm sure most of you have figured out what that stands for, but in case you don't it means, Bring Your Own Tea Cup! LOL. 

I've gotten a couple of books that tell about different types of tea parties and how to set the table and they give appropriate food suggestions along with the recipes. I've really been enjoying those.

And as far as teas go, there are soooo many to choose from these days. My dear friend that sent me the tea cup also sent some teas that I'd never tried before and though I had my doubts about the chocolate hazelnut tea, it was actually very good. 

So branch out and go get some off the wall sounding tea and give it a try, and if you like it, tell me about it. I'm always on the lookout for a great new tea. If I drink any more green tea I'm going to start looking like Jr. Asparagus!  I put that in there for all you Veggie Tales lovers.

So start today, I give you permission to take 15 mins. to just sit, relax and enjoy some tea.
I would love to host a Blog Tea! I'd call it Blogstock!
I love you my friends!!!
Big Hugs!


  1. I used to have a regular tea time with a friend of mine. It was such a blessing to spend time talking over tea. She always had a plethora and I mean plethora of different teas. :D

  2. MM..well you know Im a coffee drinker too but I do love me some tea. Have you tried the coconut one I mentioned the other day on twitter? Def try it its yumo!

  3. There is just something about having tea. My 7 year old grandaughter and I do it often and sometimes it is actually coffee in my cup and apple juice in hers.

  4. Our church had a ladies tea and it was so fun. Every lady brought their own tea cups to trade with another lady. Each tea cup held a special story just like every woman has a special story. It was a special time for everyone who came. We all dressed for high tea. The girls and I rented victorian costumes from the local theater. I got to wear the My Fair Lady hat-it was so fun!. We used my Aunt Faye's antique dolls to decorate the tables and we all enjoyed finger foods. Our ladies still talk about that fun event.

  5. I love the idea for BYOTC! If you have a blog tea, I'm in!!! I love hot tea! Like you, I don't buy my own tea cups, but love receiving them as I'm very sentimental too.

    It would be fun to invite neighbors over for a BYOTC. Provide the hot H2O and a variety of tea's and you've got instant friendships brewing. (get it? brewing....)

    Going to get my tea on...

  6. VEry nice cup and I love the picture you took of it with the reflection in the tea. Very cool. We do a Mother's tea at our church around mother's day and it is byotc. Everyone has such a wonderful time.

  7. I am a tea lover. It's "funny" Several of my friends are also tea drinkers. We meet for tea. We don't even say "let's meet for coffee" as we all know we're meeting for tea. Welcome to the world of tea lovers. I'm having so much fun reading the blogs from bloggy carnival now that I have time to read and comment.

  8. How fun. We could set a designated time to sit, read, and drink tea. Sounds great to me!

  9. What a lovely cup! I just unearthed one yesterday - beginning to declutter the kitchen catch-all cabinet - that is still in the box. I should send it to you, lol! I don't do coffee, but I do love me some tea. I just got some decaf white tea, China Pearl, coz I'm NEVER gonna get hooked on caffeine again. (Yes, I know there is always some left in the decaf). Chocolate hazelnut sounds wonmderful! I had some hot chocolate yesterday and threw in some fresh chamomile... very nice.

    OK, now that we have your permission, I'm gonna go brew up a cuppa right now. 8-]

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  10. I have a teatime nearly every afternoon, and I remember writing a blog post back in October encouraging others to do the same. The British are on to something good!! It definitely recharges me to sit with a cup of tea for a little while. And for those that have little ones, you can still do it. Just brew your cup of tea, and bring it, along with your little ones, to the sofa. Read them a quiet book for about 15 minutes.


  11. I have tea or water or whatever right before meditating. It is very soothing:-)

  12. Tea is very soothing to me when I'm sick with a cold or the like. Beautiful cup and saucer, and what a precious gift from your friend.

  13. Your new tea cup and saucer are beautiful! What a sweet gift. My hubby drinks Calli tea from Sunrider, an herbal company.

  14. I have been gone all day - first chance I had to come by! I LOVE your post today (well I love all your posts actually) and that is a very nice teacup! Hmmm...chocolate tea - I may have had that before. :)

    So glad that you are enjoying tea time with a pretty cup! I am picturing you sitting there and relaxing with a smile on your face. Have a lovely tea time my dear friend!!

    Big tea HUGS to you!!


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