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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Friday Funnies on Saturday!

Well hopefully by the time this posts I will have survived a whole day without the computer. I'll be telling all about my experience on Monday when I link up with Kimba. Everyone that participated in the Unplug thing is encouraged to link up and tell what they did that day. Anyway I hope that you all are still able to link up today. I need laughs! Bring on the laughs. You know what to do. Go post your funny, come back here and link up to that post.

I chose another video for today. This is too funny and makes you wonder how kids survive the younger years! LOL. Enjoy!!

Funny Children - More bloopers are a click away

Happy FRIDAY!!


  1. I have seen that before, but it is so funny.

    Enjoy your day tomorrow!


  2. OK, I have to confess, I flinched and cringed on about half of these escapades. (I'm way too empathetic). Some of those had to hurt! 'Specially the poor somer-saulter - and then his dad came at him with loppers! But I did L-right-OL at the baby falling asleep while being fed and the one with the hose down his diaper. And the synchronized falling at the end was too cute.

    Glad you survived your unpluggery. I hadn't intended to, but we had such bodacious storms, I was UP'ed a large part of the day, anyhow. Not that we don't need the rain, but my poor little tomato plant suffered some damage. *sniff* Hope your day was brighter. 8-]

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  3. Thanks for the laugh. Kids are always into something funny.

  4. Oh, I love kids!! LOL! Happy weekend!

  5. Very comical. Oh, to be able to tumble like a little one! Happy Friday, I mean Saturday Kim!!!! Hope yesterday went well for you.

  6. That was great! Thanks for sharing! My kids were watching too laughing.:)

  7. Hubby and i were laughing out loud...so cute.

  8. LOL, that's a lot like how I feel sometimes!

  9. Why is it so funny when people, babies or adults, fall!? LOL. I'm a sucker for bloopers! Love them.

    Have a great weekend!


  10. too funny! I needed that! LOL

  11. So funny my friend, though I do feel bad for those little ones! But kids do the craziest things and they are so cute!

    Glad you survived your unplugged day of shaking and twitching - LOL!! Lovely to talk to you!

    I'm glad that I could link up to the funnies today - fun for the weekend!

    Have a wonderful plugged-back-in weekend with plenty of Friday Funny laughs!!

    Big Fall-Down-On-Your-Bottom Hugs!!

  12. I love watching the video. Kids are so funny!
    Have a fabulous day!

  13. I love watching these videos.. though some of them look like they really hurt...

    Hope you had a great time unplugging :-)

  14. Too funny! I wish I had brought my mascara with me. What little I do wear is gone now from crying! I loved the one of the baby and bear falling over at the same time!


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