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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Show and Tell Saturdays- Favorite Vacation

My sweet friend Amanda picked this weeks theme. It's our favorite vacation. We might be able to plan our next vacation based on where everyone has been.

My favorite vacation was actually way back and I'll warn you now the pictures were scanned in because they were way before digital.
This was Brad and I's very first vacation together. Back before all the kids! Not to say we haven't had some great vacations with the kids but this one stands out as one of the best times of my life. I'll try to keep it short as not to bore you to death because I know it just ain't as fun for you to hear about how much fun I had! LOL.
Our Vacation started out at Chimney Rock, North Carolina!
Here we are at the top. We were putting great stock into the fact that whoever put that fence up knew what they were doing because we were totally leaning there.

They had really cool caverns to walk through and beautiful water falls to play in. Here's me inside one of the small caverns. Ah youth! Here's an actual picture of Chimney Rock. The view was spectacular!
I could fill this page with beautiful pictures but then I'd be here all day and so would you.
From the North Carolina mountains we made our way down to sea level in the Florida Keys. Here's me ready to go! Not sure what I was doing. This was our mode of transportation! We hunted for lobster all night long in that thing (the boat not the 4Runner). It was so much fun. What you do is shine a big light into the water and their eyes would glow and then you'd sneak up and get them with a lobster net. I was actually spotting shrimp's eyes. Here's the famous entrance. If you look really hard there is a little white spec in the lower right hand corner. That's Me!! Uh, please excuse the immodestly dressed young lady in the picture below but she was holding some of our lobsters. Okay fine yes, that's me and I was not yet convicted of my apparel as you can see. But it was the KEYS!! LOL. And grilled lobster tails for dinner! YUMMO! Here's my sweetie pie on one of our dives! I want to know why he can look all sexy underwater and then there's......................... ME! There is so nothing hot about this picture but I had to show it too you because it was part of the experience! LOL. Yes I even had pink mask, snorkel and fins! One of just hundreds of beautiful fish you see there. And don't forget the beautiful sunsets! This picture doesn't even do it justice! We did all of this in just a week and had a blast. There was just tons to do in each place that you never have to worried about being bored. What was your favorite vacation? Go post about it and then come back and link it up.Let's share some new vacation destinations. Have a great weekend my friends. I'm not going to able to get to everyones blog today as I am going to be away from the computer all day. But I'll catch up with you when we get back!


  1. I love your pictures!!! Don't you love looking back at how you used to be?! ;)

    We've been to western NC although not Chimney Rock (just drove by it) and I would LOVE to go to the Keys!

    I don't think you'll find any suprises over on my blog this morning but I hope you enjoy anyway...! :p


  2. Thank you so much for sharing! You look like you were having a GRAND time, LOL!

    All my vacations are favorites! Each one is unique and special on what we saw and did together. And as you know, I have pictures of our vacations scattered all over my blog!

  3. Love the pics! This is such a treat to look back! I love your new Template and pics! And don't think I forgot about you, I have just been so crazy to get to the Post Office :D
    Blessings ><> Melissa

  4. What a fabulous trip you had! Love all those pics, even your immodest pic - LOL!!

    Love your beachy new look my friend - so cute and happy and Floridian - just like you!

    I FINALLY got my vacation post up - tried to do it last night, but was resizing pics and then got too sleepy.

    Hope you have a fantastic weekend! Big Lobster-sized hugs to you!!

  5. That lobster looks YUMMO! love the new heading:)

  6. Looks like such a fun relaxing vacation. That sunset was fabulous!

  7. These are awesome, Kim!!! And I love your new blog design. So creative, you are!

    lovin ya, chick!

  8. How fun is that? Great pictures:-)

  9. Kim -

    Looks like a great trip!




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