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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Show and Tell Saturdays- Handmade Goodies

Welcome to Show and Tell Saturdays. This weeks theme is something you made with your own two hands. It can be anything. Go do a little bragging on your blog then come back here and link up to your post with Mr. Linky down below.

Since I've already shown off my quilts, my drawings and my handbags, I was wondering what I was going to show today. Then I came across an old picture of a cake I made and I went hunting for more. I used to love decorating cakes back when I had more time on my hands. These are just a few and they are by no means great but they were loved by the people that got them. I hope you enjoy. If you ever need party theme ideas, I'm your gal!

This first one was a soccer cake I made for my daughter years ago when she played.
Bunny Cake (Very Easy)
Very simple cake for the match box car lover in your family!
I made this one for a little bridal shower. Fun Flower Pot Cake.

This one is probably one of my favorites. It was for a Luau Theme party. It's an island and the inhabitants are Teddy Grahams and I used Gummi Savers for the floats and chewing gum for beach blankets. It was so fun to make!!Well that's all I could scrounge up. Now a days all the kids ask for is my yummy peanut butter pie for their birthdays. I'm not complaining. LOL. My favorite cake is a chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. OH IT'S THE BEST!

Have a great weekend my friends.


  1. I love all your cakes. They look so fun, I will be back next Friday for all the fun.

  2. You have some adorable cakes! :D Did you take a class or? I'd love to take a class as I'm fairly self-taught.

  3. Sorry for the confusion on my blog!....Texas didn't work out so we're heading to Florida!!!!! We will be in St. Petersburg where my dad is. BUT!....I'll be at Disney every chance I get so we will HAVE to meet up sometime! Downtown Disney is great for a meet! ;)

    Have a blessed day...


  4. Your bridal shower cake reminds me of a barbie princess birthday cake I had when I was 7...fun memories! Great job on the cakes. Blessings to you!

  5. You are little Miss Talented! You did a great job on all these cakes!!!

    Making me hungry!!

    Happy Saturday!

  6. You are ultra talented. Artistic and creative. Great job! those turned out great!

  7. I loved seeing your cakes. I used to make that same bunny cake for my children when they were young

  8. Great job!! MAN... now I am hungry for cake! I gotta go...

  9. Your cakes are beautiful my friend! I love them! Where's mine - LOL?!

    I'm not sure I have the patience for cake decorating. I have thought about taking a class before, but just don't know if I would make much use of the skills afterward.

    You are just too creative!

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

    Big Fancily Decorated Cake Hugs to you today!! :)

  10. Very pretty! I especially like the bunny and flower pot cakes - so cute!!!

  11. Dawg! Is there anything you can't do?! They're all totally cool! My favourite is definitely the island. Ingenious decorating supplies.

    I'm suffering library WiFi withdrawal. They're closed Sundays and Mondays. >:\ I might just have to start frequenting Mickey D's again, lol!

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^


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