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Monday, March 2, 2009

"Unfortunately Kim"

Let's start our day off with a smile today. I hope this does the trick! I had seen this on quite a few blogs and got such a kick out of it, I had to try it. I was cracking up at what I found. First what you do is , do a google search for "unfortunately (Your name here)" . You will be surprised at all the lines you get with your name in it. Some of these are hilarious.
Here a just a few of the ones that came up for my name. My wise cracks are in (___) behind the quotes.

1.Unfortunately, Kim's official site only had a brief shelf-life, and Kim did not leave us a place for sending our fan mail. ( I wish I had known I had such a following!)
2. Unfortunately, Kim was eliminated after two weeks while judges described her dancing skills as COLD! ( I can see this as true!)
3. Unfortunately, Kim wore an ugly dress. (Still true!)
4. Unfortunately Kim will not be attending the ceremony, due to her time in federal prison. (Shhhh!!!)
5. Unfortunately, Kim will finish only sixth of the race with a stopwatch of 22.84. (I thought that was pretty good.)
6. Unfortunately Kim was suffering from a sore throat all night. (Bummer!)
7. Unfortunately Kim presents herself very poorly in the show its sad. (Stage fright!)
8. Unfortunately Kim is also her own worst enemy - she's never had to develop true friendships or real skills before. (I'm working on that!)
9. Unfortunately, Kim hasn’t done a great job of promoting herself because there isn’t anything official online about her. (Still trying to figure out what there is to promote!)
10. Unfortunately, Kim has made the sad decision to leave the quilting industry. We wish Kim well in her new life - in an area where there are no hurricanes! (Hmm! Florida. Hurricanes. Florida. Hurricanes. I may have left the industry and moved to the wrong place!)

Aren't those funny? Did it make you smile? "Unfortunately Kim can't help but be silly." LOL! If you feel like playing along just type your name after the word unfortunately in quotations and see what you come up with. Oh and let me know that you did so I can some check it out!

BIG Hugs!!


  1. This was funny! I enjoyed doing it. You can see my results at http://firsttime9months.blogspot.com/

  2. You are cracking me up girlfriend! And your note cracked me up too....go back and look what you wrote to me...the 'blow' world! Oh my stars! I'm laughing so hard!!!!!

    Love you, my friend.

  3. Kim, you are hysterical! I have enjoyed this post! I will have to try it!
    Blessings, Melissa

  4. ROFL... that is good. Unfortunately I may have to try that!!

  5. How funny and a fun way to start the week. I was busy sewing all weekend and when I took breaks to post no cooperation from blogland! So I didn't get to do S&T and I am mad because I love books. I'll post anyway this afternoon if that is ok! I'll be back later to check out the other posts.
    Have a fun smiling Monday.

  6. Too cute. I will have to try that.

  7. Thanks for the smile

    In HIS Keeping,
    Mrs. B

  8. Unfortunately, I almost couldn't handle how mind-blowing your post was - LOL!

    That is very funny and you know that I will have to try it out! Thanks for the laughs!

    By the way, really enjoyed that canning post my friend. ;)

    HUGS to my funny friend!

  9. Thanks for your prayers:) I posted a quick update earlier. Blessings to you:) and thanks for the smile from Unfortuneately Kim:) Amanda

  10. I LOVE the federal prison line! LOL! OK, always the fish that goes against the flow, I had to add a twist to mine. Apparently Sophie needs a life. LOL!

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  11. Started at Debras at Clothed in Scarlet then came to read yours. This is too funny, but there are sad ones as well. Apparently I passed away. :( Anyway, this was a great idea. Thanks for sharing this one with us. Too much fun!!! Ha ha

  12. How fun! That was a blast to read!

  13. Thanks for the smiles! I'll give is a try!

    Bless you,

  14. Kim.... read mine here:


    Lol. I only have one but it's terrible.

  15. LOL! I suppose all this applies to me too, huh? You're not alone!


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