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Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Funnies

Happy Friday everyone! Are we ready for some serious giggles today? I know I am. If you have something funny to share go post it and then come back and link up with Mr. Linky down below. The usual Mr. Linky is having technical difficulties so thanks for using the other one.

My funny today is all about me coming clean. Yup, it's time to get down right honest with you. Doesn't sound very funny does it? Well we'll see.

I use LOL a lot. Most every comment I write has at least one LOL in it. MY posts have LOL running all through them. But I'll be honest with you. Half the time I'm not really LOLing. And you'll NEVER find me ROFL. There's a visual you don't need! So I thought I'd share with you what is REALLY going through my head at any given moment when I write, LOL!
It could be:
LRHOTIBMKASA - Laughing Really Hard On The INSIDE Because My Kids Are Still Asleep.
SFETE - Smiling From Ear To Ear
JASG- Just a Slight Giggle
GMAC- Gave Me a Chuckle
MIWBFAMMC- Maybe It Will Be Funnier After My Morning Coffee (I'll try not to use this one as it could offend!) Hee! Hee!
These are more accurate accounts of what is really going through my head when I write "LOL"!
Do I ever LOL? Absolutely! There have been numerous times I've almost had coffee come out my nose and all over the computer. But I have to confess that not everything is LOL funny. So do you think MY codes will catch on? Or am I to continue to live a lie just to please those who are unwilling to learn the "new" code? Ha! Ha! I just actually said Ha! Ha! just so I could write it. It's sad I know. But I felt I needed to confess this to you all because as you know, I gotta be real! Oh me!
Now I have to go write some comments and use my new code. Make sure you come back here to decode it if necessary!


  1. Well I really want to LRHOTIBMKASA but I can NOT because you are so FUNNY so I am LOL...
    Have a HAPPY FF!!!{wink}
    and I am still LOL

    see ya!!!

  2. Funny! I think I want to come back to visit more often!


  3. Oh my gosh..I could have totally written this post because I say "lol" alot, and I'm not really laughing. I'm usually just smiling!!!

  4. LOL! Loved this, Kim! It is so true especially in the morning when it takes me a while to figure something out as I'm in my morning daze. :D

    Have a wonderful Friday!

    How about this one, HTETPTEIK!
    Means: Have To Email This Post To Everyone I Know!
    I don't know if my thing is that funny but, Oh Well!!!! :-P

  6. Hi, Kim:
    I always LOL when I visit you. Hey, that poll on your site...what does that tell you???? Your ministry to the web is joy, Sister.

    Love you,

  7. TIJH !!!!! (That is just hilarious)
    I find I say LOVE way too much!!

  8. *smile* You are too funny my friend! I love you for it!!

    I linked up for the first time today! I actually had a funny story to share. :) Hopefully I will come up with more so I can share again and again! :) HUGS!

  9. Girl...I have missed you! You always bring a smile or chuckle! I will have to write these down so I can use them...I bet I will confuse my friends...I am usually the one confused!
    Have a Fabulous Friday!

  10. I tend to use "Bwahahahaha!" myself. It comes a close second to "Mwahahahaha," which is the "evil" laugh.

    I do like "LRHOTIBMKASA" though. I've needed it a few times.

  11. I am new to learning codes. So even more would just confuse me. LOL. I am just reading today. I was not up to making a funny. We to my follow up Dr apt yesterday it took a bit out of me. Have a great week and keep smiling.

  12. Too funny, I was just at a blog and read one of your comments that was all crazy and I was like...what does that mean. I thought you had lost your mind. LOL
    I really did just laugh out loud.
    I am doing friday freebie today, but you can still come visit me at my blog or at 5 moms...I am there too my friend. Come see me...you know you want to...you may even LRHOTIBMKASA

  13. OMG You truly are HILARIOUS!! And yes I was LOL-ing while I really could have been ROFLOL but nooo I am too mature for that ~ NOT :)

    Happy Friday to you my Friend!
    love ya!!

  14. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! You use LOL almost as much as I use exclamation points in my posts and comments!!! You are an absolute blast. Hey, I finally had a moment to join your meme. Woo Hoo! Wait until you see Hannah's shirt! OIy!

  15. I love your new codes, Kim. So honest and transparent you are; my kind of girl! LOL! Yeah, right? Really it's a JASG since I already had my coffee.

  16. *sbert* Know what's really funny (scary?) about this? As I was posting, I thought, 'these aren't really LOL funny... but they're happy smile kinda cute and some got a giggle or a chuckle. And I'm too tired to hunt down something else, so these will have to do'.

    Love ya loads, chuckle-bunny!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  17. Hey Kim,

    Thanks for stopping by my FIT blog and for your warm comment. I had to pop over and glad I did. Your so cute in what you wrote. I think many ladies write LOL and may not be engaging in lots of laughing (smile) but maybe a smile or a giggle or something like that.

    I look forward to visiting again. Love your blog. Blessings and love!

  18. Kim,
    I guess confession is good for the soul! Or maybe you are just wanting us to be able to understand you more when you comment because we are all so acronymn illiterate. Anway, a grin, a smile, a giggle, a laugh, a belly laugh, or a gut wrenching bellow. At least one of these happens to me every time I come to visit you.

    I love to smile and laugh,

  19. I definitely have similar codes with LOL.:) You are so funny!

  20. I am sooo glad you cleared all this up for me my friend! I will be referring back here often; I may need to print it out. You know, I didn't use LOL in my posts that much until after I "met" you! You're a bad influence. :)

    I hope you are having a fabulously funny Friday! I had a busy day and am very sleepy, but still have to attend our school's graduation ceremonies tonite. In fact, I have less than hour before I need to try and squeeze myself into a dress or something that looks nice.

    Have a blessed weekend my friend - hopefully I'll be able to stop by later tomorrow - WW meeting, baseball tournament, and church potluck cooking first!

    Big COTIWASSOTO hugs to you!!! Oh, you don't have that one?? Chuckling On The Inside With A Slight Smile On The Outside - hee,hee! :)

  21. FHFICDY..... this a day too late....oooops! Burp! Excuse moi, but we did enjoy some chocolate variations in your honor..

    Friendly's had free ice cream day yesterday!!


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