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Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Funnies

I don't have to tell you it's Friday. And I don't have to tell you how much I look forward to Friday Funnies. I get some really big laughs sometimes and other times it's just me SFETE! (See Last Friday)
Do you have a funny to share? If you do then go post about it then come back and link up to it. If you don't then just sit back, relax and get a good laugh today. You deserve it!

Well I've been building this up all week. Now the pressure is on for it to be funny. It's the story of my very 1st cup of coffee. It goes something like this.
Hubby and I were going on a date. We decided to head down to Vero (45 mins from our house) and go to the mall and see a movie. We walked around the mall and then headed for the movie. After the movie let out we went back in the mall to do some more looking around. We decided that the weather was getting bad and we better head back. On our way out we had to walk past Barnie's Coffee. I think Barnie's Coffee is in every mall in America. Just like Starbucks is on every corner. Anyway, as we were walking by it just smelled soooo good and I said. "Hey let's get some coffee for the trip home." Hubby said, "Sure." as he was already an avid coffee drinker. The line was pretty long but that gave me time to peruse the menu. Lattes, Tall's , Slim's, Espresso, Cappuccino's, Half Caf's. They weren't speaking my language and I was getting a little nervous as I approached the front of the line. The last thing I wanted to do was look like a novice. So I walked up to the counter with confidence and asked for a coffee. "What kind?" they asked. "What do you mean, what kind?" I just want coffee. When I finally declared that I just want good ol' fashioned plain coffee I then had to determine the size. I figured the Large would be a good choice and got that. My husband got his and we went over to the place where they have all the condiments. There they were, creamer, sugar, cinnamon, flavored syrups etc. I asked my husband what you put in coffee and he likes cream and sugar. I figured if it was on that table it needed to be in my coffee. So away I went adding just about everything there was. After all I didn't want it to taste like coffee because I didn't like coffee. I wanted it to taste like what I smelled walking by. So I gave it a sip and determined that it was pretty good. By now it's about 4:00 pm and we grab our coffees and head out the door. Just as we get in the truck it starts to downpour. We start heading home. Meanwhile I had sipped about half of my coffee and was feeling the effects.The conversation went something like this.
Me: (You must say this very quickly to get the full effect.) "Wow, this is really good."
Me: "Is yours this good?"
Me: " Has coffee always tasted this good?"
Me: "It sure is raining hard?"
Me: (sipping more coffee) "Mmmm, this is kind of nice sipping coffee and it raining. Don't you think?"
Me:" I'm loving this."
Me: "Thank you for taking me out on a date and getting me coffee."
Me: " The movie was really good."
Me: (finishing up the LARGE coffee) " Wow, I can't believe I drank all that."
Me: " It sure was good."
Me:" I can't believe I didn't like coffee."
Me:" I think I like it now."
Me:" You'll have to show me how to make it at home."
Me:"Boy, this stuff goes right through you doesn't it?"
Me:" How much longer till we get home?"
Hubby:"Kim, do you realize you've talked non-stop since we left?"
Me:" Really?"
Me:" Nah, ah!"
Me:" You've said something haven't you?"
Hubby:"Uh, no."
Me:"Does coffee do that to you?"
Me:"Will it wear off?"
Me:" I feel like I could jog the rest of the way home."
Me:" I would if it weren't raining."
Me:"Oh thank goodness, we're home."
Me:" I really need to pee!"
Me: "Ahhhhh!"

Yup! The conversation was just like that. I'm also pretty sure more was said by me as the trip was 45 mins. long! My husband would vouch for it. Now remember that I had never drank coffee before (I was 33) and I drank it about 4:00 in the afternoon. I was up until 6:00 am the next day!! You live you learn. I got a lot of work done thought! Hee! Hee!

Happy Friday my Friends!!!
Don't forget I'm guest posting over at my dear friend Lisa's blog Stop and Smell the Chocolates! You don't want to miss it!


    You are so Funny! I sure do not remember my first cup of coffee ??? but I remember the smell in the mornings in my Grama's house (Mexico)@ 4:00am hmmm!DELICIOUS. I drink coffee since I was 3 or 5 months probably!(SFETE)I think that is way I am ADHD, jeje!! Anyways, Thank you for sharing your funny story!!!
    Have a HAPPY FRIDAY!!

  2. Well, I'm 37 and still never had coffee... my Dad wishes I would... really bothers him. A couple weeks ago I stopped at McD's and got a yummy hot chocolate and then by his house. He saw the cup in my car and got an excited twinkle in his eye and then said "Your drinking coffee?" Sorry to disappoint him, but nope!

  3. You know what's funny? I vaguely remember that when we met you told me you didn't drink coffee - that went on for years. I don't remember the transition, I just know that we LOVE to have coffee together now, LOL. Why don't I remember this key turning point in your life????? LOLOL

  4. You are so funny! I didn't start drinking coffee until after both of my girls were born but I do have fond memories of my mom and my Granny sharing a cup of java and awesome conversations around the kitchen table. A warm cup of coffee with family and friends is a treat that I can now enjoy too. Blessings to you!

  5. Kimmy, you are so cute to share your date with us and your first cup of coffee! I remember when my hubby and I and my sis & her hubby flew to Fla and stayed in Vero Beach. Beautiful!

  6. That is hilarious. I don't do coffee.

  7. I can just imagine you WIRED on caffeine! ROFL!

  8. WOW that was quite the introduction to coffee my friend!!!!.....It did make me laugh, but I forget all the neat little acronyms you made up so let's just say I laughed...(you should post those in a side bar somewhere!)

    Have a blessed day!


  9. This is funny! I am not a coffee drinker..but maybe I should try some when I need to get a lot of cleaning done:) I love to smell coffee...I always thought it was strange since I don't drink it. another smell I like is cigars (don't smoke either). I guess I am weird like that:)

  10. ROFL!! I remember my first cup of FULL CAF. I remember shaking like crazy and thinking I was going to jump out of my skin. My friend and I were out shopping and it took me half the day to work of the caffine high..

    Great story!

  11. Oh Kim! This may be one of my favorite stories EVA!!!

    I had to have my hubby sit down and read it out loud :)That was even better! LOL

    Have an awesome Friday!

    Love ya

  12. That is hysterical. i too didn't start drinking coffee until I was in my 30s. Funny. I can't drink it past 6pm or I am up until about 3am. funny stuff I tell ya.

  13. Oh you are SO funny my friend!! that is a great story and I can totally hear you saying all that! I still don't drink "real" coffee according to my hubby - I need it in the form of a flavored latte or mostly creamer with some coffee added. I want the coffee in there, but it needs to be a background flavor for me - LOL! But I only started that in my 30's.

    People are lovin' your hilariousness over on my blog!! So so funny and such a yummy recipe too! I'm so glad you guest-posted today! :)

    Have a great day and I'll talk to you soon! Big wow-that's-a-great-cup-of-coffee-but-it's-already-gone-hey-where-can-I-get-some-more-of-this-stuff-now-I-can-stay-up-all-night-blogging hugs to you!! :)

  14. Love it! I can only imagine the ride from your husband's standpoint, Lol!

  15. Hi Kim,
    I saw your comment over on the Bloggers Retreat site. It's in Sneads, FL - the panhandle.

    The post below the one you read has all the details - who, what, when, where...

    I sure hope you can come 'cause YOU are the Queen of Fun!

  16. That is funny! I have never liked coffee either! I thought, "Uh-oh," when I read that you bought the large....LOL.

  17. LOL!! I don't even remember my first cup but I do remember our first date. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Soooooooooooo funny! I was like that when I tried chocolate covered cappuccino beans-lol! Blessings! Amanda:)


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