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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Does this computer make me look fat?

Is that not the catchiest title ever? LOL. Yeah I thought that up all by myself and at 6:00 in the morning too. Helps to have a half a cup of coffee in ya!
Well we finally did it. We bought a new computer. Thank you all for your input on a prior post. I tell you what, and don't take this as bragging, but this thing is a Mack Daddy. I can say I'm not bragging because we've had the same computer for 7 years and the last 4 it was on crutches! LOL. We ended up getting a Gateway. I won't bore you with all the details but it is powerful. It will now not take me 1 1/2 hours to upload a 3 min. video, it will now let me see my whole blog at the same time, it will now let us upload our video from out video camera and edit it on the computer and much much more. I'm so excited. We went with the 23 " screen and that's pretty much where my clever title came from. It's so cool to have a screen so big you can see EVERYTHING on the page at the same time. It even seconds as a TV and has a built in tuner. Not that we watch TV, but it's nice to know we could if we really wanted to! And we couldn't believe how much you get now for the price. Things have gone down so much. So it only cost an arm and not a leg. So we're pretty excited about that.
My husband spent most of last night trying to get the computer up and running. The conversation went something like this.
Me: "How's it going?"
Him: "Slow."
Me:" Uh, huh.....get the internet up yet?" (You know I have to blog tomorrow!)
Him:" I've been trying to get the printer hardware to load and it won't."
Me:" Uh, huh......but what about the internet?"
Him:" So I gave up on that and now I'm making the back up disk that's taking forever."
Me:" Uh, huh.....sooooo the IN-TER-NET is done?"
Him:"I should have started this earlier."
Me:"Uh, huh... but you're going to finish before you go to bed right?" (Knowing he has to get up at 5:00am.)
Him:" Maybe"
Me:"Okay, I'm going to bed." *sigh* (Maybe I can uses my neighbors computer tomorrow morning.)(Nah, that's way to early.)(*tossing and turning*)
Husband comes in." Got the internet up!"
Me:" Oh that's good. I wasn't really worried about it." *doing happy dance in bed*
Yup, I'm addicted to blogging!!
We'll I just thought I'd share my exciting news because I know you want to know!!


  1. Yeah!! Thats awesome. When my computer died I think I actually had a mini heart attack. The thought of not being able to use the computer... and not knowing when I would be able to use the computer again... sent me into hysterics.

    I have since sought professional help.

    His name is Mr. Customer Serivce at adobe.

    God bless!

  2. What a cute story. Sounds like a fun new adventure! What a good hubby!

  3. so glad he got the internet up. LOL
    You are too funny my friend. Glad you got a new computer.

  4. LOL...so funny.

    I'm happy for ya!

  5. It absolutely does NOT make you look fat.....ha!!!!
    What did we ever do without computers? How did I make it over 50 years without one? I can't believe we used to write letters!!!

  6. YEa! Congratulations!
    The Internet is the fist thing to get going in my book too. Hehehe.
    Welcome to the world of high speed.
    I love I can watch movies on line if I choose too.
    I don't watch Tv. But I can still watch good shows.
    I am so happy for you.
    And love the title you picked out. May be you should stretch a photo of your self too.

  7. Woohoo!!!! Glad you're up and running! What a nice new blessing!! Enjoy your day:) Amanda

  8. Oh dear dear dear! you are so hilarious! This sounds exactly like how my conversation would have gone and definately ended with a happy dance in bed OMG :)
    I just love you

    Congrats on the new computer! :)

  9. How fun!!!! New computers are awesome!! Love your new background, too!!!!!!! :)

  10. Yeah... new computers are cool once they get all hooked up. I leave that all up to hubby! Congrats on your new addition!

  11. YAY!!!!! So glad you got a new computer - makes it all new again, doesn't it? It's like you're blogging for the first time - LOL. And glad for the video uploading too.

    And whew - good thing your hubby got the internet up! I don't know WHAT you would have done this morning!

    Have a fabulous day playing with the new computer! Big now-you-really-see-what-everything-looks-like-and-no-the-computer-does-not-make-you-look-fat! hugs to you!! :)

  12. So cool, congradulations on the new computer, I'd hate to lose you in blogland :)

  13. Congrats on the new computer! I am so in need of one too! My laptop just bit the dust a few weeks ago so now I am back to my ancient dinosaur that is at least 8 years old. Oh well I am thankful for what I have. But I am still on the lookout for a new laptop.

  14. congratulations on the new addition to your family!

  15. Congratulations!! It's always exciting to get a new piece of technology:-)

  16. That's awesome! A new computer is always fun! :)

    Oh, and I think you're MUCH prettier than Laura Dern!


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