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Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Funnies! Warning!

Hello my friends. How are you today?
You ready for some funnies? Do you have one to share?
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My funny has to do with this.

Can you guess what this came in?

I'm pretty sure they're leaving out some important information about these things when they feel the need to include such a warning as this.Are you serious? Death or serious injury? Home use only?
Well I guess my dreams of doing this on the beach for all to see, is shattered now.

Seriously am I going to be attacked by these things if I leave the house with them?

I gotta tell ya. I'm a tad bit afraid to use these bad boys now.
What, you ask?


These are resistance bands, used for working out.
They look harmless enough, but now I'm not so sure!
Why else would they put the warning in there?
Should I put in a Google search for "Resistance Bands Deaths" and see what I can find?
You know what?
I'm probably better off not knowing!
See you at the gym!

Have a very Happy Friday my friends!


  1. Yeah, better not risk that one. I mean it is one thing to put your life on the line to save another human being, but for a workout?

  2. I wonder if you can use them outdoors, certainly not a friends house or park!!! Do be careful!!

  3. Oh, now I have got to look that up today! LOL

  4. That's why I don't use them! LOL

  5. I don't know about resistance bands, but my friend's son almost lost an eye to bungee strap. :(

  6. Those resistance bands can be deadly even for the person innocently standing beside you. I've seen those in action at the wellness center I "infrequent".

    Have a great day, friend!


  7. I am so clutsy, that I did not have my resistance band secured to the door correctly.....yep stomach crunches...and a knock on the back of my head, too! Happy Friday.

  8. See that is why I just don't do it...no exercise for me...to dangerous!! lol That is just to funny! Happy Friday

  9. Be careful - be very careful! Sore muscles will occur!!

  10. Well, I've been known to throw my back out trying to exercise, but my physical therapist made me a cool resistance band. Was he trying to help me...or was he tired of me showing up late???? Hmmmm....

  11. Hee,hee - be very careful my friend! See? Exercise can be dangerous!

    Big now-that-warning-has-you-thinking-of-things-to-try-outside-the-home hugs to you! Have a fabulous day friend!! :)

  12. So funny...probably a choking hazard or something. Maybe we should avoid them at all cost!

  13. They are the shortest bungee jumping cords this side of the Mississippi!?

  14. Good grief! Sit on that couch and eat some chocolate! At least if that kills ya, you'll go with a smile! LOL!

    Love ya loads, dangerous dudette!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  15. Kim,

    Well this post now has me thinking just what do people buying these intend to use them for, bungee jumping? I mean seriously this labels are getting more and more crazy!

    I think you hit a home run with this one.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  16. Oh good grief. That is too funny and yet scary at the same time but I guess they better cover themselves the best they can. Death by resistance bands cannot be a fun way to go. LOL

  17. Wow!! Sounds like they are overreacting with that little tag!!

  18. I always knew exercise was bad for your health!

  19. Kimmy,

    Thank you for your love and encouragement. Thank you mainly for your prayers. I need them so.


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