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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Beauty and the Beast

This my friends is an uncropped, untouched up, ACTUAL photo of my washer and dryer. Oh yeah! It is.

To the right is Ms. Sweetie Pie, our washer. I'm not sure if she needs me to even put the clothes in for her. I just do that because I like to be helpful. Yes, my friends, we've finally arrived on this one. We sufficed with the least expensive models for years. We went through 2 or 3 in our marriage. They left their mark on our lives and rust stains on our shirts, but in the end they left us empty handed and disappointed. 
But I expect big things from  Ms.Sweetie Pie. We've had her for about 2 years now and I'm hoping she out lives us and will some day wash the grand kids clothes. I aim high!

Now let me draw your attention to the dryer on the left. You see it? 
You sure? Cause it's trying really hard to blend with the girl next to it. I think it's a little jealous. 
You see the nice yellow efficiency sticker on the washer? Yeah.....Mr. Die Hard doesn't have a sticker. I'm pretty sure it's the fact that it's over 25 years old and probably isn't the most "efficient" dryer now a days. But in the last 14 years we've owned it (It was my grandmother's before us!) it has only died once. And my hubby being my hubby, fixed it.
In fact when the Lowe's guy came to deliver and install our new washer. He looked at the dryer and seriously asked if it still worked? LOL! I assured him it did or it wouldn't be there. I think he went and bought a Kenmore that night. LOL!

Moral of this story? I honestly couldn't tell you. I for some reason just thought you might like to hear about my washer and dryer. You did, didn't you?
What's your oldest appliance?

Have a fabulous weekend my friends!



  1. Oh my goodness, your dyer looks like mine Mine is a whirlpool gas dryer and I LOVE it!!!! Our washer is newer but it has its troubles. The knob no longer works right, It never turns off so when you spin the nob around to get it where you need it to be it truns off and on as you fastforward through all the cycles. Oh and you have to move the knob into the spin cycle otherwise it just wants to hang out there.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. OMWord. I hope that the new washer is good to you. I hate our new washer. It doesn't have the agitator in it and it really doesn't clean as well as our old one. I miss the old one. Our dryer is like yours. Going strong on its 14th year. I hope to have that bad boy 12 more years.
    Enjoy Laundry:)

  3. I won't even start with my bad..very bsd acting girls..If there was a laundry whisperer..he would of been invited over years ago. lol

    Now the question ..old..I mean ancient appliance still running..my parent..avocodo green..Kenmore..Upright..you have to defrost yearly..Freezer...drum roll...47 yrs old this May...ta-da!! We hold our breath every year..you have too unplug her..to defrost her..and she always comes back on!
    Yes..I will be fighting for her when my parents pass!!!

    Hugs..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  4. My oven/stove. It came over on the Mayflower! Still works. Not pretty. But we will use her til death do us part.

  5. LOL on your dryer being jealous!

    My oldest appliance would probably be my blender. I've had it since we were married 17 years! :D It still works like a charm! :D

  6. We just had our freezer kaput on us. It's heating up on the side something awful right now and making moaning noises. The compressor is shot. A new one is being delivered this afternoon. It lasted us 17 years. It seems like any appliance over 15 years is living on borrowed time, LOL! We had a 17-year old cooktop and oven/microwave that we left behind at our former cottage. But we hear that the new owners are gutting the kitchen and sending them packing, even though they still worked just fine. I hate to get rid of something when it is still usable, you know?

  7. Your new washer looks great!

    I used to have a very nice washer and dryer but now that we moved into an older rental house ...things have changed.

    Don't get me wrong; I'm grateful to have a roof over my head. But the washer and dryer here are very old. But ...the clothes seem to come out clean and the dryer still works. And I can even hang some clothes out on a line to dry. We could never do that in our old house and I love the smell of clothes line dried.

    I guess it's all a matter of perspective, right?

    Have a great weekend.


  8. WOW! Beauty and the Beast....she likes that older distinguished type doesn't she ;)

    Glad he is still going strong!! They really don't make them like they used to do they!

    Have a great weekend! Hope you get an offer!!!

  9. Wow- we have a washer and dryer that is older than that. It belonged to my husband's grandmother. We received it when we moved into our home 8 years ago. I think she had it for about 25 years before that. So, they are OLD! And they just keep going and going...

  10. You won't believe this..she is gone..dead..ka-put!! My sister called to dicuss the health of my mom..and she proceeds to tell me about the green freezer. She finally gave up the ice!! I think I jinked her..I bragged on her...I hope it's not contagious...lol

    And they are going to dump her at the dump..no they are not..my daughter wants her to put in her barn for chicken feed to keep the mice out...what a sad conclusion to life..:-(

    Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  11. We used to have an old set, but we ended up with a fairly nice used set when somebody in hubs' company was selling them for an insanely cheap price. They work great!

    I don't think we have anything too old anymore - they either broke down or we ended up with newer stuff because we moved so many times. I have to say that when we got a newer dryer from the really old one we had years ago, I couldn't believe what a difference it made in our energy bill! The old one was still drying stuff, but taking 2+ hours to do it.

    Hmmm...our blender is many years old and might be the oldest thing!

    Big the-old-stuff-was-made-to-last hugs to you!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  12. Microwave is possibly as old as the house ....20 years!? Had it serviced once 10 years ago when we moved in.

  13. you'll have to check out a post I put out last week called ""Can you believe this". I shared a crazy appliance story there.

  14. Yup...Kenmore...love it. :) I couldn't tell you my oldest appliance...a couple years ago I would have said my sewing machine, but now... I just have no clue...do you know my oldest appliance? LOL

  15. Well, I do believe you have the EXACT dryer that we have!! And ours is about a thousand years old!!! We got it used when we were married about 20 years ago. And then it was already old. The only thing that needed to be fixed was the heating element...and that was years ago. Mine is called Old Faithful!!! Ugly, but faithful!!

  16. Nothing bought today will last that long. I have decided to start sewing and got my 22 year old sewing machine out of the shed - it is still in excellent condition, no rusting etc. And works a dream - I was amazed!!

  17. Mine look like that. For some reason, the dryers seem to last longer:-)

  18. I hope your new washer does you proud.

    Before I read your second comment, I thought I was the only one who missed my old machine. The new washers without agitators are just "different" and you have to think differently with what and how you wash in it.

  19. Our record holding appliance was our refrigerator. It was originally my in-laws, who bought it new in 1946! We used all the way thru the 80's, and it still ran but the door handle broke off, and you had to use a screwdriver to open the door! Our second place winner is our chest freezer, going into it's 26th year! And you are all correct, they sure don't make them like they used too!

  20. Hey Kim! You make everthing so fun and interesting.(even washers and dryers) I love reading your stuff. Growing up, we had a pink Hotpoint fridge. My dad hated it because it was pink. We got it from my grandmother. ( I don't know how long she had it) Anyway, my dad couldn't wait for the pink monster to kick th bucket so he could get a new one. My dad has been gone for 12 years now and the pink monster continues to hum. :o)

  21. I had to come over here and read about your washer and dryer!

    My oldest appliances are also my washer and dryer. Both are about 25 yrs. old. They still work great. Our washer has had three motors in its lifetime. The repairman told my husband we should hang on to those appliances as long as possible, because "They don't make 'em like this no more." 'Nuff said! ;-)

  22. ...and here I thought I was doing good to buy Maytag.

    Jealous of your new washer.

    Yes I needed to know. :)


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