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Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Funnies!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to Friday Funnies!
So if you read yesterday's post you know that I really need to get in some giggles today and I expect all 264 of you to link up a family friendly funny. Okay I'll settle for half.

Okay you don't have to but if you happen to have had something funny happen to you this week, or sent to you, or happen to someone else but you heard about it, why not share the funny love?
Just link it up below this post!

My funny today is just to DOG gone cute!



  1. Okay..this is not making fun of anyone with a hearing loss!! I know.. I live with a husband who is all but deaf..and when his hearing aids are bad..and he's on the cell phone..and the window is down on the truck going 70 miles an hour..well lets just say..we have some interesting conversations! lol

    Yesterday he called..he was only hearing so many words..(why call)
    anyhow..he ask how I was feeling..I said my booty was sore from leaning over and picking vegetables...he heard my boobie was in the vegetables..oh my..lol..lol I just hung up on him..and about peed in my pants laughing. He called back 20 minutes later..he could hear me better..I told him..then he started laughing!! He said when he was off the phone all he could picture was what he said..I could hardly eat my veggies last night!

    Hugs..Cindy...I said...HUGS..CINDY

  2. Well, that is doggone cute! Happy Friday Kim! Hope it is a good one and I hope you find loads of laughter today!

    Love you my friend

  3. That video is so funny! My kids loved watching it with me!

  4. LOL! Too cute! :D

    I have a special Friday Funnies this week! :D

  5. So cute!!! You always have the best things to make me giggle!

    Have a blessed day!

  6. I'm sending love, smiles, and laughter your way.

    Unfortunately, most of your Friday funnies don't show up on my computer. Are they videos or something? I guess we've blocked alot of things.

    Anyhow, I'm sure it was funny. Sorry I missed it.


  7. That's soooo funny! Gotta show that to Mikey, I want to do that with my baby girl! LOL

    And I'm TOTALLY cracking up at Cindy's comment! LOL

  8. That was too cute. I had to laugh out loud so many times. LOL

    The Free 4 All Friday giveaway is up now...come by for a chance to win a gift card.


  9. Kim, that video was too funny!

    It reminded me of my MIL's dog Barney. She prepares meals for herself and Barney and they sit in front of the TV and eat together.

    I linked up a bit late but I'm glad I did. I could use some laughter!


  10. Aw - that's cute! I've got to show it to my son! He could use a laugh (he's still sick)!

    Maybe you'll get a laugh from the joke hubs told me (he totally cracked up at this):

    A jumper cable walks into a bar, looking all aggressive, staring down the customers and acting like he wants to fight. The bartender says, "Look, I'll serve you, but don't start anything."

    Get it? GET IT? LOL! Ok, if you didn't laugh the first time, now you should be laughing because I told you a joke that didn't make you laugh! :)

    Big don't-*start*-any-trouble-with-me size hugs to you!! Have a wonderful day full of laughter and chocolate my friend! HUGS!!

  11. Kim,

    I've seen this on another bloggers post this week and it's too cute. I am like this dog sometimes, forget the spoon just eat it.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  12. That is so adorable! I just can't quite fathom the dog cooperating with all that. I can barely get my to *sit*, *stay*, and *come*!

  13. Oh, my! Your blog has gone to the dogs, lol! How cute is that? I keep trying to figure out where the human's head is. *heh*

    I'm late, but Kathy's funny inspired me. 8-}

    Love ya loads, funny lady!
    have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  14. PS - scroll down to yesterday's post and check out our taters! 8-}

  15. I linked up today for the first time, how exciting!! Love the dog, that is too funny!! Hope your day is filled with lots and lots of laughter!!

    Love and Blessings

  16. Hahahaha, LOVE it! It's been a discouraging day, so I needed this!


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