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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kitchen Cabinet Love!

Ever since we moved into our new home I haven’t really showed you any pictures of what we’ve accomplished so far. Which believe me has been a lot.

And actually you’re not going to get a full glimpse today. Only because I’m not completely done yet. BUT I did do a little something that I can show you that I thought came out cute.

Lately I’ve been having issues with the cabinet that I have my spices in. This particular cabinet has a big ol’ honkin’ door on it. A door that swings wide to the left and gets all in my face every time I reach for my spices. It’s irritating and I’ve had enough. Oh yeah, girlfriend is getting serious. HA!

With that said, I decided I would move my spices over to where my dishes are (on the left side of the stove) and put my dishes where the spices are. AND THEN I got the idea to just take those big ol’ honkin’ doors off completely and let my oh so impressive Corelle dishes make their grand appearance into the world.

I had already gotten started before I took pictures. But here are the doors in question with the spices already taken out of it and strewed all over the counter.



Here’s a peek inside but remember I had already started transferring dishes over so it’s not a complete “before” picture.

My spices used to take up the bottom two shelves on the left side. Just picture everything on the countertop above, shoved “neatly” into the cabinet. Got it? Okay, let’s move on.



This is the cabinet I took the dishes out of that will now house my spices. Are you with me so far?



Now my spices fit neatly into this cabinet and I don’t have such a big door in the way when I access them. Yes, I left the doors on this cabinet because, well, this just ain’t pretty to look at.



Now here is the after of the other cabinets.  I think it look so cute.



I came up with the idea of putting some of my favorite cookbooks in the cabinet all on my own. In fact I was on the phone with my BFF Kathy when I thought of it, so she can vouch for me. I was so excited and I think it’s not only practical but looks cute too!



So once again. The before and after, side by side.

IMG_2706 IMG_2713

Eventually I’ll do a whole kitchen reveal. I just have a few more things to do to call it “done”.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful day!


  1. We think you did a great job! Very cute with rick rack trim!

    We hope you have a great weekend!

    Laura and Michele

  2. I totally support this look! It is soooooooo cute!! I LOVE it! Way to go! =)

  3. That came out so cute...the rick rack added the perfect little "needed" touch. :)

  4. Great job but my cupboards are so stuffed with things I could never take the doors off! I would never tell my hubby, cause we moved in the winter, but these dark cherry cabinets and black countertops are killing me in this H E A T ! Guess I have to wait for winter again! :(

  5. That's using your noggin! And the red rickrack is the crowning touch! I love it!

  6. I love it, Kim! I love the red and white, too cute. Can't way for a reveal of your home, girlfriend!

  7. Your cookbooks look great there! In fact, the whole cubbord looks great!

    I don't think I would ever have the courage or creativity to go doorless, though.

  8. That turned out super cute my friend!! Love it!

    Big with-a-rick-rack-paddy-whack-now-that-cupboard's-cute size hugs to you!! Love ya!

  9. Holy smokes girlfriend!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! SOOO Stinkin cute!!!


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