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Friday, February 3, 2012

From Drabby Dull to Shabby Chic!

Yes, I’ve been a very busy beaver lately but this latest project came out so cute, I had to share.

As a lot of you know, I’m slooooowly redoing both my dining room and our living room. I’m going for more of a cottagey, shabby chic kind of feel. Little by little and piece by piece the rooms are coming together.

This latest project was an easy fix. It’s something I did in a day but it made a world of difference.

I’ve had this lamp for a few years now and it’s never really bothered me until now. It just doesn’t go with my vision and so it had to change. I’m trying really hard to use what I already have to save money so fixes like this are awesome when they actually come out like you envisioned.

Here is the lamp in question, before.


And after.


Do you like it?

All I did was cut some fabric into two inch wide strips, make ruffles, and hot glue it to the lampshade, then I spray painted the base and distressed it a little.  So easy, yet such a dramatic change.

Have a FANTABULOUS day my friends!

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  1. I'm always amazed how a little paint and creativity can transform things into something special! Nice work, Kim!

  2. It looks so chic! I really like how the white brings out the detail of the base...you gave it life!

  3. it's so cute. Love how the white just brings out all the details in the base.

  4. Wow, what a difference! And you didn't spend $100 on a new fixture! You rocked this project out, Kim. It looks adorable.

  5. It looks FABULOUS dear!! Great job!!

  6. Wow, that lamp looks FABULOUS>..I love ruffles. They're so romantic, frilly and feminine...and that's so awesome you made it all with stuff you hand on hand, too :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  7. That lamp looks totally shabby chic!!! I love it!!! Great job:)

  8. I love the shabby chic cottage look! I have a "Cottage" folder in my reader and have several blogs that I follow. Unfortunately I just don't have the time to look at them lately, lol!

    The lamp is so "flirty" with the ruffles. I love it!

  9. Dear Kim, I love it a lot! I really really love it.

  10. Soo cute and truly a definite change...I had to go back and look at the original just to make sure!! LOL

    Awesome job!

    My mom gave me a lamp for Christmas and when she gave it to me she had this weird look on her face and asked me quite a few times if I liked it. When she came over one day she saw the lamp in my room and LOVED it. I said why were you acting so weird when you gave it to me? She said that my step dad had glued the material around the lampshade along with the tassels. I said oh, ok. She said "honey, I asked him to put it on the bottom of the lampshade NOT THE TOP!!!" LOLOLOL
    I thought there was 'something" off about this lamp but I never could figure it out...haha. Just makes it all the more special!

  11. Great job my friend - and it really looks professionally done! Which it is because you are a crafter extrordinaire! :)

    Big you-"light"-up-my-life size hugs to you! LOL - sorry, it's late at night! :) Love you!!


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