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Monday, January 7, 2013

How I Save Some Money on Groceries!

I’ve been wanting to write this post ever since my “new” discovery. (Which may not be new to some of you.) But I’m one of those people who like to make sure something is as good as it sounds before I tell people about it. Especially you, my peeps. I’ve got your back.

But today is the day I’m going to tell you about Vitacost. You may have seen it around but paid no mind to it like I did for months. But I finally decided to check it out and I’m sooo glad I did.

Let’s start out with a few reasons why I like ordering from them.

  1. Free Shipping when you order over $25.00, which I have no problem doing because I’m usually buying things for the month.
  2. GREAT packaging. They bubble wrap their canned goods and glass items. They also go as far as taping the lids shut to liquid items (dish soap, deodorant etc) and then put them in zip bags for added protection.
  3. Although I’ve never had to return anything, they do have a 30 day unconditional money-back guarantee. Very good to know.
  4. They have a Refer a Friend incentive. (NOT why I’m doing this but it can’t hurt. *wink*) If someone signs up under my special link then not only do I receive a one time $10.00 toward any order but YOU get $10.00 off your first order. Nice.
  5. Delivered right to your door. This is my favorite part. I can sit in my pajamas, order me some groceries and other household items and then in a few days I get a knock at my door. No wasting gas and time.

So those are some of the main reasons I like shopping online at Vitacost. But as you explore the website you’ll find many more perks.

Now this may not be as great a deal to everyone. I know here in Florida groceries are expensive in our local supermarkets and I know all the prices of the items I buy and I’ve found that I save on average about $60.00 an order based on the items that I buy.

Here is a look at some of the things I bought in my very first order. I was giving it a test drive.


Here’s a picture of the receipt of my most recent order. It will give you an idea of the prices of things.


Here’s the way I see it. Even if you’re looking at this and thinking “Some of those things are only a few cents away from what I pay now.” You’re still saving time, money and gas. Yes, I still need to go to the grocery store for perishables and such but I don’t feel like I’m going as often. Or maybe I am, who knows?

You can check it out and decide for yourself if it’s right for you. I just know how pleased I am with them and wanted to make sure I passed the info onto my friends!



P.S. Vitacost has no idea who I am and did not pay me to write this post. These are my own thoughts and ideas. Like I said before I do get a referral bonus if you sign up but that’s it. Now go, shop. :-)


  1. I hardly ever have time to grocery shop these days! And when I finally do have the time, it takes nearly all day to go to Sams and then the grocery store. I am totally checking this out. Thanks for posting the 411!!!

  2. Thanks so much Kim. I have been looking for a cheaper way to buy gluten-free products & the prices on this website look really good & the bonus is I don't have to go to the store. I just signed up & will be making my first purchase shortly.

  3. Hey there~
    Will have to go check this site out. I use iHerb alot for the same reasons so I'll have to see how their prices compare.
    I order A LOT online too.


  4. Oh, I've heard nothing but good things about the Vitacost website :) :) Lots of my friends order their natural and organic products from there :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  5. Huh. I had no idea about Vitacost. Will check it out! Thanks for the tip - you are a constant source of inspiration to be more organized and thrifty. :)

  6. Sounds awesome my friend! I'll have to do a price comparison as I do think I pay less for those items in my stores, but I have so many great stores all in less than 10 minutes away - Costco, Trader Joe's, Sprouts, Winco. Anyway - I'll let you know how it all compares! Is organic coconut sugar the same as the coconut crystals?

    Big any-time-you-save-online-sounds-divine size hugs to you!! Love ya! :)


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