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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Pioneer Woman’s Thanksgiving Menu (well almost) with links!

If you follow my FB page you already know that I won the latest Pioneer Woman’s Cookbook in a giveaway. I then decided to replace “most” of MY recipes for HER recipes for Thanksgiving this year. So here it is, with links to her and my recipes.

In most cases I am going to probably lower the sugar and fat a bit in her recipes. I am also going to have to make the pies gluten free for my hubby so I’ll be altering them a little as well. But I’m very excited to try new things. I’m sure everything will be delicious.

I decided to cut the amount of pies down to just 3. In the past I’ve gone crazy and made WAY too many pies only to have leftovers for days and sadly my waistline can’t handle it any more.

Have you made out your menu yet? Do you think you’ll try some of these recipes?
Have a lovely day!



*the link to the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook is an affiliate link and I receive a small percentage when you purchase through it.*


  1. Your menu sounds wonderful. I do plan to change mine up a little bit. Everyone has their favorites so I have to be careful and not leave anyones favorite out

  2. Will certainly be using your mashed potato recipe!

  3. homemade giblet gravy over homemade stuffing is my favorite every year.

  4. It all sounds delish, of course! How did it all turn out?

    Big thankful-for-feasting size hugs to you! Big Thanksgiving hugs, a little late!! :)


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