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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Trash to Treasure: Christmas Edition!

I had recently talked about how we scooped up a bunch of old fence that people had thrown out after the hurricane and showed you some things we had done with it. This time around we used some of those pieces to make some Christmas stuff. Yay!

Check it out.

My hubby made these wooden trees. They are so fun and we’ve already got compliments on them. Oh and we got all the decorations and lights that are on them at garage sales, so they cost next to nothing. Woot! Woot!


They look really pretty all lit up, but I’m saving our night time photos for another post. Smile

Next we have our snowman family. Hubby cut out the snowmen and then I painted on the faces and wrapped the “scarves” around them. I really like these. So cute. Haven’t decided where I’m going to put them yet but I’ll show you on my Homesteaders Heart Facebook page when I figure it out.


Then we have the Joy sign. It adds a nice festive touch to the front porch area. This was such a fun project to do and it didn’t take long either. Hubby cut and painted the background and I painted the details. We make a good team!


So have I inspired you to make some treasure out of trash? If so message me and show me on my HHFacebook page. Smile


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  1. I love your wood trees and snowmen as well as the Joy sign! Great job! And the price is right, too. If I had the money I would love to have you make me some.


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