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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ode To Garlic

I love garlic. I love everything about it, okay except the bad breath it leaves behind lol. Our family recently all got colds and one of our tried and true remedies is what we call "garlic tea". Here is the recipe and how to make it. We tend to get colds once a year but with the natural things that we do it really cuts the staying power of the cold in more than half. By day 3 you are feeling quite human again. Here is what you need: Honey, Apple Cider Vinegar (i use organic unfiltered), 2 cup measure, garlic press, spoon, small metal strainer, garlic and a hot pot to heat water..

I use anywhere from 2-3 cloves of garlic depending on size of cloves. Start heating your water as you prepare the tea. Take your cloves of garlic and run them through the press into the strainer. Hold the strainer over the measure. Heat your water just before boiling. Pour over garlic in strainer. Now set your strainer in the water a little and mix it around and press the juice out into the water. I throw a few chunks in there just for good measure. Do this for a minute or two to get the most benefits. Now discard garlic or put it in your chicken soup for later. Now here is where the "to taste" comes in. We put 3-4 TBS of honey and the vinegar in with the water. You may use more or less. Mix this all together and sip it while it's hot. Also gargle with it and swallow for soar throats. My kids even like it. When feeling poorly we drink this 2x a day. We each drink about a 1/4 c. -1/2 c. You may have to make a couple of batches depending on the size of your family.
Here is a picture of the finished product.
You'll either love it or hate it but either way it's good for you. Elderberry is also good for colds but that's another blog lol. Maybe I'll do that one next. Now back to garlic. Garlic has so many other uses. You can make a poultice by preparing the garlic like for garlic tea but this time lay the garlic in the middle of a double folded paper towel and fold the corners in . Place the washcloth on a plate. Heat water up to the point where you can still keep your fingers in there for 5 seconds or so and then pour the water over the paper towel until saturated and let sit for 10 seconds. Squeeze out excess water and then you can place this poultice on your chest, your back or the soles of your feet alternately for 60 seconds for the cold or flu.
Avoid extended direct contact with the skin as it can "burn" the skin. Garlic taken in large quantities can cause nausea and vomiting. I hear it can be grown quite easily but I haven't ventured there yet. But I may give it a try some day in the future.
I hope this helps.


  1. HI

    I just came across your blog from the blogroll. I love what you are doing. Will be back often.


  2. You've GOT to be kidding.

    But on a positive note, I love your cheery design! :-)

  3. See how good I am? I came and looked it up - I had seen it before, but look - GASP - I never commented!!

    Not sure I could convince son to drink this even with the honey. Now I know the honey and the vinegar are good for you too, but what if I just did the garlic part and mixed it with chicken broth? He *might* eat it. You think it would still help?

    I'm jotting this down for next time hubs or I get sick (hubs could have used this a week or so ago - oops!). Love ya!


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