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Friday, July 25, 2008

An Unwelcomed Visitor

So my night started off something like this. I'm sitting at my desk leisurely reading How to Homeschool the Easy Way by Cindy Rushton and feeling very relaxed and calm. My daughter is in the kitchen making biscuits for dinner. All of a sudden I hear her sweet voice frantically say, "Mom, come here!" "Come here quick" "MOM!!!" So needless to say the good feeling was well on it's way out.
 I ran to the kitchen to see what was going on and she points to my oven. In between the glass of my oven was a giant spider. I calmly said, "I just wanted to let you know something, if that thing gets out of there you are gonna hear me scream like you never heard me scream before": LOL!! Just about the time I ended my sentence it comes crawling out of the oven. Did I mention I had just called my husband and was in the process of telling him what was going on when it crawled out? Well all my husband got was a good scream in the ear for about 5 mins. So needless to say he had quite the adrenaline rush, not knowing what was going on yet.
 So here is this giant spider on the loose. Did I mention that of all the animals in the world, spiders are what I dislike, no hate, the most of all. Now you can tell me all day long how the bible says that we have dominion over animals but I wasn't feeling that this spider knew that and I wasn't about to tell him.
 So anyway this spider managed to get in every spot that I couldn't swat with the cookie sheet that I had grabbed in my frantic state. Moving on to plan B, I had my daughter keep an eye on it while I looked for some bug spray. I found some and while it was on the wall I sprayed it. Well that went over like a ton of bricks. Instead of dying quickly like I had anticipated it jumped off the wall and behind a table. Again where I couldn't hit it.
 Then out of nowhere it appears on the wall again and makes its way to the ceiling. So my daughter hands me my Swiffer Wet Jet to hit it with. (Word of caution, don't hand a frantic woman who hates spiders a hard mobile object. ) I make my attempt to hit it on the roof with this and of course I missed it and it jumped down and in my panic state I chuck the Swiffer forward which in turns knocks over 2 glass jars on my shelf, one full of sea glass and the other shells. They swiftly fall to my awaiting terrazo floor. Yup you guessed it, glass everywhere. 
Did I mention that the spider is still on the loose but now we don't know where it is. But it seems to like that one wall and once again reappears. I spray it with bug spray again and watch it drop to the floor. It made its way to the corner of the room where I pretty much finished the can of bug spray off on it. Just as I was starting to relax a bit it started to crawl away again. What was in this bug spray, water?
 I was now a determined individual. I grabbed my cookie sheet and threw it at the spider crawling on the floor and of course missed again. UGH!!! I grab it one more time and this time got that thing and smooshed it into next week.
 I did finally call my husband back and let him know that we weren't dying.
If anything, I got a good laugh putting this down in writing so I hope you were also entertained by my unwelcomed visitor. Oh and if you would like to see a blurry picture of it, scroll down.

Mind you those are 8x10 picture frames so that gives you an idea at how big this spider was.
Here he is on the ceiling.

Pleasant dreams. *wink*


  1. LOL

    I wish I could have been a "very small fly" on the wall to watch this ordeal. I'm amazed that you stopped and took pictures during the frantic hunting adventure.

    Your stories always remind me of stories from our family from years before. This one made me think of the time I found a snake inside a storage cabinet in a seldom used part of the house at about 6:00 AM. My husband worked night shift at the time and was on his way home. The boys were pre and early teens and were still asleep. We were homeschooling at the time and well, let's just say it was a bit of a frantic phone call and some hollering occurred before the snake left the premises.

  2. PS

    I do not have pictures of our snake chase.

  3. Poor Charlotte! I'm kidding. I can't stand spiders, scorpions, wasps, or rattlesnakes. Last week I had to kill a scorpion that had made its way into my family room. I tried to kill it but the thing wouldn't die. It fell off the wall onto the couch and disappeared into the cushions. I wanted to light the couch on fire, but somehow I waited and out it came to meet its death. They give me the heeby jeebies! I'm itching all over just telling you that story. Yikes! Have a great weekend.

  4. Yikees! I don't like them either. If it's in my house and doesn't belong - well - it's a goner!!!

    Loved the story!

  5. EWWWW - what a time you had!! Glad you finally squished it!!


  6. LOL, you sound similar to me! I hate, hate, hate bugs in my house and anywhere near me! That spider was HUGE!!!!!! And you took a picture?! I would have been loading up my 22 pistol!

  7. Holy Toledo!!!!! That's not a spider! That's the Tarantula That Ate Chicago! I would have totally, completely, and utterly freaked out. Geesh! I've got the chills just looking at that ucky thing.

    Can you tell that I, too, am arachnophobic? Then again, since all spiders are poisonous and that thing looks big enough to swallow an SUV, maybe being afraid isn't such a silly thing...

  8. You should come to Australia and see the spiders at my place...one year I had a rather large one in the downstairs shower which I co-existed with ...I told him if he didn't annoy me I would leave him alone, and so we did leave each other alone.

    Quite often you can catch them with a plastic container and a piece of cardboard to slide under neath..trapping the spider in the container...that is if you are quick enough...and of course if the door is open to allow you to throw it back out into the garden..
    it gets a bit tricky if you are on your own and you have to open the door yourself too.

    My daughter just used to scream loudly for me if she saw one, until I told her that one day she might be home alone and find one..probably in the shower...she decided that the best method was yours..the can of spray...(she was about 18 at the time!)

    Thanks for your visit to my blog..glad you enjoyed the photos..will have to visit here more often...quite often I have a tiny sleepy baby in my arms..that I am burping for my daughter, while staying with them in NY. fun.


  9. First of all this sounds like what we Orenczak girls would do... miss each time we tried to smash it to smithereens!
    Second, Im almost certain a glass object would break.
    Third...I am amazed that you got pictuers. I would like to have seen that on video.Creepy LOL

  10. I remember seeing this, but it looks like I neglected to leave a comment then! Shudder - exactly the way I would have gone after the spider. Oh how I hate them and if they're big - they really scare me. And yet I can't squish them - too gross and too close - LOL!

    Leaving this pic now. :)

  11. That's one creepy looking spider. Ewww... scary!!!!!

  12. LoL!!! Thanks for sharing! I have been there before! Those big fellas are far too sturdy! My husband and I lived in Japan for three and a half years and the one creepy-crawly that bugged me the most (accidental pun) was the giant woods spider. We saw a web once, but didn't see one the whole time we lived there. The threat of one hanging around in the area was almost worse than seeing one!

    We did see more than a few hand-sized spiders, though. The bugzillas (giant cochroaches) evoked the worst "ick" factor and the honkin-huge poisonous centipedes were the most threatening. And the freakiest was the geji-geji. We had to tip our shoes upside down every day before we put them on just to be sure nobody had cozied up in there.

    But the funny thing is that after living there I feel a lot more fearless about creepy-crawlies. Well, unless they surprise me. When there are ninja spiders involved, all bets are off...

  13. When you went to sleep that night did your skin feel all crawly?

    Yep, mine still does. Ok - enough spider talk. It is banned. No more!

    I'm going to go and re-post something just to get it out of my system. :)

    Ugh! No more Charlotte's Web either! ;) LOL.

    Blessings to you,
    lana @ ilovemy5kids

  14. Ugh!! That is a nasty spider!! :P I am afraid I HATE spiders as much as you do!! Except I have more tendency to kill them, not scream. ;) lol

    I really like your blog, by the way. ;) I follow Kelsey over at Ray of Sunshine, and I found your blog through hers.

    I would love it if you would stop by for a visit sometime!




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