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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Some of my finished sewing projects.

I thought since I don't really have much going on today that I would show you some of my past sewing projects. Don't worry I haven't been sewing that long so there isn't a whole lot lol. I want to start sewing some things again so I'm going to compile them in a category.
Here is a quilt I made for my Mother In Law for Christmas two years ago. She loves the ocean so I picked these colors and then hand quilted waves around the border and a droplet that gets bigger in the middle, though you can't see any of that. I liked it so much that I almost kept it myself hee hee!

This one I call the "Man" quilt, because it is made out of flannel and has a camping print on it. I made this for my husband one year for Christmas as well. It's warm and cozy, perfect for Florida. :(

I made these fleece blankets for my boys. They are a John Deere theme. I made one this color and the other yellow and then the John Deere fabric. I had to do it this way because the John Deere fabric is WAY expensive, so I had to make a little go a long way.
This is a Christmas quilt I made about 4 years ago. It was actually the first thing I ever sewed in my life lol. It's great to bring out at Christmas time. It add such a homey feel.
This was the first purse I made. I made it out of my favorite pregnancy shirt. I didn't want to get rid of it and thought this would be a great way to still "use" it.
These next few you've probably already seen but I wanted to keep them all together so here they are again. I just made this one about 2 weeks ago. I love the tropical pink fabric.
This one will be so fun to carry at Christmas time.
This is just an every day type denim bag.
Here is my dress attempt. I think it came out pretty well. I actually blogged about this one not to long ago, but like I said I am just trying to compile into a sewing category so here it is again.

Well I think that's it for now except a bag I just made for Laura Lee over at Laura Lee's Lifesong. I forgot to take a picture of it, duh! Maybe she'll take one for me *wink**wink*!
I hope you all have a most blessed day!


  1. Lovely my friend. :) You have come a long way baby! :) Hey, I like the way you titled it "...my finished sewing projects...". Um, maybe I should take photos of my stacks of fabric and piles of patterns and coils of thread and talk about my unfinished, or unstarted projects, hee hee. At least you FINISHED them! :)

  2. That's impressive! My mother was a seamstress, but I was pretty mediocre at it. I love your ocean quilt! When I clicked for the larger pic, I could see the waves and part of the droplet. Very clever! Good on ya for sticking to the projects to completion!

  3. You are certainly a creative one. I can barely mend a hem or rip!

    In the near future, I'll be posting one of your finished beeeeeeeeautiful purses on my blog, as well as your daughter's beautiful earrings. Guess you've passed down the craftyness. Hey, mine can sing and act, and one of 'em can even write!!! So there you have it. ;)

    I truly admire people whom God has given this talent! And so glad you use it!

  4. Oh I love your quilts. I think my favorite is the Christmas theme one. You are very talented...me? I can hardly sew on a button, hardly thread a needle, and then my daughter who took sewing at school will have me hem her pants? Is she crazy or lazy? I think we know the answer to that one!

  5. I am laughing about your "perfect for FL" comment! My oldest loves to be covered up with a quilt - he doesn't care how hot it is!!

  6. I sew too - incomplete projects, LOL! Great job!

  7. Very talented! I used to sew but ??? I don't know what happen.
    You do very nice work.
    Keep it up.

  8. Kim, those are all beautiful! I am so impressed - I am not a sewer.

    I love that man quilt - camping theme is so cozy. And your dress is so pretty. Great job!

  9. You did a great job! I love the dress! You must be so proud of yourself. It's so comforting and satisfying to finish something like that and know it turned out nice. Right now I am working on sewing a pinafore dress (is that what they are called) for my 4 year old. It's a long process and I hope she likes it when I am done and that it turns out okay.

  10. Hand quilting! Far too advanced for me :) You did a great job! Gorgeous work!


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