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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Control Freak Christmas Tree Decorating!

I confess. I am a bit of a control freak and right now I need some intervention. If you don't already know, a control freak is someone who likes things done a certain way. THEIR WAY! So with that said here's my problem.
We decorated our tree 2 nights ago. When I say we, I mean me, my husband (for about 2 ornaments, he likes to take p
ictures) and my 3 kids, ages 15, 6, and 3.
I was doing well until I spotted this!
and THIS!
Now if for some reason you see NOTHING wrong with these two pictures then it's safe to say that you do NOT have a control issue. If on the other hand it is driving you as nuts as it's driving me then you indeed DO have issues like me!
Did I mention I have a 3 year old? Oh sure he looks innocent enough, but I believe he's out to get me! Yes, he is the culprit!
We kind of all decorated at our height level and I have to tell you, this is the funkiest looking tree we've done yet!
So here's my question? I believe this is geared to all the control freaks out there so as to get the correct response that I want. LOL! Do I leave it like it is and risk losing my sanity or fix it (because he'll never know) and keep my sanity. Can you believe I dedicated a post to this? Are you laughing at me? Do I need to show more evidence, I mean pictures?

I hope you gained a giggle at my expense today. Tis my life and thus I shall share it LOL!


  1. I'd probably fix it when he wasn't looking. Maybe just a few changes at a time so there's not a sudden big change.

    I'm a control freak about laundry and whenever someone else fold towels or socks or underwear different that I do, I'll often refold it!

    I've tried telling myself that it really doesn't matter, but I find it difficult to believe myself.

  2. You're so funny, Kim! So is that your OCD? hehehe! Well, if he will never notice it then you might as well fix it. hahaha! Btw, need some more pictures. Full photos, I mean. I had fun reading your post. I love your blog!


  3. Kim,

    (giggling as I'm typing)...Yes, it would bother me, but more so when I was a bit younger and everything had to look more perfect and I was a much more controlled freak. lol

    Now, I have to admit, I think I would find it cute! Sorry.

    As we decorated our tree the time we spent talking about 'just those moments' were precious. Talking about when Josh was underneath our feet and wanted to be so tall and had everything at the bottom (as he stands 6'5" now)...we laughed and laughed....now we are all trying to remember the bottom. The song "you're gonna miss this" comes to mind. I'm glad you have it in the picture and I would consider it proof positive of how much you love him and leave it alone. Sorry to be the dissenter here. His hands, his craftiwork and I for one will go on and on about it when I see it!

    On the other hand...your sanity is very important to me. lol

    Hugs to you today, sweet friend!

  4. Oh my... love it... When my oldest was just born we had to decorate our tree only as low as he could reach. The poor tree looked pathetic and we looked crazy when people came to visit. IT looks like we decorated and someone yelled, "fire" and we all dashed out of the house before finishing it!! :o)

  5. LOL! I think fixing it a little is just fine. I do prefer that the ornaments on our tree are evenly distributed! And I tend to direct where my son may hang them - although I seem to remember that he did most of it on his own last year and did a great job. I think he has a touch of OCD himself though!

  6. Oh just fix it....he won't notice, and don't do it around the other kids either. And don't fix it much, just a little. Just enough to get you through the holidays. Then go read a book, have a cup of coffee, and call it good! I will look in the yellow pages and see if there is a help group near you!
    ps, I am coming to Florida after Christmas....we could still do pictures then!

  7. Oh, I would so fix it, when he is sleeping. You are not being the Grinch that moved the ornaments around, you are just saving your sanity...and that is a good thing.

  8. I don't think he'd notice if you fixed it. I would definately have to fix it. But if you don't fix it...You get Mom of the Year!

  9. That is tooooo funny!! I can't stand it when my kids put ornaments too close together, or the same colors!! I feel bad (sometimes) because I should just let them have fun..lol.

    You're not alone!!

  10. I'm with Debra on this one. A perfect Christmas tree isn't nearly as important as that little guy's heart. Maybe he WOULD notice...and he would think you didn't like what he did. I would simply leave it alone, knowing that your little guy decorated your tree...not Better Homes and Gardens.

    We've all heard that we moms often want to do chores ourselves because our little ones don't do them to our satisfaction. Sometimes we just have to lessen our expectations, so to speak, to allow for the abilities that our children have.

    That said, though, I have older children, so I don't have those Christmas tree issues. However, I DO have tons of regrets about things I did in the past...maybe not ornaments on Christmas trees, but other things that my children did with love but I didn't think were good enough.

    Look at keeping the ornament where it is as wearing that hideous macaroni necklace we moms wear...because they were made with love.


  11. Good grief, woman! Fix it! Fix it NOW! Must... fix... tree!!!!!!!

    (I am a proud member of the control freak club, LOL.)

  12. ROTFL....well, not really...I mean I would...that is...if I wouldn't break anything else in my body in the process! HA!!!

    Yes, I noticed b/c well, I'm a bit OCD was well. BUT I would not change it b/c like you said, it's at your sweetie pies "eye level" and if you moved it higher up, then he would not longer be able to enjoy the ornaments he contributed in putting up.

    Besides, it'll just be a nice reminder that God has blessed you with a little tike who's learning about how to decorate his heart and everything around him with Jesus love. :-)

    So, what'ya think...remember, I'm a control freak too, so if you ask me a question I'm gonna want you to do it MY way! HA! Just kidding. :-)

    Love you my wonderful sister,

    P.S. And THANK YOU for all your loving comments and especially all your prayers! You're a very wonderfully faithful sister and I'm SO grateful to God for you!

  13. Okay, I'm laid back, so I WON'T answer! :D

  14. Have you gotten enough fix it votes yet? Oh, yeah, I'd have to do it. Surreptitiously, of course. At least you have a daughter to kinda balance out those crazy moments. Living with two guys is a never-ending threat to my own sanity. ;-}

  15. You are so funny. I would probably fix it. I let the girls have their own tree and really TRY to leave it how they do it. But, on the family tree, I try to HELP them put them in the best place possible!

  16. Now that you have the picture and the memory, fix it so your sanity can be restored. Signed, Your Control Freak Sister in Christ

  17. I am a control freak also but I have learned over the years that somethings aren't worth it. If you fix it and he notices it later
    (they always do)then they get their feelings hurt.

    Try your best to leave it, keep the pictures that you made and even make more of them because when you nest is empty...they will be come priceless memories. You will have pictures to show your grandkids how their father used to decorate the Christmas tree.

    I know...it is hard to not fix it though:-)

  18. First of all, yes I can believe you dedicated a post to this because my post for tomorrow is about shaving my stupid legs (blush!!!).

    Second, my youngest is now 15 and he STILL will group all the ornaments in one area!!!!

    Third, so what did you wind up doing? Fixing it or leaving it?

    Fourth, well...there's not really a fourth but I like even numbers!

  19. This post is too funny.
    I remember having this issue with my girls when they were little. My DH told me to leave it alone till they went to bed, then I could go back and redistribute the ornaments..LOL. It worked out well that way.
    This year they wanted to help do the lights. I didn't think they would do a good job so I sad no. But then after only getting 1/3 of the way done - I gave in and let them do it.. they actually did a really good job!

    I'm learning as I get older that I have control issues.. LOL

  20. With now kid #3...I am much more laid back...my tree this year is not so perfect--but my 5 year old had fun and felt so proud that she knew how to put on the beads, lights, etc.....:) I did space some of the ornaments that my 3 year old put on after he went to bed a little.....there were like 10 on top of each other...but I made sure I kept them in the same area since he would totally notice if they were moved too much.

  21. Oh Kim.....I believe there are "groups" for types like US...I LAUGHED only because we have two trees...theirs and mine...HA! I have learned to embrace the lopsided candy cane, but I have to tell you I see things most don't.....These people of mine just don't seem to have inherited the traits! LOL!!!

    Blessings Kim!!

    Loving these colors!;)

  22. I am a fellow control freak! I knew right away what was awry:-)

  23. I've just read this, and you've made me laugh and remember Christmas's past when my own were young!

    Now, my youngest is the control freak when it comes to tree decorating. She's alright in the beginning, but towards the end she's stepping back and looking and then, saying, "This should go here" before placing each ornament.

    And I know she fixes MY mistakes when I go to the bed. I JUST KNOW IT!!


  24. I am constantly amazed that when you think your the 'only one' you find an 'only two'!

    I am a recovering CTCF (Christmas Tree Control Freak). When my 3 older kids were younger and they would make ornaments in school, I had a seperate tree just for them. Not that I didn't love their preciouse ornaments...they just didn't go well with the white angels and red bulbs I had on the main tree.

    I've gotten better over the years - I think after I had baby 4 & 5. Actually I think my 4 year old is the one who cured me - SHE is a control freak if I ever did see one.

  25. You'd HATE my Christmas tree then. Since I have had grandchildren (11years) they have been the ones to decorate the tree. True, in the earlier years, an adult helped. But for the past 3 or 4 years, I have done no part of it. This year the d'kids are 11, 5, 4, 3, and 2. Now they are of various heights and the entire tree is done. In the past, the middle was usually bare. I never re-decorated (and my family tells me constantly that I am a control freak). The little one constantly re-decorates. Each day is a new creation. It makes wonderful memories for them and my ornaments are all unbreakable on the lower part of the tree. I love it. It is their love gift to me.


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