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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Uh, Eww! *Update* This just in!!

*Update! Scroll to the bottom of this post if you've already read it for this new information! LOL*

So I was taking something out of the oven yesterday and noticed these....

Can you say Ewww!!!! I so totally washed these not to long ago too. And YES, they used to have WHITE in them! I'm thinking it's time to say goodbye to these well used, well stained, pot holders. What do you say? Do your pot holders look like this? Come on, be honest! Show me your pot holders. LOL.
I'm thinking you can guess what I'll be doing this week. I need to go check out my dish towels. I'm a little creeped out right now. I need intervention. I musn't let things get this out of control. Today the pot holders tomorrow the world. LOL.

Yup, this is my post for the day. I had a few things I was going to post but just knew in my heart of hearts that THIS is what you would most want to read. Plus I REALLY want to know if I'm alone in this. Now go on, post about your potholders. I wanna see them. Come clean my friends! It's so freeing! Let's see who's the grossest! LOL.
If you came here looking for something informational today, I'm really really sorry. Well sort of. LOL. Did it make you smile? Then I succeeded.

I think I'm going to make bean bags today and maybe post on how to do them tomorrow. Would that make up for this being the lamest post ever?

* I did it! I went and got me some new pot holders. Here they are, because I know you want to see them.*
*I like these but they weren't my first choice. No, my first choice had a cute coffee cup type theme, but it didn't match my kitchen like these did. Plus these are more "springy". You'll be happy to know and be able to sleep better knowing that my other potholders are now in the garbage!*



  1. Oh my stars....I can just see you typing this and I'm cracking up! You tickle my funny bone!

    Love ya!

  2. Ha! Mine look like that as well - ewwwwww..... :)

  3. Yes, mine are looking rough as well. So are my rags to wash dishes. But I treasure my rags. My Grandmother in law at at the age of 93 still makes these dish clothes. I treasure them. I'd say it's time to get ya some summery pot holders!

  4. Somehow my kitchen towels end up looking like they've mopped floors! (maybe they have when I'm not looking?) Anyways, I go through kitchen towels like crazy around here. That's just a fact of life. I finally went to silicone potholders, so they can't get dirty. But, I can't find any silicone towels - oh well!

  5. Yes , my pot holders look a little like yours,I change dish towels every season,but some how forget about the pot holders.

  6. LOLOLOLOL. You do NOT want to see my pot holders. Trust me on this one. ROFL.

  7. Um, MINE NEVER LOOK LIKE THAT LOL. I am a real martha stewart over here...NOT!!!! Too funny....

  8. You are a riot! I have fallen madly in love with you and your blog! I can't wait to see what comes up next!

    Christ's Love to you and yours!


  9. My potholders look like that! They really need help or I need to retire them:-)

  10. Well, I can die in peace now, knowing that there IS someone as crazy as I to replace me when I'm gone. (^;*)

    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  11. Yep, those look like mine and yep...I totally need new ones too. Girl you are fast on getting new ones, did you just snap your fingers and they appeared? lOL

  12. Very cool potholders, I would have bought those 2 :)

  13. Great potholders! Yeah - mine have looked like that and that was even using oxiclean. I finally chunked them and brought a bunch at Wallyworld and The Dollar Tree. :)

  14. Your old potholders look so much bette than mine! I just never think to buy new ones....till we have a guest and then OH MY...it is too late! LOL
    Love your new ones! They are cute!

  15. Mine are even worse! I just took the bread out of the oven and noticed the dried marinara sauce on the top of mitt, eww! Maybe its just time to toss those!

  16. Girl, I'm embarrassed to show anyone my "old faithful" mitt. It is so gross and I've "tried" to throw it away several times but none of the new ones are as thick. Mine are hideous!!!

    I'll trade your old ones for mine :-)

  17. Oh, you are so funny my friend!! As long as the potholders are clean, I don't care too much how they look as I am lacking a bit in the OCD department. :)

    I'm not at home right now so I can't show you mine. I cleaned them recently but rest assured that they look gross!

    Your new set is SO pretty! Love it! But won't you be afraid to actually use it? It might get dirty! :)

    I can rest at ease now knowing that your potholder situation has been rectified. Whew.

    Big gross potholder hugs to you!! :)

  18. Yep my pot holders looks like that.

  19. You are so funny and so right. Actually mine right now are pretty clean. I use cloth napkins so I do wash mine weekly just because I have a load of kitchen towels and napkins. Call me weird I love cloth napkins. I think it is frugal. Maybe maybe not. Now that doesn't mean my cowboy doesn't grab the whitest towel he can find to wipe up tomato sauce. I think I have posted about that myself.
    Thanks for a fun post.
    Have a Blessed Thursday.
    Sherry @ my journey

  20. I don't have pot holders. I throw them away a long time ago. I use kitchen towels or a mitt. I'm not much of a cook. :)

  21. At least there wasn't any scorch marks on the old ones. I caught one of mine on fire once :)

  22. I have two potholders that are my favorite. So no matter how junky they might look, I keep them anyway.
    The reason I keep them is because of the unique design. : )
    They slip onto the handle of a skillet HENCE, you don't have to burn yourself! lol
    Heather AND Kathleen.

  23. Okay, you just put me to shame. Mine look much worse, but will continue to wash and use for now. Maybe I'll find some free time and make new ones. Hmmm, is there rules on how long to keep your pot holders like the chocolate rules??? LOL Nice new ones by the way.


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