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Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Funnies! IT'S ALL ABOUT ME!

I have to tell you that we had a wonderful turnout last week and I had some seriously good laughs. Let's keep it up! Cause I'm needing it. Laughter sends off those wonderful endorphins and they might help motivate me! LOL. If you have a funny story, picture, video etc. go post about it and come back and link THAT post to Mr. Linky down below.

Those of you who visit my blog every day know that I've been going through a week of no motivation. If you need background on that and have time you may want to read THIS in order to think this post is remotely funny. If you don't have time to reflect then you may want to go straight to the video I have below that I posted just in case you didn't think this was funny at all. If you are all caught up then proceed with caution.

Okay Like I said in the title, this is all about me! I am usually a very motivated person, on top of things, getting things done. Not so this week. I don't feel like doin' nothin'! Nadda! Zip! Zero! Granted I HAVE to do something but it's those other things I just don't seem to want to do. You saw my list. You know up until a little while ago you know what I had gotten done on my list?
Here's what's funny. I won a giveaway from my dear friend Lisa and the prize was this apron. It says, " I want Chocolate and I want it NOW! Very appropriate for what I've been feeling don't you think?

With that said, I went to Wal-Mart today and got these little goodies. Chocolate and Caramel, chocolate and peanut butter, and chocolate and coconut! I figured that pretty much covered any craving I could have had with chocolate.
This here is a HAPPY woman!
This is an even Happier woman! It took me almost one whole piece of Almond Joy to get a decent shot! LOL. I'm a bit shiny. Where's my makeup artist! LOL.
This is the source of my instant gratification! And really it's "almost" healthy for you. I mean after all I did get something with nuts in it for protein. Right? Right? What happened after this? Well I actually got a couple of things done on my list! YEAH!!!
And since this worked so well today, I'm going to do it again tomorrow because I'm going to be doing the outside errands tomorrow so that will take a lot of motivation!
Well there it is. Not too funny? Well I have a backup just in case! LOL!!!
I have to tell you that I have always, since I was a kid, loved the Andy Griffith Show. And this episode is one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy it too!


  1. So glad you got your chocolate! I love that Reese's cup...YuM
    Barney is just too funny! I love that show too.

  2. Loved the pics, Kim! I can so totally relate to the theft of your motivation this week!

    If you find yours, see if mine is hanging out with it, okay???

    Bless you,

  3. Oh, you're plenty funny enough, lol! I'm sure it'd take me all 3 packs to get one decent shot, 8-}

    Wasn't ol' Barney a hoot? Another favourite was 'nip it in the bud'. I had such a crush on Andy. Shoot, I still do! Can you believe he's (almost) 83?

  4. Oh, how I love Barney Fife. We have one of those videos with 8 or 10 of the episodes. Even the kids love it. I don't think I ever realized how absolutely hilarious those shows were. But I always enjoyed watching them. My favorite episode? "The Rivals." Love it.

    Thanks for the Friday morning laugh. Oh, and chocolate almost always gets me moving, too!

  5. GREAT post!!!!!!! I can relate. Hmm, maybe I should try some chocolate, too! ;)

    We also LOVE Barney Fife and the Andy Griffith show in our house! Actually, my 12-yr. old son - of all people! - is really, really into it. We have no tv right now (we originally discovered it on "TV Land") but fortunately our library has several copies of the shows on DVD! It's just like the Rascal Flatts song..."I miss Mayberry, sittin' on the porch drinkin' ice cold Cherry Coke....where people pass by and they call you by your first name..." Such simpler days, huh?

    Blessings to you this day, Kim!


  6. You showed one of my favorites, Almond Joy. "sometimes I feel like a nut" as the jingle goes. Love coconut and almonds. since I am the only one in my house that likes coconut, I do not have to hide them, for that chocolate,coconut and almond craving,...LOL. I remember that Andy Griffin episode,it was funny. Loved Barnie Fithe.

  7. Oh, almond joys are one of my favs! Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo......... good!!!

  8. "You learn something, you learn it." Bwahahaha! I love me some Barney Fife!

    I'm so glad you're doing well and got your chocolate fix. What a healthy choice to get some with nuts for protein! You look so cute in your apron! Have a great weekend and thanks for hosting FF each week. I LOVE it!

  9. Hi, Kim:
    I showed my husband your blogsite so he would understand why I need chocolate. His response: "What a nice looking blog." I agree with him!

    You look cute in your new apron. I laughed at Barney, but Andy playing the straight man looked like he was cracking up.

    Come over today and see the Godfather at my place, Kim. Have a wonderful day!!!!

  10. Barney is always funny! I'm glad you got your chocolate. Chocolate makes everything better. :)

  11. Glad you got your chocolate fix! Hahaha!!!!!

    Now if we can just get all of the DC politicians to read the Constitution and follow it, LOL! I think Barney knows more than they do!

  12. Oh my, this was hysterical!!!

    I've always loved Barney♥

    I need some chocolate today, yummy!!

    Doctor's orders!!!!

    Blessings Kim~

  13. I am all about the chocolate too...YuM! And you chose 3 of my facs...another YuM! Happy Friday :)

  14. You are too funny! You make me feel better (I just typed batter) about the cookie dough and m & m's that were a regular part of my week!

  15. I love that Andy Griffith clip :) makes me smile

    I've had one really good motivated day this week - that was it. I did get my chocolate fix yesterday so I'm feeling a bit more motivated today. Chocolate is the fuel that keeps my motor running:)

  16. I love me some chocholate! I left work a few minutes ago and bought me some junior carmels! Ohh they were so good!
    I will be back to watch the clip. I can't view it at work!

  17. thanks for the laughs!! I love Barney!!
    So glad I found your blog! I will definately be back!

  18. Hey Mrs.Kim,
    we finally did it! ( Friday funnies)
    Hope you will enjoy it!
    The Campana's

  19. A little candy always makes things better!

  20. With all the chocolate here, why have you not linked this up my friend? The apron? The candy bars? It doesn't get any better! :)

    You are such a good model for that apron! You really should have been wearing it while eating the candy so as not to get any chocolate smudges on yourself.

    I like your candy bars - King size Reese's - hello, speaking my language! And I don't feel like a nut, so I prefer Mounds myself. :)

    You are so funny my friend! And you know, I haven't had any chocolate yet today - maybe that's what's wrong with me. Couldn't be the rain and the clouds. If I have some chocolate, the sun will come out, won't it??

    Love you my friend!! Big King Size candy bar with a brown apron to hide the chocolate smudges hugs to you!!

  21. I showed this to the kids. We were memorizing lines for her play.

  22. Yeah on the apron. What timing. ;O) Loved the pics, and am so happy you got your chocolate!!! I so love the Andy Griffith Show. Barney was always so funny. I remember this one too. Thanks for bringing back some great memories!!!

  23. This is so funny! Reminds me of some students when they had to memorize this for a test. I so love Barney! We still watch this show!
    Have a great weekend!

  24. I love Barney and chocolate!!! I love almond joys. I am trying to lose weight - but I am about to call my hubby to pick me some up on his way home. YUMMY!!!


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