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Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Funnies

I got my days all messed up this week. I almost forgot it was Friday tomorrow which is today by the time this is posted and I always do this the night before (right now) and I was on my way to bed when I realized that it was Thursday night (yesterday which is today right now for me while I'm doing this.) Got it? Clear as mud. I know!
What ever day it is, I'm ready for a good laugh. If you have a good laugh to share, go post about it and come back and link up to that post with Mr. Linky down below.

Now I was going to post a joke this week but I found this commercial right after I posted last weeks funnies, which were also commercials, but I laughed so hard I had to post it for this weeks. This may not be as funny to you as it is to me but I'll tell you why I think it's so funny.
First of all I have the same exact dog in this commercial and MY dog does the same exact thing on my WHITE throw rug and has the same exact expression on her face while doing it!
Either way I hope you get a giggle out of it.

Go back and look at that dogs face again. That dog is in heaven! LOL. Oh me!
Happy Friday!!


  1. The look on the mom's face is priceless...hehehe! Is that your exact expression, too, when your dog does that trick?

    Anyway, Kim, thank you so much for your "prayer" comment in my blog. It has made an impact, difference and ripple in my life that I will always cherish. You are a real friend. Thank you so much!


    iLoveYou, my dear co-heiress in CHRIST!

  2. You are such a sweet blessing to me.

  3. LOL! That is hilarious!! WHy do dogs do that? LOL!

  4. This is a winning entry for sure!

  5. Too funny. THat would totally be me. TOBY! Ahhh

  6. I had a dog that used to do that, too! Oh gross! Thanks for the laugh.

  7. Hi Kim,
    This is my first time doing Friday Funnies, wanted to say thank you for hosting ! Love the video, too cute !

  8. Oh, I've seen that commercial and it totally grosses me out! Ask your vet why she does it. They can fix it. *shudder*

    Sorry I was absent last week. It's just been 'one of those times' lately, knowwhutImeanVerm? Worst, I had to pull a tick off my hip the other night. I think I hate those things more than any other creature on the planet. It was a lone star tick, so the nasty welt likely isn't lyme-y. *sigh* (Count it all joy! Count it all joy!...)

    Love ya loads, sweet thang!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  9. Oh, that's just gross!:)LOL I can totally feel her pain in that scream. LOL Thanks for the laugh!

  10. That is SO gross my friend! Our dog does it occasionally and I do NOT like it, so I don't actually enjoy this commercial. Hubby and son would go out of their way when commercial came on to turn it up and tell me to come see something important just so I would be exposed to it again - they got many laughs out of my reaction. :)

    I hope you are having a fabulous Friday! I want to know why you haven't given me one of those brownies yet...

    Oh, I'm going to put a link to a video on my blog - it's at Real Life and *stars* somebody who looks very familiar and is making a mom confession. I think you'll like it! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!!! Big scoot-that-behind-outta-my-sight hugs to you! :)

  11. Oh my dd thinks this is the most hilarious commercial.. Too funny.

  12. Actually, you need to ask your vet if it is WORMS or the dog needing its ANAL GLANDS cleaned out. Dragging their butt is the only way they can get relief from either malady. (Call the vet!)

    Cat Owner (no butt dragging here!)


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