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Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Funnies- Friendship Edition

It's Friday!! I'm sure I didn't have to tell you that huh? Well to continue on with our Friendiversary celebration, I've dedicated this Funny to my wonderful, sweet, GOOD HUMORED friend Lisa @ Stop and Smell the Chocolates. (She has no idea what she's in for!) Shhh!

The story goes something like this. First of all I'm pretty sure we would be attached at the hip if we lived within a few miles of each other, as we just get along so well.
Hmmm, I wonder what that would look like? Maybe something like this?!

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Any way, Lisa and I lived different lives growing up! I was very athletic and did my time in many different sports. Here are just a couple videos showing me in action!
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Lisa on the other hand always dreamed of being in a movie. When the opportunity arose for her to audition for the ever popular HSM3 movie she jumped at the chance. Maybe a little older than the other girls but just as capable as ever. She ended up bowing out at the end because her husband didn't like the close proximity she would have with Mr. Zac Efron. So the roll was later cast by Vanessa Hudgens. But I know you want to see her audition tape so here it is.
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Who knew that the blogging world could bring to people that are so different, together and make them friends.
Now that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!

Happy Friday Everyone!
Don't forget to come back tomorrow to link up your Friendship posts!
On that note you might want to stop over to Lisa's blog because there is war going on over there!!

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  1. That was hilarious!

  2. Oh kim....you are too much. that is hilarious!
    We love jibjab. Stunt Man hates it though on the weightlifting one when the person falls through the floor...I guess to him it is kindof like the 18th hole. no return for the person. LOL
    Great post.

  3. That was funny!!!! O my goodness!
    Happy FUNNY Friday!

  4. That was fun ... should try JibJab some time. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow, you are athletic aren't you. Congrats on all those 10's. Have a great weekend, funny girl!

  6. He HE HE, I am so glad I did not miss this one. That was great!

  7. Oh my friend, you are SO funny!!! It's amazing how you went from being an Olympic athlete to now being a Wii Fit champion - you rock!!

    And HOW did you get ahold of my audtion tape??? Sigh - I could have been a star...

    Yes, it is amazing how 2 different people can get along so well. I mean, you like chocolate and I - hey, I like chocolate TOO! :)

    Love you my friend - you did an excellent job on this post!!! Big glad-we-came-together-in-spite-of-our-differences-and-you-are-so-strong-and-I-am-such-a-good-singer-and-dancer hugs to you!!! :)

  8. OH MY GAW...... you are hilarious!
    This may be your best post ever!

    Happy Hilarious Friday!

    Love you!

    Thanks for the prayers for Dad !!

  9. Oh that is too funny! and a little creepy ;) Happy Friday!

  10. Kim want to Thank You! for the Fun Fridays and the Free Chocolate! I enjoy the Fun Fridays! :O) and my Free Chocolate is on its way Thanks to your Sharing! ;) Have a Really Great Week-end!

  11. That's cute. Hmmm, I've seen that HSM one before somewhere.... :)

  12. Love 'em! Too funny. Have a great weekend. :~D

  13. Oh my goodness. That is priceless!!! Especially for me since I have never seen HSM3. :)

    God bless-

  14. Actually I was a front runner for HSM until Lisa came and bumped me out of the role. Oh well, I can see she did a far better job than I would have.

    I guess I'm just a HSM wanna-be...sigh!

    Loved this, never heard of jibjab before.

    It is my theory that most of all the bloggers are in NC, Texas or Florida. There just seem to be very few over here on the west coast, lol!

    Seriously. That's where they all seem to be. Must be something in the water. Or in the chocolate.


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