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Saturday, January 16, 2010

I've come to grips and it's time to say goodbye!

(Okay for just a quick second did you think I was going to quit blogging? LOL)
You're not getting rid of me that easy.

I have to say that cleaning out our closet has been VERY therapeutic for me. It's made me laugh, smile, ponder and feel more organized. I didn't think cleaning out a closet could do all that! But it has.

So with that said, here is what I came to grips with.
These jeans have been sitting in my closet for the last 15 years.
If you look closely they are not your "average" jeans. No, these are Wrangles, Ropers, Rough Riders. Retail back then? About $300.00 for those jeans right there.
I've held on to these thinking that one day, after having 3 kids, that I am going to lose 35 lbs and get back into them. *laughing hysterically*
Then it hit me as I was cleaning out my closet. Okay, say I lost 35 lbs. (I was very very skinny at one point) so? It's not like I would wear these NOW!
These were my backsliding, boot scootin', country line dancing jeans. And trust me they are FAR from being modest. LOL! I mean HELLO, do I need those memories hanging around my closet? Do I need to be constantly reminded that when I got married I was a bean pole and weighed 35lbs lighter?
I don't think so!
(But they were pretty cool pants! LOL!)
So I'm saying goodbye and good riddance to the "good ol' days". Because the days I'm living now are even greater and not so tight! LOL!
Anybody know anything you can make with old jeans besides a bag? LOL!
What are you holding onto that you may need to purge?



  1. Laughing hysterically, because I cleaned out the exact same jeans for the exact same reasons about 4 years ago! :) Those were the days huh? I wouldn't go back except for the fun I had dancing.

    Do you sew? You could make a pretty colorful quilt! :)

    Thanks for sharing! ~Lanie

  2. Oh boy, you are making me think about the crate of jeans and clothes I have in my closet....I keep thinking the same thing....but I dont think I'm gonna get back into them ever.:)LOL And even if I do, like you said, will they even be remotely in style? Um, probably not! LOL You made me laugh this morning.

  3. Lanie had a great idea Kim, why don't you make a denimn quilt like I did...only, more of a throw...not so much a king size, LOL

  4. How funny! I just to have some jeans like that too. Good for you for finally saying good-bye to them.

  5. I was going to say a quilt and optionally a few skirts. :D I went on a look for what to do with them and found this great link: http://www.wisebread.com/twenty-five-things-to-do-with-old-jeans

    Have a great day!! :D

  6. Good riddance! :0)

    Glad you are not quitting blogging. For a sec, I was afraid that's what you were going to say!

  7. Rockies, Roper, and Wranglers.....THOSE were the days weren't they ??? and yes, tight ~ OH MY....
    So glad I don't wear jeans like that anymore!!!

    I think a quilt is a great idea, seeing how you are sooooo talented :)

    Have a great weekend my friend

  8. Ooh...that brought back memories!
    Here's a site with some good ideas. Ones that I'm going to try out sometime. :)


    There was another one, but I can't seem to find it.
    My mom has lost a lot of weight and gave me her old jeans (there's a lot) and I've been meaning to make a jean quilt. She told me that it would be heavy if made completely with jeans, so I thought about getting some western print fabrics and bandannas and making a quilt with those. The cottons would lighten it up and add more color. Anyway, hope you get lots of ideas! :)

  9. I did my Wrangler/Roper/Silverlake jeans purge awhile ago. I had the oh so classy "Tribal Print" Wranglers. What was I thinking??? LOL! Glad those days are gone!

    Michael and I decided we need to purge our hobby room (again). Hope we get to it this weekend between remodeling!

  10. This post is so cute, and I am glad it is only goodbye to the jeans, and not to us.
    Did you find a charity to give them to? I am sure someone would be thrilled to have them.
    I like going through my closet and giving old clothes away; if I haven't worn it in a year, bye bye.

  11. That heading did catch my attention but I'm so glad you will continue to be blogging!!!

    Oh my, I too am in the midst of cleaning my closet. Since we will be downsizing, I need to get rid of so many things. BTW, you can take those old jeans to a consignment shop. Too bad you lived on the other coast of Florida. My sister owns a consignment shop in Clearwater, FL.


  12. You didn't think it would end up being a therapy session, now did you?! Hahaha! I've been doing major tossing, donating, and selling excess possessions for 3 years now and it feels wonderful! I still have more to go after we move and unpack again!

  13. i just cleaned mine out right before the holidays! love those jeans! you may need to keep a pair for a few laughs in years to come!

  14. I have some dresses that I just can't part with. Other than that, I am pretty well purged:-)

  15. proud of you Kim!!! I still have my Roppers thinking I'll get into some Wranglers again and wear them.

  16. Way to go, Kim! We're doing lots of purging with our move coming up in 6 days! Oh my, am I ever gonna get it all packed or purged??!!!

  17. Didn't scare me for a second my friend 'cause I know you too well - LOL! I am so enjoying going through your closet with you! I got rid of most of my stuff long ago since we've moved so many times and had to downsize several times.

    I have to laugh at the jeans! I never wore those brands, but believe me I had plenty of tight jeans! I didn't do much of the line-dancing - was more of a hip-hop electric slide kinda gal - LOL! In fact, my first credit card purchase (sad) was an outfit to wear to an MC Hammer concert! There ya go - there's your laugh for the day!! :)

    Big sometimes-it's-good-to-say-goodbye-to-the-past hugs to you! Have a happy rest of the weekend Miss Purging Queen!

  18. You are so funny! I knew you were not saying goodbye to blogging! No way! :)

  19. I know for SURE there are some teenagers out there who want those right now. You better throw them on Ebay for a little ching in your chang!!! ;)

  20. Cushions or give to charity (that's what I do with my old clothes).

  21. I think you do need some help...if you move, you will find you will be throwing all kinds of stuff away. Well it works for SOME people. You are too funny.

  22. I held on to my just married jeans for quite a while too. They were not as colorful as yours but as soon as I got rid of them I lost a bunch of weight. Now mine were not reminiscent of BC days but they were well worn and ready to be replaced. If you didn't live in Florida I would recommend making a denim quilt out of them! They are extremely heavy though so maybe you have some family up north that love color and want to stay warm! Great Christmas gifts for next year? Doing an easy rag quilt with denim is a lot of fun! Purging is good for the soul! Wish I had some of your motivation! :o)

  23. What can you make besides a bag? A fist full of dollars on ebay!

    Love ya loads, my funky friend! 8-]
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  24. Can my kids borrow those for decade days at school. LOL Yes girl it is time to let them go. Oh keep cleaning stuff out it has been fun to see all the stuff you are finding:)

  25. This totally reminded me of the Randy Stonehill song "Packing Up My Old Clothes" ("with my old and foolish ways, they just don't seem to fit me anymore")

    I am giggling and totally relating to the stubborn "keeping them in case I fit into them" theory. I have a few pairs of horseback riding jeans like that *sigh*

    Guess I better go clean 'em out :)

    Thanks for the chuckles!

  26. My friend's mom made a jacket out of old jeans! I think she distressed them, made the sleeves out of the pant legs, and basically turned the seat part upside down so the pockets are on the back of the jacket. She also added tea-dyed lace to the edges. It is amazing.

  27. Those are fantastic...do save at least 1 pair for your daughter to have for western day : ) Oh, yeah...she's homeschooled, good for her : )

  28. One thing I like to make out of jeans is Christmas stockings. I just sew them on the outside so when I wash them they will unravel. I add trims and they are ready to be filled.


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