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Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Pants! Project #2

You all remember the jeans I was going to give away because they were too small and they kept taunting me from inside my closet? Then I realized denim isn't cheap when you want to buy it at Joann Fabrics, so I decided that I was going to keep them and make something out of them? And then I made this out of one of the pockets?

Well I put my thinking cap back on again and finished off that same pair of jeans to make a denim apron.
It actually turned out better than I thought.
Now I'm not the best seamstress in the world and I was just winging it. When I say winging it I mean I didn't measure anything and eyeballed every cut. Pins didn't exist and the seams probably aren't perfect. Shoot I can tell you right now they aren't perfect but no one looks at the seams (not unless you have a best friend named Kathy) right?

But I need your opinion.
With a pocket or no pocket?
Or no pocket but something?
Tell me what that something is. Inspire me with your sensational ideas!

But I am proud of the fact that THIS is the only thing left of that pair of Wranglers.Can you even believe that I made this out of the pant legs? AND....
I used the seam I cut out of one of the legs as the loop to go around your neck!
Now that my friends is recycling. Or it could have just been sheer laziness. I'm not fessing up, so you believe what you want.
What are you making?

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  1. Love it! Personally I'd do the pocket/s on the skirt rather than the top. On the top is cute but on the skirt would be more practical but still cute. Just my .02 - yours is absolutely darling!

  2. I like it both ways, but you could also put an applique of something you like instead of the pocket.

    I kinda like the idea of a "Mom" tatoo like this one that Taylor at "Mary Janes and Galoshes" did on a shirt she made for her little guy, but the sky is the limit on what design you could put on instead.

  3. Way to go! I like the pocket with Kathy's idea to put an applique or how about some bling? Congrats on your Top 100 Award!!!

  4. Now that's awesome!
    I think putting the pocket on the bottom with some bling would be fantastic!
    Whoever is in that picture has a super tiny waist!!!

  5. Wow! You really got a lot of mileage out of those jeans! That is awesome and very inspiring.

  6. What a cute idea. Now I know what to do with my extra jeans, or the ones that I got hair dye on. I think the pocket would be cute and also useful down lower. You could put your cell phone, or what ever in their while cooking, etc..

  7. Super cute. I say try the pocket on one of the sides under the waist. That would be cute.
    Great job recycling. I want to sew.

  8. Hey! I didn't say ANYTHING about seams, I think you did a lovely job! :)
    I say, WITH pocket, but I want to see a little red bird on it! That's just me.

  9. I love it! I would put the pocket down on the skirt, though. And maybe some kind of applique on the top.

  10. Very cute! I'm planning on sewing my son's girlfriend an apron for her bday and think I'll hunt down some jeans. Thanks so much for the idea!
    Oh and I like it with the pocket!

  11. You are just too clever my friend - that is such a cute idea!! I kind of like the pocket on the top but I also like the suggestion of having it on the bottom so it could actually be used. Whatever way you decide will be cute!

    Big you-are-the-queen-of-jeans-recycling hugs to you! Have a fabulous day friend!! :)

  12. That is adorable! Great job!! :D You crafty woman, you! LOL!

  13. What a terrific idea for those naughty too-small jeans! You did a great job. I recycled a pair of pants last year, you can check out my post here if you're interested: http://mychickaboom.blogspot.com/2009/01/yesterdays-pants.html

    Keep on creating!

  14. I love aprons, and I love jeans! What a great way to combine both.

  15. Heh! I knew it'd be an apron. My first thought was move the pocket down and fabric paint something on the bib. I do like the bling idea. Get one of those stud setter thingamajiggers - bedazzler??? - and go to town. If you have another pair to recycle, you could make a real cute matching purse.

    Love ya loads, krafty Kimmy!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  16. It's darling! I don't really like the pocket on top, but if you do that's great (you did ask, lol!)

    I would put two small pockets on the skirt part of it, and I'd probably angle them, and put a cute plaid or ruffle around them or some sort of applique or something.

    Hey, girlie girl, I sent you an email!

  17. I am impressed! This is too cute! I love the lace with the denim....not what you would expect. Good job!

  18. So cute and what a great idea for recycling! Super job! Thanks so much for sharing your creativity in the DIY Project Parade! :)


  19. Cute heavy duty apron! I could use something like that. I'm an apron wearing mama!

  20. Very creative. No pocket.
    I have been reusing jeans for years, and now sweaters.

  21. LOVE THIS! Such a clever way to whip up some lemonade from those lemons!

    We vote for pocket on the bottom side too...would love to see an applique or something else on the bib part of the apron.

    Great job, Kim!


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