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Thursday, August 1, 2019

My Daily Physical Activities!

Let me go ahead and give you a little personal information. I’m 6 feet and weigh 165lbs. I can’t compare myself to anyone because I am unique and so are you so don’t you either. I used to get jealous of those little 5 ft 2in 100 lb gals that made push ups look easy. I’ll be honest with you. I can’t do one push up. Does it mean I’m weak? No. I’m 6 foot and 165lbs and apparently not obsessed with being able to do a push up. LOL!

I’m also a stay at home mom to my 2 teenage boys and grandmother to my daughter’s 3 beautiful babies. My life can have a tendency to be sedentary if I’m not careful..

Here’s what a typical daily activity log looks for me. Minus Sundays. I’m pretty much a slug on Sunday. (Except going to church. Work that spiritual muscle too. Ha!)

I’ll do a short 7 minute total body workout around 10am. No equipment needed. I discovered this gal  Lucy Wyndham-Read on Youtube and have really felt positive results doing her routines. If you can get past her sometimes not so on point editing, it’s wonderful. You can totally go at your own speed. She has something for everyone but I enjoy the quick 7 minute ones. Here is one of my favorites.

Then around 4pm I’ll do a short walking video. I like the walking workouts by Leslie Sansone. She has a ton of free videos on her channel as well. Sometimes I pick a mile, sometimes 2. Depending on the day and how I’m feeling.

And then, weather permitting, I’ll go outside around 7pm, because that’s the only time you can go out in Florida and not die, and do about a mile walk in the hood.

I personally am all for breaking up my workouts throughout the day. One reason is because I don’t have an hour all at once in the morning and two, I believe working out is a lot like eating. You don’t eat just once and expect your body to keep going so I believe that doing short spurts throughout the day will keep your metabolism up and running so you have more energy and burn calories all day. But ultimately, do what’s best for you and your schedule.

Tomorrow I’ll post about some things I like to do for fun that burns calories in the process.

Tell me what you do to rev up your metabolism.



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