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--Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Here's what's blooming in the yard!

I love flowers! I sadly have killed my fair share too! But these hardy fellows deserve a little recognition for not dying lol!
Here is one of my gladiolas. I love the colors. These babies get the hardiest award because they survived the well water we use to water our lawn. Usually I have to keep everything away from the spray but these guys bloomed regardless.
Here are some of my petunias. Great for pots. But you have to keep them watered or Wham! they die on ya lol. Not that I'm speaking from experience!
Here is are a couple of our many Plumerias. They smell wonderful and are very hardy.
Oh in Florida Hibiscus are a must as they are very drought and heat resistant. These are growing in a part of our yard we named "death valley" because we couldn't get anything to grow there but these lol!

And lastly for now, a beautiful rose from a bush that has since "kicked it". I think it suffered from "neglect-itis" Anyone every have a plant die of such a disease? LOL!
Well I hope you have enjoyed your little walk through my flower garden. I'm on a quest to find the hardiest flowers lol. Ones that will survive the salty air, hurricanes, and hot hot weather. LOL! I'm gonna be busy.

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