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Friday, February 28, 2020

Gooseberry Patch Cookbook Giveaway!!

Get excited people!!! It's giveaway time! Giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to Brenda Peterson and Barbara Ann!!!

Those of you who have been following me for awhile know that I used to review and giveaway Gooseberry Patch cookbooks ALL. THE. TIME.  I'm a little ashamed to say that these should have been given away a long time ago but they got tucked away and forgotten about for far too long.
But better late than never I say.

Here are the deets for the cookbooks you have a chance to win.
The first one is: 303 Simple and Satisfying Recipes. This is basically 3 cookbooks in one. You'll get all the recipes from 101 Easy Everyday Recipes, 101 Slow Cooker Recipes and 101 Cupcake, Cookie and Brownie Recipes in this one cookbook. Woot! Woot!

 The next cookbook is: 303 'Round the clock Recipes. In this one cookbook you'll be getting all the recipes from 101 Breakfast and Brunch Recipes, 101 Soups, Salads and Sandwiches and 101 Cozy Casseroles

 Now for the fun part. Read carefully so you know of all the ways to enter. It's actually really easy.
1. Leave a comment on this post and you're entered.
2. Leave a comment on my Instagram post and you're entered. 
3. Leave a comment on my Facebook post and you're entered. 
You can leave a comment on each post so you will have up to 3 entries total. 
There will be 2 winners chosen randomly. One book per person. I will decide who gets what book. And just for fun, I might throw in a fun little surprise. 😁
Unfortunately I need to restrict the entries to the U.S. Most importantly please make sure there is a way I can contact you in case you win.You have until Sunday at 6pm EST. I'll announce a winner on Monday March 2.
Good Luck!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The Ministry of Ordinary Places- Book Review

I am going great guns this year. Already two books down. Yay me! I wanted to start another one right away but I had to write this first or the books will start to combine in my noggin'.

My dear friend Patti read this book and talked about it on her blog. I knew I had to get it and I'm so glad that I did. 

Being a stay at home mom and wife for over 23 years now, I struggled with my identity for a long time. I kinda forgot who I was and what I am capable of. I didn't think God was going to be able to use me because A. I'm an introvert B. I am a homebody. (refer to point A) C. I'm all about minding my own business. BUT with that said...... When we moved off the beach 9 years ago and onto a, for the most part, quiet dead end street, He's been stirring my heart to get to know my neighbors. Now ya'll know I'm not about to go up to people's houses, knock and say, "Hi, I'm you're neighbor and God wants me to get to know you." *insert door closing quickly* So I was like, "Good luck with that God."
Rewind to last Summer. I was working out on a regular basis, inside the comfort of my own home of course. Then all of a sudden I wanted to start walking to add a little extra something to my regimen. Ya'll know that was God because it was in the middle of summer and in the 90's even at night. So I started walking in the evenings when it wasn't SO hot. Do you know when most people get off work? In the evenings. Something else you need to know about me. I'm in introvert but yet overly friendly. I'll wave to who ever is driving by. I'm kind of a freak. Anyways, everyone waved back. It became a thing. When they didn't see me for a day they would stop and ask where I was because I became quite a fixture on the street now. This opened doors for yelling hi to people when I saw them outside and so on. Fast forward to about 7 months. I have weekly conversations with some of my neighbors outside their homes now. I had one neighbor tell me that she would like to hang out with me because I make her laugh. So what started out as me just wanted to get in better shape was used by God to connect with my neighbors. I'll keep you posted with what happens in the future if you're interested.

Now all that said, this book just confirmed what this introverted goofball was feeling and knowing all along. It was the biggest confirmation of things that I've ever gotten. It may not affect you like it did me but I'm sure you'd still gain something from it if you are trying to figure out how God can use you.
I purchased my book on Christianbook. I love that website. Books are always on sale it seems and if you shop the sales or the crash and dent sales you can get brand new books for just .99.  It's worth checking out. OR you could check out your public library. Click HERE to take a look inside this book and decide for yourself if it's something you think you'd enjoy.

As always I'm not getting paid for this. I bought my own book and these are my own thoughts. *smile*
Let me know if you've read this or plan on it.

Friday, January 17, 2020

The Journey Continues!

If you've followed my blog for any amount of time and you've recently stopped by you may have noticed that I've changed my header. I just felt like I had outgrown the other one because my kids aren't little any more and I feel like my blog isn't the same.

I started blogging on blogger 12 years ago this February. I was blogging before that on another platform but consistently here on blogger. I've had my times of super blogging where I blogged almost every day to times where I might have blogged 3 times in a year.

When I started my blog I had 3 young kids at home and I was desperately trying to navigate my way as a wife and mother. Heck I'm still doing that but my youngest is now 14 years old, my oldest is married with 3 kids of her own and my middle child actually just started his first job today. Life is changing around me and I'm trying my best to keep up.

So as I've looked back at some past blog posts, I have to laugh. There are now broken links to videos that no longer exist, terrible picture quality, so many memes that I joined in on, and who remembers the blog awards that were constantly handed out? LOL! Things truly have changed. My kids used to give me all sorts of good blogging material. Now, not so much. I think they are too busy trying to grow up and figure things out for themselves.

I never really found my niche on here and it's probably why I never became global. LOL! Oh I'm so kidding, about the global thing, not the niche thing. I was just a gal blogging about life. And my blog reflects that. I love looking back at some of the stories. It's like a little diary for all to see.

Now as I move forward in the next phase of my life, can you say PERI-MENOPAUSE, being a grandma, the worlds okayest mom and awesome wife to my hunkalicious, I'm still not sure what this blog will become but my goal is to connect with people, encourage people and probably at some point make people giggle. So if it's your first time here, welcome! I'm so glad you stopped by. If you've been here a 1000 times, welcome back. Things have changed, yet stayed the same.

With all that said, I hope you find my small space on the world wide web worth stopping by and saying hello.
So for this gal, who's ready to turn 50 this year......The Journey Continues!

Have a lovely day everyone.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Atomic Habits!

Book one of the year is done and it was a great one. The link I'm going to share HERE will take you to Christianbook.com where it gives a great summary about the book. AND you'll be able to look inside to see the table of contents and a few pages from one of the chapters. Go ahead and check it out, I'll wait, but make sure you come back because I'm going to share more on how I'm implementing a couple things already.

I already shared one thing in this post that I'm doing to start a new habit and in one of the chapters he talks about habit stacking. It's where you take a habit that is already in place and then stack a new habit that you want to start on top of it. For instance. I wanted to make sure that I get a workout in some time in the morning. I looked at the things I do every morning and saw an opportunity to stack this new habit on top of me doing breakfast dishes. So now when I get done doing dishes I'll go right into my workout. It really does work. The only time I miss a morning workout now is if I have to go run errands in the morning. Blah, errands, they mess up everything. *smile*

Another habit I wanted to stack was wanting to read more. So I looked at my opportunities and realized that in the morning during my coffee and quiet time I have an opportunity to read after I get done drinking my coffee. So now when I'm done, I'll grab my book that is conveniently sitting right beside me (remember make it easy) and read at least a chapter.  And that is definitely working because I'm almost done with my second book. Which I am absolutely loving by the way.

So what do you think? Sound good? These are just my honest thoughts. I'm not getting paid to recommend this book, I just like to share the things that I'm enjoying and find helpful.

Let me know if you get it and how you like it. Okie dokie?
Have a lovely day my friends.

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