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Monday, August 11, 2014

I’m Going Oilcloth Crazy!

So you all remember my simple transformation of my table using oilcloth right? If not check it out. I’ll wait for you to come back. Pinky promise.

Okay so now that you’re back I want to show you the next thing I made out of my oilcloth. I bought a lot of it so bare with me as I use it to cutesify practically everything in the next few weeks. Ha!

The other day I was going over to my bestest’s house and we wanted to do a craft together so I desperately searched my craft room for something easy to take and do. I ended up finding a plain wooden tray that I probably bought about 5 years ago and had been to scared to commit to doing anything to it in fear of not liking it. Anyone else weird like that? So basically it’s been sitting there, in a drawer, not being cute. But no longer. I show you today my transformed serving tray.

When I set out to do this I just grabbed stuff I thought I might use. I put this teaser picture on FB a couple days ago.

boring tray

Here’s the end result. It was so easy and I think it came out pretty cute. I chose to use the oilcloth on the bottom so it would be easy to wipe out if something got spilled on it.


Aerial view. Because everyone loves a good aerial view. IMG_6980

I painted it first. I’m sure you are not surprised with my color choices. *smile*

Then I used a mixture of glue and water to lay the oilcloth in the bottom.

Next I took my hot glue gun and trimmed around the inner edge with clothesline for a nice finished edge.IMG_6981

I used a decorative ribbon to put along the rim of the whole thing. I  used straight white glue to do that.


And now it sits all cute like in my dining area until I’m ready to use it.



Maybe this will inspire you to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.

Have a lovely day my friends.



Saturday, August 9, 2014

Big News!!!

k and d and b

Yes, people I’m going to be a grandma. What? I know! I can’t wait to turn into some completely different human being. Cause apparently when you become a grandparent your original parenting skills go right out the window. I know this first hand because it happened to my parents. When they became grandparents I was like, “Who are you and what have you done with my parents?” LOL!

My only dilemma with this is the fact that I still have two boys at home who I need to keep parenting. Ha! I guess I’m going to have to learn to switch hats back and forth. *smile*.

Anyhoo, we are very excited and can’t wait to find out what it is.

Have a lovely day my friends.


Monday, August 4, 2014

Gooseberry Patch Slow-Cooker Fall Favorites Cookbook Giveaway

This giveaway is now closed. The winner is Cindy from Small Town Mom.

Boy what a busy Summer. It's hot here in Florida and I am getting anxious for Fall weather. So what better way to get in the mood then with a Fall cookbook giveaway.

So today I’m giving away the Gooseberry Patch Slow-Cooker Fall Favorites cookbook. (affiliate link) Yay!! FUN! But first let me tell you a little bit about it.


You’re going to love this cookbook. Gooseberry Patch has collected a whole book full of yummy slow cooker recipes.

Here’s just a few that I have marked to try.

Mrs. Finnegan’s Pumpkin Tea Bread, Page 40

Best Beef Bourguignon, Page 118

Mushroom Chicken Stew, Page 120

Barbeque Beef Chili, Page 139

Pumpkin Coffee Can Cake, Page 214

….and so many more.

Take a looksy at the Table of Contents.

FFTOCI love the Autumn’s in the Air section. It’s people just like you and me talking about their favorite Autumn memories. I loved reading them.

And don’t forget those hints and tips on almost every page. Such great ideas. Like, Scooped out red and yellow peppers make fun containers for dips and sauces.” I love that idea. And this one. “Tired of stringy celery? Just use a potato peeler to peel the outside…no more strings.”

Did I mention I’m in this cookbook? Oh yes I am. It’s the Spicy Chicken-Pumpkin Soup on page 107. It’s so incredibly yummy.

Spicy Chicken Pumpkin SoupAnd here’s another yummy recipe from the cookbook.

Thai Chicken and Rice on page 158.

Thai Chicken and Rice You can find more tummy tempting recipes from this cookbook on the Gooseberry Patch Pinterest page.

So I bet you’re wondering how you can get your hands on this latest and greatest cookbook? Well read carefully so you enter properly.

First of all this is open to the U.S. and Canada only and will run until Thursday August 14, 2014 @ 12:00 pm EST.

Please make sure you leave me a way to contact you. There have been missed opportunities because I had no contact information.

Enter by answering this question: What is your favorite Season and why?

Feel free to stay in contact using any of the avenues that interest you below.

Follow Gooseberry Patch on Pinterest

Follow Homesteader’s Heart on Pinterest

Follow Gooseberry Patch on Facebook.

Follow Homesteader’s Heart on Facebook.

Gooseberry Patch on Twitter.

Have a lovely day my friends.


(Disclaimer: Gooseberry Patch has given me a book to review and one to give away. All opinions are my own.)

Monday, July 28, 2014

Crockpot Thai Chicken and Rice

Thai Chicken and Rice I’m in the process of reviewing another wonderful Gooseberry Patch cookbook called Slow Cooker-Fall Favorites. (Giveaway coming soon!) 

This is one of the recipes I’ve tried so far. It had great flavor and got better with each bite. The whole family loved it. Enjoy!

Thai Chicken and Rice

6 boneless, skinless chicken breasts or thighs, cut into strips

1 red pepper, sliced

1 onion, coarsely chopped

1/2 c. chicken broth

5 T. soy sauce, divided

3 cloves garlic, minced

1 T. ground cumin

1/2 t. red pepper flakes

salt and pepper to taste

2 T. cornstarch

2/3 c. creamy peanut butter

1/4 c. lime juice

cooked rice

Garnish: chopped fresh cilantro, chopped green onions, chopped peanuts.

Arrange chicken, red pepper and onion in a slow cooker; set aside. In a bowl, combine broth and 4 tablespoons soy sauce; drizzle over chicken mixture. Add garlic and seasonings to slow cooker; stir to mix. Cover and cook on low setting for 4-1/2 to 5 hours, until chicken is no longer pink in the center. Remove one cup liquid from slow cooker; mix with cornstarch, peanut butter, lime juice and remaining soy sauce in a bowl. Stir mixture back into slow cooker; increase heat to high setting. Cover and cook for 30 minutes. Spoon over rice to serve; garnish as desired. Serves 6

You can find this recipe on page 158. (Affiliate link)

They also have a Pineterest board for this cookbook so you can check out what the other reviewers are making as well. And be sure to check back because recipes are added all the time.

There is a handy “Print Friendly” button below the post for those of you who want to print it out or you can use the button to pin it.

Have a lovely day my friends.

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