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Monday, May 16, 2016

The Vacation Part 3- Soco Falls- The Funny Story!

I am very thankful for the trip to Soco Falls because a lot of our trip was stressful, (actually come to think of it so was this little outing) but the laughter that ensued was worth the stress…..I think. Enjoy!

Soco Falls is a waterfall not far from where we were staying. It probably should have taken around 15 minutes to get there. Now anyone that has traveled mountain roads knows that mountain minutes are VERY different from flat Florida minutes. But no worries, we got this.

So my Florida born hubby was driving our Expedition with our Florida license plate and our “you are such a tourist” topper on the roof. Yes people, we were that car you didn’t want to get trapped behind on a curvy mountain road. Sorry locals.

The drive was pretty uneventful for the most part. I mean you could only go up or down the side of the mountain. How hard could this be? On this particular trip we were going up the mountain, with the mountain on our right, which means Soco falls was probably going to be on the left. You drawing a picture in your mind? Good. Let’s keep going.

So here’s the problem. You couldn’t see what was coming behind each turn and so my hubby kept slowing down thinking the pull off for the falls would be coming up soon. Well by the time we saw the pull off on the left we had about 20 cars behind us. To make matters worse the cars parked in the pull off area were parked all funky so we couldn’t clearly see a space to pull into and the fact that there was oncoming traffic didn’t help. So what does one do in a panic? They keep driving. We pass the waterfall and hope to be able to find a place to turn around. Yeah right. Now we are going back down the mountain. Have you ever tried to find a place to turn around on a side of a mountain, on a two lane road with 20 cars right behind you? No? Well let me tell you, it ain’t easy. So right about now I start to crack up. I mean I lose it. Looking back and seeing the line of cars, realizing that we are “that car” that people dread being behind and going miles out of our way to turn around, was HILARIOUS. Really all we could do is laugh. And laugh we did.

So we FINALLY get to the end of the road where we could do a turn around and go back up the mountain to our destination. You’re welcome locals.

We easily found a place to park and hiked down to the waterfall. Which stressed me out because it had rained the night before so it was slippery and we didn’t have the right kind of shoes and blah blah blah, I’m married to an adventurous man and have two boys, blah blah blah.

It was beautiful though and we all made it back to the car alive. *smile*

I do recommend this trip if you are in the neighborhood. It really is beautiful. Here’s some pictures to prove it.




I hope you enjoyed our little adventure story. Have you ever had something like this happen to you? Do tell!



Part 1 Getting Ready to Leave

Part 2 The Destination- Boyd Mountain

Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Vacation Part 2- The Destination-Boyd Mountain

Gee whiz. Sorry for the gap in parts. I had a slight hiccup in my life that landed me in the hospital. Don’t worry, I’m fine. At least that’s what they tell me. Ha!

So in part two I just want to talk about where it is that we stayed. It’s beautiful and relaxing and peaceful there. It’s Boyd Mountain Cabins.


This is actually our second time going there, so you know it has to be good. The first time we went was in November of 2010 and I thought I blogged about it back then but I can not find a trace of it anywhere on my blog. How horrible of me. *sigh*

Anyhoo, this place is awesome. It’s near everything but far enough away to be that perfect mountain escape. If you go to the website it will tell you all about the cabins and their history and all that fun stuff.  Here’s an excerpt from their website. There really is tons to do right on their property.

At Boyd Mountain you can enjoy 4 miles of marked hiking trails that go by the creek, through the Christmas tree farm, through the woods and up to the cell tower at an elevation of 4200 feet. There are 3 stocked fishing ponds that do not require a fee for fishing or a fishing license. The ponds are stocked with Rainbow Trout, Catfish, Hybrid Bluegill and Bass. The fishing is catch n' release though you may keep enough for one meal. Other activities include fishing in Jonathan Creek trout stream, swimming hole in Jonathan Creek, sledding in winter, cornhole, ladderball, volleyball, basketball, badminton, 1/2 mile paved drive for walking, jogging, strolling or bicycling (bring your own bikes).

In 2010 we did the nearby train ride and went to the Biltmore Estate (a must). This time around we had a few hiccups in our plans so we stayed pretty much on the property and then went to nearby Waynesville and Maggie Valley for some shopping.

In the slide show you’ll see pictures of our cabin, breathtaking views from hikes, some of the fish the boys caught, some family photos taken randomly on the property and us playing ladder ball. I wanted to keep this post all about Boyd Mountain and all it has to offer.


Not sure why the pictures look grainy but you’ll get the idea. Winking smile

In Part 3 I will be telling about a humorous trip to Soco Falls. We needed a good laugh on this trip and we got it. Stay tuned!!

Here is the Intro Post in case you missed it and Part 1.



Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Vacation! Part 1- Getting There

Vacations are supposed to be relaxing right? They are supposed to help you recoup from the stressful day to day things right?  Well then we must be doing something dreadfully wrong.

It started out fine. I had gone to the store to get snacks for the road trip and thought out some quick and easy dinners to prepare while we were there etc.

So the day arrives for us to leave. I’m the first one up because I had gotten a full 8 hours sleep and my poor hubby had only got about 5.  It’s around 5 am and I find a note near the coffee maker from my oldest son (13) saying he’s sick and to cancel the vacation. What? Noooooo……That’s not how this is supposed to start. I’m basically ready to call it off because I know what’s going to happen next. My youngest will come down with it and we’ll just be 600 miles away tending to sick kids without all my comforts of home. And not only that I’ll be stressing about US catching it and the whole week will be about us traveling 10 hours to be sick somewhere else. *sigh* (Stress Level? 10)

BUT……hubby was ready to press on. After all it was only a head cold. Okay, you da boss. So we pressed on. We grabbed some tissues, got everyone fed and packed and were on the road by 6:15am.

I started out driving since, I had mentioned before, hubby only got 5 hours sleep. The drive went smoothly but because of my varicose veins and not being able to sit for very long periods of time, we had to stop every 2-3 hours. It was a long long drive………

To be continued……..

And there will be pictures in the next post.

Stay tuned.



Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Vacation! The Intro

Yes, there is so much to talk about in regards to this vacation that I needed an intro to set the stage.

Vacations are supposed to be relaxing but as relaxing as this one was meant to be, it wasn’t so much. So with that  in mind I’m going to have to break it up into sections. They’ll go something like this.

  • Part 1 Getting Ready to Leave
  • Part 2 The Destination- Boyd Mountain
  • Part 3 Soco Falls- the trip that almost wasn’t.
  • Part 4 The Fun Parts
  • Part 5 The Not So Fun Parts
  • Part 6 Coming Home

I think breaking it up into sections will be better. I’ll be able to do each thing justice, because I want to be able to look back at this later and maybe see the humor in some of it. Winking smile

And with that, I’ll leave you with a teaser picture.

This was our home away from home for a week.





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