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Monday, November 4, 2019

Calendar Choices 2020!

I was going to just post this on my Homesteaders Heart Facebook page but it got a little long winded so I decided to just do a quick blog post. You’re welcome.
The year is winding down and as we get ready for the upcoming holidays, I like to do a little thinking ahead.
I don’t know about you but I love a cute and fun calendar to hang on my wall. It’s just nice to quickly glance up and see what day it is (because half the time you don’t know)  or to look at a picture that just makes you smile for that month or to quickly jot down an appointment that you swear you’ll remember but know you won’t so you write it down “just to be safe.” etc. etc.
I’m going to show you which ones I chose for next year. I buy 2 because I put one in my kitchen and one in my office/craft room.
The first one is the Gooseberry Patch calendar. Now some of you who go way back with me might remember when I used to collab with Gooseberry Patch and review and give away their cookbooks. I will forever hold Gooseberry Patch close to my heart and loved the opportunity they gave me when blogging was still a big thing. I’ve had their calendars hanging in my kitchen for years and still love them!

The bonus thing about the Gooseberry Patch calendar is that every month there is a new recipe to try.
Now the second one I chose is the Lang Bountiful Blessings calendar. The pictures each month are just so fun and down homey. You can’t help but smile at each one.

 I purchase my calendars from Hobby Lobby on two separate trips so I can use my 40% coupon on them, which makes them VERY affordable.
Do you still do wall calendars? And if so, what are your favorites?
Have a lovely day my peeps!

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Switch on Your Brain (Book Review)

First of all I bought this book, it wasn’t given to me for review.  I just like letting you all know about some of the books I read because I know I like hearing about books people have read, so here ya go!

First of all I loved the fact that she’s a Christian scientist. She was very good at taking the scientific research and lining it up with the bible. It helped put things in perspective.

This book brought out a lot of solid points on how our toxic thinking can become a habit and that we need to break that cycle and incorporate good thinking habits. She explains how our brains are always networking and changing and that we can make new pathways in order to change the way we think and process. There were definitely some good tips on how to over come this way of thinking.

With the other book I’m reading (Atomic Habits), I think it will be very useful in really helping me think about the way I process and think about things. I haven’t finished that book yet but I’m really enjoying it and will tell you about it when I’m done.

The only negative I have about this book has probably more to do about me than the actually book. She is VERY thorough on explaining how the brain works. A lot of technical, sciency stuff. It was a bit overwhelming for my noggin’ but interesting just the same.

You can take a peek inside below.

Let me know if you’ve read this book and what you thought and or got out of it. I’d love to hear.

Have a lovely day my friends.


Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others!

I thought I would continue on our topic of being the best version of ourselves and talk about why we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others.

It’s so easy to look at someone else and assume they have it all together. That things are just easier for them somehow. I know I’ve looked at other people and thought ,”Well if I just had her ______, life would be better.” 

Let me give you an example. I’m 6ft. tall. I wear a size 12. I am not your average woman. But if I were to listen to what the world’s standards are on what I should weigh or what size I should be in clothes, I’d be starving myself to death trying to fit into “their” nice, little, conforming box. I’ll let you in on a little secret. When I was younger, fitter and childless, I, in my skinniest moment in time, could only get down to a size 9. And looking back, I didn’t look healthy. My size 12 is a short persons size 6 and that’s okay. AND because there’s so much of me it takes me 10lbs. to loose a pant size when most women it only takes 5. That could aggravate me (and it still does a bit) but it won’t change the fact that it’s true.

I used to hate being tall. I didn’t like being different. I WANTED to be in the nice, little, conforming box where all things were good. It took me years to gain the confidence I needed in order to accept myself the way I am. I am beautifully and uniquely made by God and He doesn’t make mistakes. I am this tall for a reason. It may be because my hubby loves himself a tall woman. It could be to help the little ol’ ladies at Wal-mart reach something on the top shelf. It could be because I like to eat and so I get to eat more than the shorter people. LOL! But make no mistake. Staying healthy takes work. I can’t just eat what I want and not exercise. I gain weight easily now that I’m almost 50.

Now why am I telling you all this? It’s because I want you to be happy with who you are. I don’t want you to look at someone else and think that they have it better than you just because they’re taller, shorter, skinnier, richer, prettier etc. Think about the talents you were given and how you use them to help others. Think about the kindness you can spread that reaches across physical boundaries. Be the best version of you!

Tell me in the comments one think you like about yourself.

Have a lovely day my people.


If you look back at past posts, I share some of my workout routines and fun activities to burn extra calories.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

The Virtual Ghost Town!

Yesterday I visited the ghost town that is my reading list. I wanted to see if anyone was still out here blogging. I missed blogging and I admit that I went through a time where I wanted to give up completely but managed to post here and there to keep things alive. I still blame Facebook for blogging’s demise. We’ve become an instant gratification society. But I have to admit I miss the community that made blogging great. I made some really good friends blogging and I miss that.

So as I was going through my list of people that I followed (and I literally clicked on each link) 85% of the blogs I followed hadn’t posted in over 3 years. Around 5% of the domains have been replaced with completely different people and content (not all good).  Another 5% posted, but not regularly. The only remaining 5% that posted often were blogs that have made a living out of it. And it’s not that I don’t like those blogs but I miss the personal aspect of it and these blogs are mostly sponsored posts now. *sigh*

So my question is this? Is anybody still out here blogging about life and family? I’d love to come visit you. And if you are some of the few that still read my blog, Thank You!!!

Have a wonderful day my peeps!


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