"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those
who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Funnies!

Yes people, I’m bringing it back. I think this world needs a little funny. Don’t you?

friday funnies

Today’s funny is one that I recently put on my Facebook page. But just in case you missed it or don’t use Facebook, here it is for your visual enjoyment. Smile

Now go spread some funny of your own.



Thursday, February 23, 2017

Anniversary 2017

My honeybuns and I celebrated our anniversary this past weekend. The boys stayed with my parents and we had a nice relaxing couple of days.

We didn’t stray too far from home but we did check out a place nearby that neither of us had been to before. We can’t wait to go back with the boys.

Turkey Creek:

(Please ignore the time stamp on all the pictures. They are clearly wrong. Smile)

This is native Florida at it’s best. There is a lot to do here as well. They have a “mountain” bike path that we walked to see how it was and there is kayaking in the creek. (Yes you will see a gator here and there. This is Florida after all. Smile) There is a boardwalk that goes all along the creek and through the woods. They also have a building where you can see the native animals close up. (Not alive. Dead. Not moving. Just so you know. They’re stuffed. Taxidermied?  )They have a bobcat, hawk, fox, all sorts of snakes, turtles etc. It was really fun. The weather was perfect the day we went. So that was a bonus.

Here’s a short video and some pics.




After Turkey Creek I was feeling adventurous and also craving fish tacos so we decided to try out a new place downtown. The Nomad Cafe. My tacos were soooo good!! I’m definitely going back again.


Fish taco yumminess. Hubby got the nachos. He said they were really good too. (Though we admit, we make them better at home.)


One thing I loved about this hole in the wall restaurant is that they work with local farmers and fishermen for most of their stuff. No GMO junk either. Smile


Since we were already downtown we decided to scope out an antique store we’d never been in. She had a lot of stuff but way over priced for this bargain basement gal.


And so to wrap up our day together we stopped and got some of the best coffee in town at Indian River Coffee.


All in all it was a fun relaxing day with my super hubbalicious.

What did you do adventurous lately?

Have a lovely day friends.


Friday, February 17, 2017

Valentine’s Day 2017

It’s been too long and I realize, I “need” to blog even if no one is reading. So I figured I’d start off with our most recent holiday.

Now that my daughter is married and gone I am home with my 3 boys. Two of them I gave birth to, the other I married. But one thing I love about it is that as mom’s we are always our boys first valentine. This is training ground for when they grow up and have spouses of their own.

My youngest, who’s 11, really put a lot of effort into making my Valentine’s day special. When I got up to have my coffee and quiet time I was greeted with this.


He hung hearts from the lamp that I use in the morning (because it’s still dark), made me a beautiful card and a precious hand painted sign (that I already put away and forgot to take a picture of.) It was all sitting there waiting to greet me first thing. Because he knows:

This is momma’s spot in the morning. If you want to find me, I’ll be right here……in this spot. My spot. Smile


I also received beautiful cards from my man and my older son. They made me feel very special too.

As for me, I show my love through food. And balloons apparently.

I made them a yummy dinner and an even yummier dessert.



Even though they’re boys I still like to set the table nice and make it special.


Do you see the goblets we are using? Those are from the Pioneer Woman’s line of stuff. I got 4 red ones for Christmas and then after Christmas I went back and they had the white ones 75% off. SCORE!!

Anyhoo, I love them. They are so nice and sturdy and pretty and fun and they hold water real nice too. Winking smile

Well that about wraps up Valentine’s Day 2017.

What did you do? Anything special?

Have a lovely day my friends.


Thursday, December 15, 2016

And the Winner of the 2016 Gingerbread House Competition is..

Winter Bliss!!!!


I called this one from the get go. I knew my hubby’s front siding was going to win this one for him. Smile

The boys and I didn’t stand a chance no matter how much we stepped up our game. LOL!

Speaking of our boys. Didn’t they do a super duper job this year?

Here’s my 11 year old’s house.


And my 15 year old’s house.


My house came in a “close” second.


We told the boys that if someone off the street were to come in and decorate a house, their houses would blow them away. Case in point, we had our friend Taylor who’s 26 come and play that night and this is his. LOL! Don’t worry, he told me I could show you. Winking smile


So if you had a hard time telling them apart this year, just wait till next year. It’s only a matter of time till they beat us.

But all in all we do this for fun and we really do have a blast every year.


And if you’d like to see our past competitions click HERE and it will take you to last years post where I listed prior competitions.

Thank you all for taking the time to vote and leave nice comments. We loved hearing from you!!



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