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Friday, June 27, 2008

Thrifty Off Season Finds Friday

Say that 10 times fast lol. Well I thought I would share my little score that I got yesterday. I went to the Salvation Army Thrift Store and once you get past the smell in there you can actually find some really neat things. I love snowmen (living in Florida that just makes sense doesn't it?) and anything Christmas, so as I was browsing the area my eye caught this cute little snowman figurine. And then a little further I found these cute mugs that look like they have never been used. I have an annual Christmas party and one of the things I started doing was getting different Christmas mugs for everyone to drink out of. I scoped the thrift store last year and got around 20 of them for .15 a piece, all different. Ya gotta love that! So yesterday I found these two. I'm claiming the snowman one, duh of course lol! Here they are my 3 frugal finds of the week. I spent a total of $1.00. Woo Hoo!!! And because I was already across the street at the gym, I don't consider me making a special trip there and in turn wasting gas, so an added bonus.
I also buy my husbands work shirts there because his job is very casual. You know jeans and a t-shirt. But he likes to look a little more orderly so he started wanting me to get him button up short sleeve with a pocket. I had to laugh as I picked 2 shirts out for him yesterday. I brought them home and I'll show you the others that I had purchased for him earlier this year. I'm going to start calling him the King of Gingham! lol. Okay they're plaid but King of Gingham sounded better LOL! I automatically gravitate toward these shirts for some reason. I mean they do look good on him, maybe that's why! Maybe I have Ginghamitis. Whatever it is it's becoming a real problem. You be the judge! Though you can't really see it they do have a criss cross pattern on all of these shirts. I wonder if I'm digressing from a lost tic tac toe game from years past. Either way here are my thrift store finds. There was even one more plaid find in the dirty laundry but that's where I draw the line lol. I'm not digging out of the dirty laundry. Well not this time anyway. I probably paid around $15.00 for all those shirts. That's 9 for the price of one. Not to bad I'd say.All and all I highly recommend your local thrift stores. Just wear lots of perfume to drown out the smell. I'm still talking about that, it must have been pretty bad hee hee!
Have a great day my friends.


  1. I see what you mean on the shirts, but they're all nice looking and all different. Those are the same kind of shirts that look good on my husband. Good thrift store finds.

    You just reminded me...our Salvation Army has 50% off today. Maybe I better do some shopping!

  2. I just stumbled on your blog, we are so similar! Debi Pearl helps me everyday in my marriage and Michael helps with the kids (not in person, just through their books!)

    I love Salvation Army! I got some great deals this past Monday (clothes ar half off on Monday at ours!).

    The Park Wife

  3. Greetings from Oklahoma... I saw you at the Parks Wife and thought I come over for just a moment. I LOVE your snowmen and you did a great job on your "hunt". I am very impressed. I too love snowmen and I actually get to have them for real pretty much each winter..sorry, not trying to brag. Have a great weekend.


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