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Monday, July 21, 2008

Birthday Recap......

Okay I promise this will be the last I mention about my birthday until next year of course hee hee! But I had to tell you about the yummy peanut butter pie my best friend made me yesterday. I'm going to get the recipe for it and if she doesn't post it I will because it was sooooo good.(This just in......my friend has just posted the recipe on her site. Go here to check it out.) That is if you like peanut buttery stuff. She really doesn't so it didn't float her boat as high as it did mine. Here is a picture of it. Please excuse the crazy woman holding the pie. She tends to get a little nuts when the smell of chocolate and peanut butter are close by. Doesn't it look yummo?
She also made me a wonderful dinner too but I guess it didn't gain as much exposure as the pie did because we didn't even take a picture of that lol. After dinner we watched some home video of the 4 of us playing a game called pit (that we played at my friend's hubbies birthday in February). If you have ever heard of it you know how LOUD it can get. Well let's just say I laughed so hard my stomach started to hurt. My husband and her husband were having a little competition with this kids game where you have to bounce the balls into the holes. It's funny to watch grown men act like kids sometimes. Here's my hubby playing. Notice the two boys "waiting" to play lol. All and all it was a very pleasant day! Thanks for letting me share it with you.
Blessings from the belated birthday girl,


  1. I'm glad you had such a great birthday. We have Pit and have some good memories of playing it. I'll post a funny story about it later.

    Have a good week.

  2. My mom makes a wonderful peanut butter pie, so I am anxious to see what the recipe is from your friend. It sounds as if your birthday was a wonderful day, as it should be.

  3. Glad you had a terrific birthday! OMG, you look like you're going to dive into that delicious pie!

  4. I'm glad you had a wonderful party! That pie looks fabulous!

  5. Love the picture of you holding the pie...I have some of you blowing out your candles that I need to send, TOOO FUNNY!!! :)
    I will post the recipe on my blog so come on over and get it!!!

  6. Happy Late Birthday!! Hope you had a blast!!hughugs

  7. Oh my goodness, that looks heavenly. I need some new friends! (JK) Delete, delete.

    Glad you had a happy birthday!

  8. What a fun birthday. Thanks for sharing with all of us! You've just been given an award. Come by and see!

  9. TAG you are it! I just nominated you for an award! Have a blessed day!


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