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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday -F-S-I

I think I'm going to start calling this condition F-S-I for the short of flat-surface-itis! And if someone could come up with something to cure it, I'd be all over it. At this rate I'll be tackling Tuesdays for the rest of my life. It's like one vicious circle. Someone should come up with something for the rest of the days of the week like....Manage the paper Monday, Wipe it off Wednesday, Throw it out Thursday( I really need that one) and Find the flat surface Friday! Do you think it would catch on lol. Okay okay, anyway here is my tackle for Tuesday. The office desk....dun, dun, dun...........okay if you just caught what I did there I may suggest you stop reading my blog because I'm starting to rub off on you! (I'm kidding, don't stop reading lol). I'm just typing what's in the ol' noggin, whether it makes sense to anyone else , one may never know! Rabbit trailing again, sorry! I sure do use a lot a exclamation points. I'm sure that's a condition in and of itself but I can only deal with one thing at a time. So here's my challenge, again. My desk. As you can see by the delightful painting of a sea turtle on the wall this room used to belong to one of my sons, who is now sharing a room with his brother. We couldn't bare to paint over it at the time but by the looks of all the chips of paint off the wall I'm thinking I could get over that real quick. But that would be a huge tackle since we have every inch of wall and floor space pretty much covered. But don't worry if and when we do ,I'll blog about, oh yes, I'll blog about it! Here is the before picture.Yes there is a desk under all that stuff. I had my sewing machine on there thinking I would use it more but how could I with all that stuff on there, so it got relocated to make room for more potential stuff ha ha! Okay here is the after.....
Ahhh space the final frontier.......I may be able to get something accomplished now. Do you see the Raggedy Ann on the left hand side? That was part as a lamp when I was just a kid and the lamp broke so I've held onto the ceramic part all these years. I just love it. In front of that is a picture of my hot hubby and his surfboard coming up from the beach. I love that picture.....and to the right you will see my postage scale.....ok sorry I felt like tour guide Barbie for a moment, I'm back. Well there you have it. My latest but not last tackle. What's your tackle today! I think if you simply made it through my post without falling asleep that that's a tackle in and of itself, Congratulations!
Blessings my friends.


  1. Space -the final frontier. LOLOLOL
    Great post and tackle!

  2. You did a beautiful job on your tackle! Blessings!

  3. Kim,
    What a job!!! I have that issue too... hubby thinks it's only clean if there's nothing on it - LOL! :)
    Thanks for stopping by to visit. I have often thought that I should just get the photos on CD... but haven't done that yet. I love to scrapbook too... and keeping all those things in check is another job. ;)

  4. Sometime I have to do the same as you just did on this Tackle it Tuesdsay. But right now, I wanted to tackle something outside! Great job, and I grabbed a cup of coffee to keep me goin'!
    Nice blog, stop by my Tackle it Tuesday where I tackle an outhouse, not a bathroom, but yes an outhouse!

  5. Well my tackle was to order pictures for my photography class, find something for my grandson to do while he is here a couple more days and survive another day with little sleep. Aaauuuuhhh , I'll survive I think. But I do need to clean my desk too. Dang it!

  6. Looks fantastic now. Good job.

    Mines up now.

  7. dun dun dun dun - thanks a lot, I'll have that in my head the rest of the day. hahahaha

    Great job on the clean up!! :)

  8. Great job! I think I need help with my flat surfaces too - I like your daily meme idea... ;)

  9. LOL, if only we could follow the Prime Directive when it came to FSI space...

  10. Great tackles! Give yourself a pat on the back! :)

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