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--Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday

For those of you have been to my blog before you know that I have self diagnosed my family as having flat-surface-itis! Well it looks as if it is spreading and no sign of stopping. This is our latest victim. Our filing cabinet. The sneaky thing about our filing cabinet is that it sits right beside our computer armoire and the door to our cabinet has been hiding this problem for quite some time it appears. We obviously never close the doors to our cabinet or this would have been discovered earlier. As it is the disease has completely taken over the top of the filing cabinet and once again I get to share my attempt to cure my family of this once and for all. I warn you the pictures are a bit graphic. Look at your own risk. Do not get to close to your computer as this disease is contagious and your risk of contamination may increase with prolonged exposure. The only cure is to forward this to 5 people and leave me a comment! Ok just kidding. Don't you hate it when you get those kind of emails from people lol. Oh no it's happening....the side track monster is lurking. So without further ado, my tackle.......

.....you can see that one could be fooled by this picture into thinking that there isn't a problem.....
But behind the door a disease is spreading like wildfire......

.....isn't this just sad.....
....none of this stuff belongs up there, so really I couldn't justify putting any of it back.....
.....so my kids computer printed has found a new home, since it didn't have one before. As for the stuff that was on the cabinet, well I've had to find other homes for it all , which in turn may or may not end up in a future tackle!
Have a most blessed day and thank you for tuning into this edition of Tackle it Tuesday.


  1. flat-surface-itis!
    I love it!!!
    I have all the symptoms~LOL
    Nice blog.

  2. Well at least you do not need to be quarentined! Looks so much better and kudos to you! My tackle is a freezer, but I bet it is smaller than your freezer! Stop by!

  3. Love it!!! The disease is rampant here as well!!!

    The Frugal Momma

  4. Every week I crack up at your posts. Well done! You are making progress, after the first step, admitting you have a problem! Ha ha Have a great week.

  5. Great job!! Feels goo to get little projects done!

    Many blessings-

  6. You go girl! Great tackle! :D

    I'm tackling My Bucket List and a great giveaway. Pop on over to check it out: http://anapronaday.blogspot.com/search/label/bucket%20list

    Today was Kiss the Most Beautiful Girl in the World!

  7. Great job on the tackle, I need to get going on my house this week!


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