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Monday, August 11, 2008

It took how long?

It went something like this. I get a coupon for bowling and think, "Hey the 2 youngest have never gone bowling. Let's go. It will be fun." Now they both kick butt on the Wii but we all know that it's so not the same. My husband was on board and we went. The coupon was for 2 hours of bowling and was all inclusive. Which means shoe rental and all that was included in the one price. Now I'm a get your moneys worth kind of gal so I'm thinking we can squeeze a good 4 games in. You know 5 people half an hour a game.(cue flashback music) Here's what "REALLY" happened. My youngest are 3 and 6. They have never bowled before in their little lives. Here's the problem. They have a mother who is very competitive and has ants in her pants half the time. This is not a good combination. My husband had to constantly remind me that we were there for THEM to have fun not us. Well it was working lol! Don't get me wrong I enjoyed watching my kids have fun but let's just say it took a little longer between turns then I had anticipated. I had my husband tell me what time it was when I got up to bowl and then had him tell me the next time I went up. It took 13 minutes. Yes you heard me 13 minutes.(Which means we BARELY played 2 games lol. )I couldn't keep my groove going in that big gap of time. So I really played badly but once again I was reminded that it was not all about me. When did it stop being all about me? LOL! All and all the kids had a great time and my youngests ball only got stuck once on the lane for lack of forward thrust. My teenage daughter gets the award for looking the cutest while bowling LOL! She is so funny. She refused to bend at the waist but she had a pink ball and that's all that really mattered. Well if you made it this far with me you deserve some wonderful photos to look at.
Here is my most precious daughter sporting her pink ball. It could have weighed 15 lbs. and she would have found a way to use it cause it's pink. Lucky for her this one only weighed 9.
Ok I'm not sure why this came out all sideways but just do the head tilt thing. Cause he sure is cute trying to get that ball down the aisle. I mean the form on this kid was unbelievable. I'm seeing pro bowler in his future. What do you think?

Here is my 6 year old getting ready to throw. He tried a few different techniques as well, but found that chucking it worked best.
For lack of time I have to end it there. My husband is waiting to have coffee with me and I can't pass that up.
Have a great day everyone.


  1. Too fun! Your daughter looks just like YOU!!! I always choose the pink ball, too. Thanks for the giggle.

  2. So...you didn't post your score! I was waitin to see it after you gave me such a hard time about our family's bowling adventure last month! It looks like ya'll had a lot of fun!

  3. HAHAHAHA!!!!!!! That video is a scream, with him wiggling and dancing around while the ball is going down the lane. Glad the family had fun!

  4. I stopped by the other day before you posted. You showed us some great play time..invite me next you go bowling! glad you go to have coffee with the hubby!

  5. Oh, my goodness, I know your "pain." Brea went to a 4 year old bowling birthday party. There were about 25 little ones bowling for the very first time...yikes! It took quite a LONG time in between each turn because each child had to wait for their parent to come help them. Of course there was potty breaks, snack breaks, and "I'm tired" breaks all along the way. We did get cute pics though!

  6. Oh your daughter is very pretty. So glad you had a good time creating a family memory. I bet the boys had a blast just getting to throw that big ole ball down the lane. Man that was a great thing you did.
    Enjoy coffee with your honey!

  7. Looks like fun! I wish we could have gone. I got your reply e-mails at 2am, lol. Oh well, next time! (We'll do bumpers on the next lane for the little guys, lol)

  8. Oh! Hee hee, I didn't realize that sideways one was a video! Hey, I know that little dance, lol. Precious boy!

  9. Fun times! Your youngest is too cute! I love bowling against hubby. He always wins, but I can give him a good game! Haven't gone lately... wouldn't want this 9 pounder of a belly rollin down the lane.


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