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--Thomas Jefferson

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Storm Update

I thought I would give you all a storm update since we are blessed to still have power lol. I'm hurrying to make coffee right now just in case ha ha! As of right now the storm is sitting right in our front yard lol. Seriously if you want to see where we live go look at the storm and we are right in the middle of it.Lucky us I know lol. It's 5:23 right now. We've probably got around 10" of rain and the wind is whipping worse now then yesterday. It could be that it is sitting on top of us. There were a couple tornados associated with the storm but the closest one was probably 30 miles away. A song popped into my head this morning, won't you sing it with me....cue music and off key singing...... I've got some oceanfront property in Arizona, from my front porch you can see the sea.....
Okay I don't live in Arizona of course but this was what our road looked like in the lull of the storm yesterday.
There wasn't a big enough lull to get the lawn chairs,buckets and shovels but at least we got to go outside lol. If we only had our jon boat still, now that would have been fun. Hey they don't call us the Beachside Rednecks for nothing.
Well that's it for now. My hubby isn't going to work today, Yeah, so we are going to go have some coffee!
Oh and I will be picking a winner to the giveaway at the end of today so don't forget to check the reminder at the top of my blog for all my bloggy friends.
Blessings my friends.


  1. I'm glad you all faired well! The storm was not bad at all at our house. We just got a bit of rain and wind!

    I wish we had thought to go outside, though, before it started raining heavily! We had a serious case of cabin fever!

  2. IF YOU'LL BUY THAT I'LL THROW THE GOLDENGATE IN FREEEEEEEEE....oh sorry I was still stuck in the singing part LOL When I was younger I loved that song LOL WOW you have some serious water there. If there is no lightening turn them younguns loose on some floats..that is what we did when our street flooded. Hope you guys stay safe and with power!

  3. I am glad you and your family are doing well. I'll be praying for you and your family today!

    God Bless.

  4. I'm glad you are okay. Hope it passes soon. God never promised that we wouldn't have storms, but He did promised to be in the storm with us. I guess that promise is very literal for you guys.

    Enjoy your time with your honey today.

  5. If the water shoves you to Texas, let me know. Would love to have you here, especially if it's on your organizing the house day. Just a Fewwwwwww rooms that need some overhaul. Seriously, though, I would make you tons of coffee too.

    ;) Be safe, and enjoy your hubby!

  6. I'm so glad to read your post today! I've been a wondering! And praying too, of course. Did you have any fish in your front yard? Fish are better than skunks don't ya think? (I'll quit talking about Pepe le pew when his odor leaves my garage, lol). We are all excited about the drawing, remember: pick me! I'm playing. Have a great day with your hubby. Blessings to all of you.

  7. Reminds me of the flood this summer... talk about beachside rednecks, they (and their lawn chairs) had to be rescued by the boatload.

    Anyway, glad you are all OK. Bet the kidos think it's great!

  8. So glad you are doing ok. I know at times it can be very scary. Especially when you have children at home that you have to watch over as well. Stay safe and semi dry, then pick my name out of the hat to win!!!!

  9. Glad you are doing OK and that you still have power! And glad you get to spend extra time with your hubby. But that is a LOT of water!!

  10. Wow! You got all the rain we didn't get. Looks like you had a great time, and how fun to get to have coffee with your hubby. Well, I am going to have the song stuck in my head the rest of the day! Love ya!

  11. I hope all this water drains by Saturday!!!! :) We still have power too, at least it was a "lighting-less" storm. :)

  12. Glad you are safe, dry, and enjoying some coffee! LOL.


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