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Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Apple E-Book is ready

Okay first of all let me tell you that this is my first attempt at creating an E-Book so bare with me.
I hope you like the recipes. I didn't get as many as I had hoped but I think there is enough to tempt your taste buds.
Thank you to all who did send me one and I hope you all enjoy this.
Note: I found a free site to upload this too so you could download it, that said, there is free advertising on the same page so I'm not responsible for any of that and am not sure what it is so just go to the page by clicking below and hit download and ignore the other stuff.

Okay this site has technical difficulties once and awhile so keep checking back because it does download lol. Thank you for your patience! It's worth it.

Let me know if this doesn't take you to it. I was having a time trying to figure out how to do this.
Hopefully it works and you can print it out to keep.
Blessings my friends.


  1. Good job on the ebook Kim! Turned out beautifully! (Are the links supposed to work when you click on them? (they don't) and my blog is www.reluctantentertainer.com (not with an s on the end).
    You rock girl! And happy happy NOVEMBER!
    (I just printed out the book :))

  2. Book publishing is all about timing: and excellent timing on yours ... it's peak apple season, no better time to promote a book on apples.

  3. Wowzer, how cool is this, Kim!!!! Thank YOU!

  4. That worked great! Thank you so much for a terrific little booklet!

  5. I am IMPRESSED! How do you do so many AMAZING things?

  6. Kim,

    I'm hugging you back...but I'm so lost...how did everyone see the book? I truly did graduate with a 4.0! I didn't see where to click...oh wait...I see where you've written Ebook...ok, I'm going there now...I'll be back and be impressed!

    Love ya,

  7. DAWG! Every time I try to leave a comment, my browser hangs up. Maybe I shouldn't have so many open at once. 8-} I'm getting an error page whenever I click on your link, but that sometimes happens, for no apparent reason, out here in the boonies. Have you tried ATK/CI's apple galette? I always go there first for new recipes. They've never let me down yet.

  8. i couldn't get the link to work. i waited for it, clicked on it when it arrived and it just went to a blank screen, then finally said it couldn't connect or something like that LOL. What am i doing wrong??

  9. What a great project--and so easy to download, so many recipes I HAVE TO TRY. Thank you! Again shoot for not finding you sooner. I would have offered a second applesauce recipe that I just blogged about. http://www.makingthishome.com/2008/10/30/those-apples-are-getting-saucy/
    It's become our soul food in our new European home.

  10. Great book! I love how it turned out and I was able to download it easily.

    I'm so excited to have some more yummy apple recipes to try! Thank you for doing that - you are wonderful!


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