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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blog Tour!

How many of us hop on someones blog, read the post really quick, post a quick comment and move on to the next blog without even exploring any of the blogs you visit? I know I'm guilty of doing that. But lately I've been trying to take a little time (when allowed) and visit some blogs. I've found great links and resources to a lot of useful things so far on so many blogs. I love it when they have a friends list with the posts listed as I've met some great gals through that. I love to visit those who follow this blog ( though I don't always leave a comment). This blog world can be a great tool and a sense of community. I am trying to go for quality here not quantity as I want to get to know you better. Some of you ( and you know who you are) bless my socks off and I probably leave a comment on your blog every day. We have a "relationship" of sorts and I love that. I recently put out a post for a prayer request. You all blew me away with your kind words and responses. I love that you are out there and actually care. That's the kind of blog relationships I'm looking for.
By the way Aunt Doris isn't doing very well. Please keep her in your prayers. She's been sent home, and my Uncle is refusing Hospice. She's only eating pudding and has been dry heaving lately. Her salvation still stands in the balance so I ask you to continue praying for her.

Now the reason I am doing this post is to give you (if you would like) a little tour of my blog.
Let's start with the header. I love changing it for the different holidays and seasons, so you will probably see that change often. Next let's go to the right side. At the top you will see a search feature. If you ever want to know if I've touched on a subject just put in a search word and find out. You can also narrow your search by looking at my labels on the left as I try to sort things pretty good. Continue down on the right and I will usually have fun things that are coming up as I stumble upon them. This is a benefit for you because a lot of times they are giveaways. I keep this up to date and remove those things that have expired. Below that are resources for you that I myself either use or are a part of. I don't put anything on my blog that I don't believe in in some way. I've put my buttons for my meme's on there as well as others that I participate in.
At the end of the right side you'll see my face book and twitter updates. I don't spend a lot of time on those but will post what I'm doing in real time on there every once and awhile. Feel free to join me in that. I know you'll want to know when I'm drinking my coffee or shampooing the dog lol. I also decided to post all the wonderful blog awards that you have given me in one post and link to it as your blessings were far outweighing my blog space lol. You gals rock!
At the bottom of my blog I have my bookshelf. I have either read, am reading or reading again, these books listed. Feel free to check them out and see if there's something you'd like. I'm always on the lookout for another good book.
Are you still with me? Good! I didn't plan on this being so long. Sorry. I've already had my coffee thus the influx of wording this morning. Ha! Ha!
Coming up the left side is my favorite. This is where I get to proudly display my friends and blogs that I love to read. I recently lost some of you on here and if you don't see yourself on there and either wish to be or knew you were at one time but now aren't please tell me because a whole list of you disappeared. Thank you blogger!
Above that are my archives and then my labels to make searching easier. Oh and let's not forget my cooking blog which I haven't posted in 6 days it seems. I'm usually better about that. Last but not least my mood. LOL. This will vary from time to time and will give you an idea of how I'm feeling at that moment.
Phew! Did you stick it out with me? If you did then write the word, DUH, in the comments below! LOL. That way I know you read the whole thing! LOL. I'm so kidding! You don't have to. I trust you! Hee! Hee!
I will keep you up to date on any interesting changes to the blog that might be beneficial to you and I would love to have a blog tour at your blog as well. Let me know if you do one.



  1. Duh - I read the whole thing! I really look forward to reading your new entries, and when I first found you, I went back and read some. BTW, I already knew where all that stuff was. : ))

  2. DUH!!!!

    lol!!....sorry, I couldn't resist! ;)

    Great tour by the way. I think I'm going to have to spend more time (as I'm able) doing this as well. It'll also be a great way to "meet" new bloggers!


  3. DUH! I made it too! I have been getting busier and find that I am having less time to visit my blog friends than I'd like. Sometimes I just read and don't comment, but I really do read most of your posts.

  4. Yes, I will admit I am a scanner on somedays and I read them all on other days. Seems like it depends on how much time I have to get it all done. I love meeting new people and the tour of your blog was very beneficial. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Duh... I so enjoyed the tour! I'm blog illiterate when it comes to designing my own and making it fancy like yours. I love the header!!! I'm a girly girl and love hearts and red and pink and such.... Duh...

  6. DUH! :) Hee heee! That was too funny! I did it with ya, though!

  7. D
    Yep, I read the whole, l-o-n-g post. LOL You know this English major gets pretty wordy these days too. Your blog tour was a fabulous idea. I prayed for your Aunt Doris. Please, keep us posted. You are blessing and I so enjoy your blog. I'm glad you were on time today! Ha! Blessings, sweet friend!

  8. I love your blog and when I find one that catches my attention I always stick around and check it out.
    Have a great day!

  9. DUH! I loved the tour because I too am guilty of scanning. There are times that I explore a blogsite, see great things, forget to save it and can't find it again to save my own life. Can you say, duh?

    I love the search word...I haven't noticed one before and I might look into that myself. Thanks for the idea.

    I would love to be on your friends blog roll.

    Still praying for Aunt Doris.

    Have a blessed day.

  10. I didn't know there was going to be a test....duh! I should have known, knowing you! I love your blog and you, and you know it!
    (I will be in florida come Thursday!)

  11. Love your blog. You are so encouraging and funny! Loved the tour of why you have all the different things on your blog.

  12. Thanks for the tour Kim but how do you change your header? Do you do it in Photoshop ?

  13. DUH!!! LOL What a great idea!!! I actually do browse around others' blogs...sometimes it can get me into trouble because I spend so much time doing that. *blush* But like you, I am out for quality not quantity. :) I would love to do a tour of my blog...maybe Thursday! :) I'll let you know if I actually do it (just because having 4 kiddos can be rather unpredictible!)

  14. Love the blog tour! Praying for your aunt - and her salvation.

  15. P. S. duh! I read the whole thing!

  16. DUH, my friend! :)

    I like the changes that you made and I am now working on copying you, I mean organizing my blog, too!

    Tuesday HUGS to you!!

  17. Loved this post! What a great tour guide you are :-)
    Thanks for always leaving such sweet, funny, and encouraging comments on my blog.
    One day when I get my act together I'll get a FL blogger day together :-)

  18. Well, DUH!! LOL... So I"m not the only one over fifteen that still uses the "duh" word.. how reassuring!

    I really enjoyed my tour today. I too am guilty of quickly looking over something and moving on. Of course, most of us are mothers of young children and that is a prerequesite for all we do! Your site is great!

    Do you make your own header? It is always so cute!

  19. Wow, I got to the end! Girl, you have GOT to switch to some decaf, 'cause you are wearing me out! LOL! I love it when I have the time to thoroughly check out someones blog because there is usually something new or something I haven't noticed before.

  20. Oh, I love linking from blog to blog. It's probably how I found your great blog!!

  21. Duh! Done it any how to reasure you I stuck it out with you. ;) Hee hee. I try to look through the new blogs I come across the first time, but often times depending on how pressed for time I am will read the first one or two and then go back later to check the whole thing out. I love blog surfing. We get to meet so many neat people and as you said, form some great friend friendships.
    Will be praying for your Aunt Doris. Sure hope she finds salvation in fullness. Taking a stand with you that Doris will find true salvation and the Lord will either place a healing hand on her or take her to His house where she will have total peace. Also that your Uncle will be blessed for his sweet caring of your Aunt.
    God bless you all,

  22. Duh:-) Thanks for the tour:-) I did the same thing when I redesigned my blog:-)


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