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who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Call me the party animal!

The night went something like this. We ate dinner. We had a fire in the fire pit outside. We roasted marshmallows. Okay here is something I don't understand. Everyone LOVES to roast the marshmallows but noone "really" wants to eat them. What is up with that? I started to have a little fun by just throwing them in the fire and watching them expand beyond belief and then turn into this hard chunky charcoaly mess. That was pretty much the highlight. Alright then we came in and the kids watched Wall-E and my parents, my husband and I played a game of Rummy. Which my Mom and I kicked their butts. All of this was done by 9 o'clock. We put the kids to bed and I was asleep before my husband made it out of the shower! So who wants to party with the party master? I love my life!!! I really really do!
Happy New Year!


  1. Kimmy,

    I do! I would have loved throwing the marshmallows in with you...Josh would have loved it too! Come to think of it, Jay would have been throwing them all over!!! (You know he would have..he's the biggest kid there, right?)

    Happy New Year, my friend! Hugs to you!

  2. I LOVE roasted marshmellows!!! And I even like them burned, not toasted! I actually made it till midnight and heard more booms than on the 4th of July. Someone was even shooting guns, and that started before mid-night. Need to check the paper and make sure there was no murder in my neighborhood, that would have been a pretty good cover!!! (oh the cop mind never rests!)
    There was no partying here, husband had been sick all day and the night before, bummer, bad way to start the new year. Here is hoping that MY year is better than this past one, but I am still thankful for everything and all in my life. That includes you!

  3. Me, me! I'll party with you! And those marshmellows taste great if you put them between graham crackers and a piece of Hersheys chocolate bar!

    Happy New Year, you party animal! And I'm loving you new valentine header!

  4. OK. So, who cleaned up the marshmellow mess? There was a discussion last night about how marshmello goo ends up everywhere. We roasted hotdogs last night. It's the same prob. with marshmellows - no one wanted any. So, the host ended up with pounds of franks for left-overs? (I think she tossed them). Happy New Year!

  5. That is a wild and crazy time! I usually have no problem staying up, but got really sleepy by 10:30. My son was determined (and not sleepy at all)to stay up til midnight. My Dad's visiting, but he went to bed shortly after 10:30 when we shut off a movie 'cause we were all nodding off. So, hubby and I suggested that my son stay up in our room, snuggled in our bed! So cozy! We managed to be awake for the ball drop and then sent the kiddo to his own bed. We did hear lots of firecrackers and stuff close by for about 15 minutes. Still recovering from that wild night - LOL!

  6. Sounds like a great night to me!!! Happy New Year!!

  7. I love the eat the marshmallows myself... hmm, guess im the weird one

  8. I admit it!!! I love roasting marshamallows too, but not nearly as excited to eat them. I have always enjoyed catching it on fire and watching it burn until it falls off into the fire.

    I'm glad you had a fun and safe New Year celebration!!!

    Happy New Year!!!

  9. Happy New Year Kim! I loved this post. I have a 2009 New Years Spirit Award awaiting you at my blog. :)

  10. lol Daniel and I stayed up past midnight,not by my choice. I love smores!!!

  11. You'e too funny Kim! My night went pretty much the same. Actually we raked and burned leaves (yeah we are a little behind on our fall clean up!), ate a late dinner, showered, watched Madagascar and was asleep by time! Woo hoo party on!

  12. You know what, the new year's gonna come in whether we stay up until midnight or not. So, why not get to bed early!!

    I did happen to stay up until midnight last night, but normally I don't. It's just that my new puppy was going crazy with all the firecrackers exploding all evening. So we figured we'd just stay up late and watch some great old movies. Then, when things finally settled down, about 12:30, we were able to go to bed...because the puppy could sleep then.

    Happy new year, dear friend. I love you and am SO thankful for your friendship.


  13. LOL. I would love to party with you!
    We stayed up past midnight but not by choice..
    Our girls were at a youth party, so we had dinner and games with friends till it was time to pick them up.

    I'm tired today, but I know our girls had a good time.

    Guess I'm not the party animal I used to be.. LOL

  14. That's too funny! I love catching the mallows on fire, but don't like to eat them. And can you believe I've lived this long and never had smores?

    I stayed up last night, as I do most every night, playing on the puter. And Duller, typically, was asleep in his chair with the dog hugging his feet. Reckon we're party animals, as well. 8-]

  15. I love roasting the marshmallow--and then taking off the top layer--and then roasting the marshmallow, again, and then taking off the next layer, etc. etc. until there is no more marshmallow!!

    "A campfire on New Year's--now that's a concept," says the blogger from Wisconsin!

  16. I love setting the marshmallow on fire to get the crusty exterior and then blow it out and eat it. :D YUM!

  17. Now that sounds like MY kind of party.


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