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--Thomas Jefferson

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stop and Smell the Broccoliflowers?

My husband built my 6 year old a green house because he LOVES to plant and grow and eat veggies. We've got some beautiful tomatoes growing and have had some pretty good luck with strawberries, plenty of onions, you know, vegetables. Well the other day he went out back to water his veggies and he came back with this.Very seriously he asks, "Mom, can we still eat this broccoli?" And I in a very serious, slightly sarcastic tone said, "Son, that's no longer broccoli. That's a bouquet of flowers." So my son being as sweet as he is decided that I needed this "bouquet" of flowers on my counter and proceeded to put them in water. Isn't he cute?!! LOL. Actually they are very pretty little yellow flowers and honey bees love them.
What strange thing is on your counter? LOL.. Sounds like a new Meme LOL. I'm just kidding. I'm not starting any more Memes........yet!
Have a most blessed day!
BIG Hugs!


  1. Are you a little bit curious as to what it would taste like/?? lol

  2. Oh, that is sweet. Blessings to you!

  3. How sweet. And it is cute. Have a fun filled day.

  4. Kimmy,

    That is too cute! My hormones must be raging out of control because I wanted to cry over how sweet that was! lol

    And that would be the best meme...funny things your kids have made you wear or you have had to display on your table or refrigerator over the years! lol

    You know you are gonna do it! lol

    How many lol's did I just type?

    Love you, my friend.

  5. That is so cute!! I love that he thought you needed flowers.

    You guys have tomatoes? How do you get them to bare fruit indoors?

  6. Wow! I, um, didn't know broccoli did that. I wonder what other vegetables bloom flowers. That's so sweet that he put them in a vase. :)

  7. Oh, that is so cute and sweet, my friend!

    And hello - I didn't know broccoli had flowers. I will have to change the way I think of it now.

    My son wants us to plant a little garden. We finally have some sun in the backyard after cutting down a leaning tree. We may attempt some kind of box gardening this year - not sure. I kill all living plants unless they are REALLY tough, but maybe if he tends to them and I stay away - we'll have some veggies!

  8. Oh I loved the brocoflower story. And that your husband made a greenhouse how sweet. I wrote about vegtable gardens today too. Thanks for sharing this sweet story.
    An early Valentines Blessing!
    Many Blessings,

  9. How cool to grow your own stuff...and those flowers are very cute. Love it!

  10. That is the sweetest thing. Awwww. Thanks for sharing!

  11. SOOO precious!! God bless him!!
    Thoughtful and somewhat practical at the same time ;-)

  12. I have to tell you they taste just like broccoli. I used to forget to water my broccoli and it would flower. Put them in your salad. I love it that he offered them to you.


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