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who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Who needs another Meme?

I'm guessing, I do!
Does anybody know if there is a legal way to add another day of the week on to ours? We'll call it Memeday!

There is probably already something like this out there and if so, can somebody tell me where?
I would love a "Show and Tell" Meme. But with "themes". Like one week let it be something like, show and tell about your favorite cup you drink out of, or something like, show and tell about your absolute favorite recipe of all time. You know fun stuff. We could take turns picking the themes. It would be a cool chance for everyone participating to see the similar shows with completely different tells of each thing. Who thinks that sounds like fun? Would you do it? Is it worth my time putting it together? Am I asking to many questions? Would you help get the word out if I did? Am I bothering you? Do you feel like you wasted 10 seconds of your life reading this? Are you ever coming back? Do you remember what this post was even about now? Are you wondering how you ever stumbled across my blog in the first place? Have I sucked you into my little world of madness? Does your brain feel mushy?
I love you gals! Let me know what you think and what day would be best if you did want to do it! Not FRIDAYS of course. *wink* *wink*


  1. Hi Kim! I actually did a google search because I thought for sure there was a "Show and Tell Fridays" out there and I was right. It is at http://kellishouse.blogspot.com/
    Her rules are different then yours. But if you want to do one, too, esp. on a different day, I see no harm in it. It is not officially set up with Mr. Linky or anything. I say go for it! It sounds like fun and I would participate. :) And no, I definately don't think you're crazy - just a lot of fun!

    Also, YES! I would love to post a Charlotte Mason post, with pictures to share with people!!! I, too, would love to get the word out! I have plenty I could blog on and show...I will pick a few things. What day were you thinking of doing your post?

  2. Kimmy,

    Sweet friend, you make me laugh so hard!! I'm so sucked into your blog...but I'm so glad. I have no idea (go figure) about where this meme would be. There may be days I'd do it...but can't promise to be loyal on that one since I'm having trouble keeping up now that Josh is back in school and we have company and and and...didn't I mention I'm having trouble keeping up? lol

    Hugs to you...let me know what you find!

  3. This could win the post with the most questions award! What??? LOL I like the idea...it sounds like fun. I can't promise that I will get to participate each week, you know w/ everything going on right now, but I'll pop in when I can and cheer you on.

  4. Oh go for it, you know I've got your back! And yes, that was WAY TOO MANY QUESTIONS for this early in the morning. But it's ok, I know you and how you are so I just take it all in stride. I bet you are a morning person too aren't you...yep that is what I figured. Next time, give a girl a few minutes to catch her breath before you take it away!

    What would I do with out you?

  5. Hee, hee! I'm still here after all those questions! Sounds like a fun thing to do - have no idea what day though. Seems like my days have gotten kinda filled up, but I could always post more than once!

  6. I have a friend that does a show and tell Friday meme on her blog sometimes - she doesn't host it, she participates. I don't know that they have themes...Great idea! Memeday. Has a nice ring to it.

  7. That sounds like fun! :D I've never done a show and tell meme even though I've heard of one.

  8. ROFL!! I did loose myself half way through so I don't remember what I'm supposed to say here... LOL.
    Whatever you do here is fun :-)


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