"The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those
who are willing to work and give to those who would not."
--Thomas Jefferson

Monday, February 23, 2009

Free to good home!

Ahh! Florida, home to sun kissed oranges, sandy beaches and these guys! Isn't he just......just....... down right ugly! He happened to wander into our little trap for unwanted pests that we've had coming into our yard. And surprisingly he wasn't what we had set out to catch. The funny thing is is I think he actually liked it in there. HE was safe from predators (can't imagine what would mess with them) he got fed (bait) and he had a great view from his window. What more could an opossum ask for. We lifted both sides of the trap and he just sat there with no intentions of leaving. This gave us plenty of time to really get up close and personal with this guy.(a.k.a.homeschooling, LOL) No we didn't touch it! Uh, Eww! But the more I looked at him the less mean he looked. This of course is when he stopped showing his gnarly teeth. He finally did leave and we set the trap again. But this guy got wise. He started to dig UNDER the trap and knock the food off the tray and eat what fell on the ground. Ah! Smart huh?
So if you ever needed a reason to visit Florida please don't let this be one of them! LOL. Though you are bound to see this lovely creature sleeping on the side of the road! *snicker* *snicker* I don't advise touching it.
Oh me! It was worth getting up today just to write this post! My mind feels so light and fluffy now that all this heavy stuff has been lifted off and put on paper.
I love you gals and am thankful for your friendships. I know it's not my insightful posts that keep you coming back! LOL.
Great Big Hugs to you today!


  1. I hate vermin like that! Now that you fed it, will it keep coming back?

  2. Oh Kimmy,

    Your hospitality, my friend, even to creatures like this will have even him coming back! lol

    Love you! Happy Monday....did you find out about the Strawberry Festival tickets?

  3. Those really are not attractive and can be mean and scary! If one was safely in a trap - I would check it out though! LOL!

    I bet it will keep coming back now. You might as well give it a name and we will hear all about its adventures at your place!

    BIG Monday hugs to you my friend!!

  4. Oh yes, we have those critters all over the place here. What a mess they make. In fact their poop will kill horses if it gets eaten while the horses are grazing. Not a pretty sight. I appreciate all of God's creatures, but I hope they stay out of MY yard. I would rather come to Florida to visit YOU!

  5. Kinda reminds me of our prison system!! :o) Free room and board!

  6. You caught a possum?! A real live one! Woo-hoo! We have lots of them (mostly seen sleeping on the side of the road, too) in MS. One night when we were in our pool we saw on walking along the top of the fence. I was so glad Wilson wasn't out there because I know he would have scared it and they would have fought, then there'd have been the whole rabies scare and all...In my 38 years of living I have only seen 4 live possums and about a bazillion of them as road, er, sleep. The live ones are kinda cute but can get mean. I saw a really old one once that I named Gramps. He used to eat the catfood off my ILs back porch.

  7. LOL To your post and Kelly's comment! ( ;

    At least he wasn't found belly up with his mama and brothers and sisters as we had one time in our garage during an arctic winter season! YUCK!!!

  8. Uck! He is so ugly and creepy! But, if it make you feel any better...we have them sleeping in the road in Arkansas all the time :-) LOL! Maybe, we will send our survivors to Florida for some sun, fun and feeding at your house!

    You are so funny and always put a smile on my face, my friend!

    Have a great day!

  9. Dern, I hate those things. But what a great HS moment! What are y'all trying to trap? Did you know you can catch armadillos without bait? If you set it up right, they just walk right in.

    Hugs to ya, sweet thang!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  10. Hey, at least he doesn't smell like a lot of the vermin around here - black and white and stinky all over. YUCK!!

  11. All I can say is yikes. You have a new friend for life I think:)

  12. We get those critters in addition to others in our yard quite often. (They love pet food)

  13. You'll be, ok unless you intend to keep it in captivity.


  14. Ugh. We have raccoons in our yard. We thing one of them is what tore our older dog up two years ago around Christmas.
    These wild animals can be cute from afar but oh so gross.
    Glad you caught this one..

  15. It is your wonderful posts that keeps us coming back. :) You know, never did see one of those critters when visitng Florida before.

  16. Ah................. maybe that's why we haven't had any opossums rooting around in our recycling bins at night - they came to your house! Now if we could just get rid of the pesky raccoon that keeps eating all the seed from two of our bird feeders..... Want one of those to study up close and personal? LOL


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