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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What I learn this week! Mind blowing stuff!

I had so much fun doing this carnival last week that I thought I'd do it again this week. Every week I'm learning new stuff and I know that you want to hear every last detail. So here we go.
This week I learned....
1. That if you give a 3 year old a pair of safety scissors and some construction paper he will stay occupied for a long time.
2. I also learned that working out next to someone who is wearing a large amount of perfume causes me to feel faint and makes my throat sore.
3. I learned that there is a certain pair of socks that drive me crazy when I wear them and they are now in the garbage. Don't ask!
4. I learned that you shouldn't shape your eyebrows while the mirror is still foggy!

5. I learned that I can read a sentence over and over and over again while my 6 year old is talking to me and I'll have no idea what it says.
6. I learned that I can type something for someone and not "read" it and have any idea what it says when I'm done typing.
7. I learned that what I do and say can come back and bite me in the butt!
8. And last but not least, I've learned that the more I eat out the more I love my cooking.
9. I got to add this one this morning. I've learned that when you really need sleep it's inevitable that one of your children will wake up from a bad dream and not want to go back to bed.

Can anyone relate to any of these or am I alone here? LOL!! To see what others have learned go check out Musings of a Housewife.


  1. Well, sometimes I read something over and over, but don't know what it says -- and I don't have a 6-year-old talking to me - lol...

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts...

    Blessings to you and yours.

  2. Kimmy,

    My computer went down at the end of my typing you this comment so I have no idea if you got it or not so I'm resending.

    I said....

    I can definitely relate to the sleep thing especially when my chidren were younger! Now, not so much! lol

    And what is up with anyone wearing perfume while working out? lol

    And I always type sentencing and don't know what they mean when I reread them but they always start out so brilliant! What's up with that? lol

    I love you my friend!

  3. I can definitely relate to #7! Things do tend to come back to us.

    Have a great day! Love your blog background by the way.

  4. Oh man, I know what you mean about the perfume. One girl I frequently work out with wears this really strong vanilla-scented perfume, which would be great if I didn't have to smell it while working out!
    Great list!

  5. I think I need to pull out those safety scissors that I've been saving!! Sounds like you had an educational week!

    Your blog header is TOO cute!

  6. Definitely can relate! Especially about the socks. . . had a pair the other day! Sometimes they've just gotta go!

  7. #5 - happens to me all the time. I've lost the ability to multi-task. I have to stop b/c I lose my train of thought. I have the opposite effect with #8...the more we eat out, the less I want to cook ;) and #9 happens almost every night except the child will crawl into bed and flop around like a fish. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. I'm doing this carnival too and it is totally fun!

    I can totally relate with #9 it just happened to me this morning too! The joy of motherhood, I wouldn't change it for anything!

    Oooo and the foggy mirror, thank goodness eyebrows grow back!!! ☺

  9. Oh, number 9 all the way. The one about the eyebrows was cracking me up. I think I would have to agree on that one, but won't try it, so thanks for the heads up on that one. LOL

  10. Nice list, I think I may give the scissors and paper a try with my youngest today.



  12. Oh yes ma'am, I can relate! Especially to the last one. :-) Thanks for linking in!

  13. I have found that I can not use those plug in smelly things. They make me sick! Isn't that weird. I love good smelling things, but those from Bath and Body Works, I just can't do them! Darn it, because I just bought about four of them on sale!

  14. Oh, that last one is so true! It happens at our house every time! :)

  15. Great list! I can relate to #5 & 6 but I don't have an excuse...I'm home alone all day...no 6 year old talking to me. Ooops!

  16. I was laughing with you Kim! Perfum to work out?? - gosh I don't like it when I can smell it on anyone that passes me - too much too much too much! LOL! Isn't perfume for those who are closest to you - a hint for the one who is that close to enjoy?

    Oh well - I digress! You know I'm all over #9 - happens at least once a week in our home. My mommy ears need to not be so good and my rest would be so much more peaceful. I keep reminding myself that this phase will be gone too fast and I'm going to seriously miss them being so little and precious!

    Hugs and love,

  17. Oh, yeah, almost every one. Number 5, especially, but my 6yo is a... well, Duller is a lot older. And #9, never fails. Again my 'child' is... 8-}

  18. Great list and lovely blog - my first time here.

    The last one seems to be unanimous with all of us!

  19. ahahahhahahhahha.... I want to ask but you insist me not to ask, so I canceled my plan. Lol.

    I love you, Kim!

  20. I can relate to the typing without reading. I can read out loud and think about something else at the same time and not know what I am reading.

  21. I can relate to alot of these - and especially could when Kristyn was still young.

  22. and do you feel that no one has anything to say to you until you start reading?

  23. Hey there sister Kim! Well, it's been a while since I've been able to visit and I'm so glad I did!

    I can definitely relate to the typing something, reading or anything of the like and b/c my mind is not focused on what I'm doing (whether a child is talking to me or not) I have no idea what I've typed or read. And here's the scary part, sometimes I'm not even paying attention when I'M talking and start to say silly things that don't go together and it just cracks my family up. It's a bit embarrassing for me, but....I think I'm just getting old. :-)

    Bless you dear sister!

  24. I can sooooo relate to the one about saying something and then having it come back to bite me. LOL!

  25. Yes, I can relate to a lot of your list!! I'm sure I learned some new things last week, but I can't remember any of them - LOL! :)

    Have a wonderful day and BIG hugs to you!!

  26. Great list! I can relate to most of them:-)

  27. You are NOT alone, I can relate... particularly to life with a six year old!


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