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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Armed and not so dangerous!

I'm all about encouraging creativity in our kids.So when my 6 year old asked to use our camera I thought, "Sure, why not?" I am now going to share a few of his masterpiece pictures with you.
I admit, we could have played our own version of eye spy on some of these. How do you respond when he says,"Mom, look. Isn't it cool?" and I am not completely sure what he actually took a picture of. LOL.

Beware some of these pictures are graphic and a bit blurry! LOL.

Okay this one was obvious. Nice little squirrel sitting on the fence. Sweet.

This next one I'm thinking of blowing up and framing. I mean who doesn't want an 8 x 10 of a squirrel butt on their wall? Feel free to copy and paste this and use it for your own home decor. I won't mind! I think the rusty fence and the dead vines add just the right touch.

Oh I got this one. You see the rolly polly? Very important stuff here. Homeschooling at it's best no doubt. We do need to work on his focusing issues. Hee! Hee!
Okay you're on your own on this one. I don't think he was taking a picture of the pine tree. I'm thinking there must be something IN the pine tree.
A lovely shot of our neighbors back yard! LOL. I'm sure if you look WAYYYYYYYY over in the distance there is a small lizard that he was trying to capture! LOL. He is so cute.
You know you never get tired of a good ground shot. I'm thinking maybe he was seeing a mole hill?
Poor thing was trying to get a shot of himself holding his new bat but his little arms weren't long enough to get everything in! LOL. I love this boy!
This was just a small taste. If you'd like me to email you more there are plenty to share! LOL. I'm going to have to have him go over some of these and explain to me what he was taking a picture of.
What do your kids take pictures of? Hmmm maybe I'll let the 3 year old take pictures next and see what he comes up with. That would be interesting and a good excuse to buy a new camera! LOL.
Don't forget about Friday Funnies tomorrow and Show and Tell Saturday on well, Saturday. The theme is posted at the top of my blog.


  1. LOL! IT is great to see what they take pics of! My son at 9 loves to take funny pics of himself.

  2. I love them, especially the squirrel butt! I gave my daughter a disposable camera one year for vacation. She ended up with pictures of the ground, rocks, and we loved every one of them.

    You have a special boy there!!!

  3. How funny! I love seeing kid pictures with the heads and stuff cut off... it reminds me of when I first started taking photos!

  4. How fun. The squirrel's hiney reminded me of the last wedding that we attended. They had disposable cameras at each table for guests to take random pictures. Since we didn't have to put our name on the camera, we got creative and took "Hiney shots" of many, many guests. We had so much fun and no one guessed it was us! Ha!

  5. I love it when we let the kids have the cameras...you never know what you will get. So fun. He didn't do too bad. Yes, that squirrel bottom is a framer for sure.

  6. I don't think my earlier comment went through as my connection started going out.

    These are too funny! What a sweetie! It made me think of when we visited the Riverbanks Zoo in SC. My ds1 was 7 at the time and he spent more time taking pics of the squirrels running around the zoo than the actual zoo animals.

  7. Oh fun! Great capture of the squirrel butt, LOL. Looks like you have a budding photographer in your midst!

  8. Oh so precious my friend!! Don't you see the bird in that pine tree - I am SO kidding!

    That one of him with his bat is the absolute cutest - you must save it! If you let him practice - he will get really good though! We let my son do that - then a couple years ago we decided to get a better digital camera and gave the old one to our son (he is a kid who is SUPER careful with expensive things, otherwise I wouldn't advise it). He took his own pics on our Grand Canyon trip and on our Yellowstone trip last summer. Some of his shots are as good as or better than hubby's - sometimes more interesting perspective or angles.

    I have to tell you his first experience though. Was a regular 35mm camera when he was 4 or so. I left the camera on the couch after taking some pics. While I was gone, he took it and took a few pics - then put it back. Weeks later when the pics were printed - I was baffled. What is this pic of the piano? Why is there a pic of the ceiling and the stair landing? I had no memory of doing this. As I flipped through the pics, there it was - a full-size close-up shot of my son's FACE!! LOL!!! He gave himself away - busted!! Oh, we laughed and laughed! Still have that pic somewhere - can't believe the camera worked for such a closeup pic.

    Guess I should wrap up this comment "book"!!

    The End

    Big Squirrel-butt (you know I had to use that one)Hugs to YOU!!!

  9. I think we all should take time out at least once a month to remind ourselves what the world is like from a child's perspective. Get him his own camera. Maybe you'll end up with the next generation's Clyde Butcher.

    God bless, sweet thang!
    Have a JESUS-filled day! ^i^

  10. Those are great pictures! I got my 5-year-old her own camera that takes real pictures. She loves it.

  11. Love the pics...especially the big squirrel posterior!!

    From the mind of a child...come some of the greatest joys!

    Bless you,


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