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Monday, March 30, 2009

Plugged Back In!

As most of you know by now, I joined in Kimba's Unplugged last Friday. Now we are to tell about the productive things we did in place of going on the computer that day.
Well I'll tell you the hardest part was the time that I am actually on the computer which is before the kids get up. Usually after my husband leaves for work is when I blog. Well picture me with my coffee in one hand and no where to go. I can't be loud as the kids are still sleeping so I was at a lost as to how productive I could actually be. I wondered around the house for a little bit, like a dog trying to find a place to bury his bone. I finally settle in my office. There was some homeschooling things that I had been putting off and so I decided that would be a quiet thing I could do. I quickly got bored with that and once again wondered around the house. I almost threatened to go wake the kids up early just so I could make some noise and not stare longingly at the computer. But I didn't as it was still only 6 am.
So there I was at 6 am., bored out of my mind! LOL. I'd already had my quiet time, homeschool planning that early was putting me back to sleep and running the vacuum just didn't seem like a good idea. What did I do? I did manage to find a few things that I have been putting off. Like this. Cleaning the top of my dresser, AGAIN! I was testing a theory that if I have the whole thing completely covered that I wouldn't have to dust it. Boy was that theory blown out of the water. How does the dust get UNDER everything? Well anyway here's the tidied top of my dresser. And yes it's still like that even 3 days later.
I also made these. I didn't actually sew them until the boys got up. But I got them cut out and pinned and stuff. I needed some pajama/ lounge shorts and I can't find them anywhere that actually cover your whole backside. They are very comfortable! Made from soft flannel.After the boys got up we went to work making some playdough and had more playdough fun. The hardest part is picking a color to color it.

I got some really interesting pictures of my kids playing with this stuff but it's probably only funny to me and you always think that people are going to think it's as funny as you but they really aren't, so I won't bore you with those! LOL. But I do have to say that my boys are very very unique!
Next, Chef Jauque and Chef Gustauv helped me make cookies. Don't they look sweet and innocent! Uh, Huh!
These were gone in 2 days and sadly, I ate most of them! *sigh* Thanks Kimba! LOL.
Remember the coloring incident not to long ago? My regulars, you know about my little problem right? LOL. Well let's just say that I shouldn't be allowed to play with blocks with my children. I got a little obsessive with my castle and found myself taking much needed pieces off of theirs so I could use them on mine! I know, I know, I need help. I even took about 6 pictures of MY castle at different angles and only 2 of theirs. Well only my 6 year olds because my 3 year old destroyed his before I got the camera out. Are you laughing at my expense? Well, that's what I'm here for! I'm only going to bore you with one picture of each though. So here's mine. See I even had to go first. Oy, Vey!
Here's my son's castle. I think he did a great job!
I admit that I didn't do a whole lot more than I would on an average day, I did spend more time with the boys and they were able to put up with me and my little quirks!
I really just wanted to prove to myself that I COULD do it and I did and I'm never doing it again because when I logged in on Saturday I had over 40 emails waiting for me and that took a bunch of time right there. LOL.
So God willing I'm plugged in for keeps!

Wanna see how productive others were? Go see Kimba!



  1. Kimmy,

    The chefs are quite adorable and I'm glad you did it if you are glad .. however, the catch up time is always hard when you have a set schedule with something and then you are pulled away from it for any reason.

    Those cookies looked yummy, my friend!! And I won't even address the block issue! lol

    I'm lovin ya...have a great day!

  2. LOL Kim! You're too funny! I'm glad you were able to stick with it. I know it isn't easy!! I hope to get a couple of scheduled posts a week so that I can unplug a couple times a week. :) The catch is, no one will ever know when I'll be unplugged. ;-)
    Have a great Monday!

  3. How cute are they?! Just precious! I'm laughed, but you knew I would, hah hah! Kimmy, I have those exact same fragrances you have on your dresser on my bathroom counter! Oh, how I heart them.



  5. I'm glad you survived the unplugged experiment my friend - 'cause where would I go for laughs?? :)

    I like the tidy dresser, the cozy flannel shorts, the lovely shade of green play dough, your cute chefs, and your most excellent castle-building skills! I do have an issue with those cookies 'cause you didn't share them with ME!!

    It was so nice talking to you that day (nobody said we had to unplug the phone - ha,ha)!

    My Dad is here now visiting so I need to go. I did manage to get my plugged in post up finally. Are you looking forward to reading your own post at my place tomorrow? So fun! Thank you my friend!

    Have a wonderful day and I will still stop by this week. Big Productive-but-bored Hugs to you!!!

  6. If I were you, I would have gone back to bed! LOL! I only get up when my daughter wakes me, but that is usually around 7:30 a.m.

  7. Sounds like a nice very quiet morning. Glad you had so much fun with the boys.
    I hear you on the emails..I would hate to see mine if I unplugged. Yikes.
    Glad you are back to stay:)

  8. I am stopping by via ASPTL. You made good use of yout time off!

  9. Hope you're refreshed! I admire you for doing this!

  10. play doughs. Oh they brought back fun memories of my kiddy days.

    I've been procrastinating baking in my new oven. Your kids are way ahead of me!

  11. Sounds like you had a great day. I actually like unplugging on a regular basis, it's just the catch up that can be killer. I've been known to just mark all the blog entries on my Google reader as read because there were too many. LOL.

  12. It sounds like you had a really full day! Good for you! It was hard to be unplugged! Jen

  13. What a great day for you:-) Awesome little chefs!


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