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--Thomas Jefferson

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What I Learned this week!

Ah, it's that time again. A time to reflect on the week and see if we actually might have learned a valuable lesson.
This week I learned.....
1. that if an orange crayon makes it into the washing machine, that's okay. If it makes it's way into the dryer it will melt all over your clothes! Goo Gone anyone?

2. that if you have over 35 kids running in and out of your house, no matter that your house is 99% terrazzo floor or tile, they will find your 6 x 9 WHITE carpet!

3. that I love mixing a teaspoon of Ghirardelli hot cocoa in my coffee!

4. that we can have nothing going on for months but then have everything happen on the same weekend and have to choose what to do.

5. that Tim Hawkins is coming to our local Calvary Chapel in Melbourne on May 22nd and I'm so gonna have to be there. Wanna go?

6. that I am still VERY competitive even to this day. (Ask my 15 year old daughter whom I can still out run! LOL. Love you sweetie!)

7. that the Lord is the only person in the universe that will never disappoint you.

Well that's it for me this week. Have you learned anything this week? If so why don't you tell us so we can gleam off of your newly found wisdom. Go check out others who have done so at Musings of a Housewife.

BIG GIANT HUGS to you my friends.


  1. Soft scrub works in the dryer...learned that when a PINK crayon went through the dryer. A lovely combination of Tide, Borax, Spray N Wash, Vinegar and Oxyclean got the clothes clean thankfully. I didn't even think of using Goo Gone!

  2. You get to see Tim Hawkins?! I'm so jealous! Maybe I need to take a trip down under...

    Orange crayon, huh? Do you like orange? :o)

  3. Wonderful wisdoms for the day!! Praise the Lord that He does not disappoint, (even when He answers "No" to our desires sometimes)!

    Have a great day! Wish I could run over with my Goo Gone spray. I love that stuff.

  4. That is a great list to learn. Have a great week.

  5. you learned some valuable things this week. I am very competetive too. Also, I am so glad that I can always count on God!

  6. Great list! :D
    Praise God for how He never fails us! :D

  7. Thankfully we've avoided crayons in the wash, but I'm always finding coins and such. I warn my family that I don't check pockets first! With that being said, I'm equally bad about leaving things in my pockets that get washed (mostly library and shopping lists LOL).

  8. oo no orange crayon! I hope the clothes come clean :-) and yuck on the carpet!

  9. Most of the time I don't like the lessons that remind me that God is the only one that never diappoints... but it's a reminder I'll need over and over for the rest of my life!

  10. I love the things you shared... especially the one about the crayon and that God is the only one who won't disappoint. I know that, but I still get distraught when people disappoint. Silly girl! Have a great week! Love your blog!

  11. Great list.

    Never had a crayon in the drier - but good info to know!

    Happy St Pat's Day from N Ireland :)

  12. Great lessons. I can relate to kids all over the house and finding the one place you don't want them to be. LOL!

  13. Tim Hawkins! My girls love him! How fun!!
    Great post!

  14. I am so trying #3. Wish I lived close enough for #5 - I'd go! And #7 - how true.

  15. Note to self: search pockets carefully so crayon doesn't go in the dryer! I do have some Goo Gone (love that stuff) but I'd rather not have to treat a whole load of clothes with it.

  16. Kimmy,

    OH NO to the orange crayon!! Haven't had that, but have had gum...yuck!
    Hear ya about the white carpet..lol
    Competitive...tsk tsk (you so know my thoughts on this...are you smiling?...I would have let her win)
    And Tim Hawkins .. wow...when is he coming? We all love stand up comedy!! And you guys so what a plus! lol

    Josh is coming home tomorrow ... yay!!!

    Loving you, my friend. Big hugs !

  17. "the Lord is the only person in the universe that will never disappoint you."

    AMEN to that!

  18. I totally agree with the Lord not disappointing you. So true.

    Oh, and I love the whole 6X9 white carpet. It never fails. =)

  19. I'm so glad that you are learning these things FOR me my friend - LOL!!

    Don't you know that white carpet is magnetic??

    #7 is so true! Sorry to hear about your slow computer. Hope you are surviving! :)

    Big Melted Orange hugs to you!! And Happy St. Patrick's Day lassie! Hope you had time to enjoy a "cupen tae"!

  20. #1 is soooo true! And I hate when my clothes are in with the crayon too.
    And I have to try the chocolate in coffee - sounds delish.
    Thanks for stopping over to visit me!

  21. You learned some valuable lessons this week - too funny... I'm cracking up over the carpet one.

  22. So glad you get to see Tim Hawkins! We just had him at our church last month! I laughed sooooo hard.

    Love you, sister.


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